Thursday, December 22, 2011

Is This Humble Plant Capable of Alleviating Most Human Suffering?

Sayer Ji, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Ancient Indians believed that turmeric contained the energy of the Divine Mother. Modern science now confirms that it has therapeutic properties relevant to well over 500 health conditions and may bestow on those who take it protection from many common causes of suffering.

The author has personally reviewed the majority of 4,000+ biomedical citations on turmeric and its primary polyphenol curcumin, available to view on the National Library of Medicine's bibliographic reference database known as MEDLINE (and searchable through engines like, and has been awed by how diverse, powerful and seemingly ideally suited this spice is for addressing the broad range of diseases and/or disease symptoms that commonly afflict our species.

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One of the novel findings that emerged in the author's comprehensive review of turmeric is that it expresses over 150 distinct beneficial actions, describable in terms of traditional pharmacological pathways, e.g. interleukin-6 down-regulator, apoptotic, cyclooxygenase inhibitor, etc. During the indexing process the image emerged of a many-armed Goddess, due to how diverse, intelligent and simultaneous are this spice's healing gifts.

In fact, from the perspective of monochemical-oriented pharmacology, a drug with more than 10 simultaneously therapeutic actions, and without the vast array of adverse, unintended side effects commonly associated with novel, patentable chemicals, turmeric would represent an impossible, miraculous entity, which if patentable, would generate more revenue than all the blockbuster drugs on the market put together.

After some reflection on the mass of data that accumulated on turmeric's ability to alleviate suffering, the question emerged: are these many "evidence-based," scientific studies really just exoteric descriptions of "compassion" and "intelligence"?

Are we now rediscovering through the optic of modern science -- albeit through the reductionist and inherently animal sacrifice-based methodology of empirical science -- the "spirit" of herbs like turmeric, whose very existence represent a kind of surplus of benevolent, regenerative energy that permeates the universe, bestowing its grace upon its inhabitants/creations? Is this not what the ancients meant, or saw, when they described the spice in Sanskrit as “Gauri” (“The One Whose Face is Light and Shining”) and “Kanchani” (“Golden Goddess”)?

Our turmeric database on (and by "our" I mean yours, as well, as this is an open source project) now contains the world's largest archive of biomedical data on the subject of turmeric's medical value, and includes voluminous research on turmeric's potential to prevent and/or treat multi-drug resistant cancers, chronic degenerative conditions, neurological problems, depression, serious infections, as well as hundreds of other diseases.

Please share this information with others, especially those who need an "evidence-bridge" connecting ancient healing wisdom with the modern scientific approach.

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Sabine said...

Have you heard of Univera? It's a company that makes plant medicine (of course it's not allowd to call it that, compliments of FDA and Health Canada) with the largest medicinal plant fraction library in the world, located in Lacey, WA. Stephen Cherniske is the chief scientific officer and one of the most knowledgeable person I've ever met.

Anonymous said...

I am fm Southeast Asia, and my late mother used to grate the mother of tumeric (the big ones)and then squeeze the juice. She then sieve it and let it settle for a while. She only take the juice leaving the settlement behind. The juice is mixed with honey and raw egg yolk. Stir and drink it. She said that it is good for blood circulation and especially good for ante-natal treatment. I never tasted it until I gave birth and only drink it cos forced to do so. Once when my husband was so lethargic and I need a cheap and effective cure for this, I did this myself and gave it to him for 3 mornings. It really works wonders. After reading and viewing this article, I am going to revert to this God given cure cheap and effective.
Siti Z

Anonymous said...

Great. Another technology that will not see the light of day in the USA because of the corporate lobbyists. This would absolutely destroy the excessively massive pharmaceutical industry in the US.

This makes me wonder about what other obscure world-changing technological innovations exist.

Anonymous said...

Tumeric is not a technology, but a natural growing root and I like it too. It's great, I mix it with avocado and cumin and have it on toast with olive oil every morning. However I had no idea it was so good for you.

Great to hear, if you want pseudo-science go hit up the FDA.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I have a Tumeric supplement that I take but I think I will do it on a regular basis from now. Thank you all for the great comments -- I will save them all!

jeffy said...

Of course whenever a simple and easy to obtain natural healing compound such as hemp turmeric vinegar baking soda and all such simple medicines start to become well known as natural medicine, either one of two things happen. the propagandists start to demean or marginalize or they are made illegal based on some skewed "study" or outright lie to protect the income of Big Pharma and any other business that will take a hit on their profits.

Green said...

"if this were patented (ie marketable)"-
Erm, it IS, its called CURRY, it has been healing humans for thousands of years, and curcumin and tumeric are two of the primary ingredients. It's called food. You don't need a pharmacy company to process, chemicalize, and isolate things that are good for you and found NATURALLY, from the Earth. Just go eat some, and feel better.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the plant being worshipped in vedic tradition-and in temples today-is the TULASI-plant-it is said to protect against radioactiviy,even.

Anonymous said...

THESE COMMENTS ARE FROM ED. I could not get it to post otherwise.

Besides the others mentioned above, check out Vitamin B-17 and G. Edward Griffin's, "World Without Cancer" video.

Also, for Cannabis, search for Richard Simpson's story. It will lead to many others on the cure Cannabis accomplishes. For a complete list of the conditions it improves or cures fully, see Dr. Tod's List.

Also, consider that anytime any politician supports actions prohibiting people from natural cures, they commit treason and should be tried, convicted, and hung.

The FDA is now a lapdog of the medical/pharmaceutical industries and are working hard to remove ALL natural food stuffs.

In other words, by denying our people cures and healthy food (crap filled food is not healthy food and every processed food is crap filled with toxins, including industrial toxic waste), every so-called "leader" is participating in the genocide of Americans and other peoples around the world.

Check it out as the psychos have no intention of doing what is right or within the law but will continue doing whatever their international banking masters tell them, employing domestic terrorism to enforce their illegal acts.

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