Monday, December 5, 2011

France Takes Stand Against GMOs, Monsanto Despite End of Ban

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Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

France is the latest nation to voice opposition against genetically modified crops, with GM maize unlikely to hit French fields next year despite the end of a ban Monsanto maize.

The news comes as evidence compiles that French legislatures will launch new restrictions regarding the use of Monsanto’s 810 maize on French soil.

It all began when France’s State Council overturned the ban on Monsanto’s GMO maize stating that it was not sufficiently justified.

The organization then attempted to justify its decision by saying that the government did not give enough evidence to justify a ban.

Under law, an EU country can only unilaterally ban a genetically modified strain if it can scientifically prove it is a risk to the health of humans, animals, or the integrity of the environment.

Interestingly the ban was lifted under these circumstances after numerous reports have surfaced highlighting the many ways in which GMO crops and biopesticides are thoroughly damaging the environment.

This is why GMO crops are continually being banned around the world in a display of defiance against biotech giant Monsanto.

Nations like Hungary have taken a stand against GMO crops and Monsanto, destroying 1000 acres of maize found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds. Many of the farmers were actually shocked to find they were using GMO seeds, which are resulting in extreme environmental consequence.

Peru has also taken a stand for health freedom, passing a monumental 10 year ban on genetically modified foods. Amazingly, Peru’s Plenary Session of the Congress made the decision despite previous governmental pushes for GM legalization. The known and unknown dangers of GMO crops seem to supersede even executive-level governmental directives.

Even Nicolas Sarkozy, the current president of the French Republic, voiced his opposition to Monsanto’s GMO maize:
The French government keeps and will keep its opposition against the cultivation of the Monsanto 810 maize on our soil, Sarkozy said.
Nations and individuals around the world are ready to drive Monsanto out, and bring sustainable and health-promoting organic farming into their daily lives. Fresh produce is the future, free of GMOs and full of vital nutrients.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see some countries are paying attention. Now to tackle geoengineering from the sky that is posioning the water and soil.

Anonymous said...

And one goal of geoengineering is to make it impossible to grow food from seed unless its Monsanto's patented GE "aluminium resistant" strain...

Anonymous said...

The GMO is the smaller problem. The big thing is Round-Up and how it works to block mineral uptake to most plants. Look up Dr Huber. We have sprayed this stuff everywhere.

Darryl said...

the big thing is starvation. got a little reading for you:
don't get me wrong - I hate Monsanto as much as I hate George W. I strongly believe more testing should be required for human consumption. However, science is not (inherently) evil; and it seems to be the only way humanity survives itself. With this kind of fear-mongering, progress halts and those who have done nothing to hurt the planet will be killed by it. Please espouse less extreme positions.

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