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Congress Declares 'Offensive' War on the Internet in NDAA

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Just when you thought the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) couldn't possibly be more dangerous than has already been exposed with its declaration of global war, Martial Law, legalized bestiality, indefinite detention of Americans, and the $662 billion more spent; it has now been revealed that it also serves as a declaration of offensive cyber war.

Buried in the recently passed NDAA is a provision, perhaps just as dangerous as its other transgressions, that permits the Pentagon to wage an offensive cyberwar "to defend our Nation, Allies and interests."

Section 954 of the NDAA titled Military Activities in Cyberspace received no debate in Congress as well as in the media.  The section states clearly:
Congress affirms that the Department of Defense has the capability, and upon direction by the President may conduct offensive operations in cyberspace to defend our Nation, Allies and interests.
Even though there was virtually no debate about this provision by Congress or the press, the intention of action was expected.  In July of this year, the Pentagon announced their strategy to treat cyberspace as an "operational domain" in their Department of Defense Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace.

"The United States reserves the right, under the laws of armed conflict, to respond to serious cyber attacks with a proportional and justified military response at the time and place of our choosing," said Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn at a speech announcing the new strategy.

The Department of Defense Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace (PDF) claims that "Hackers and foreign governments are increasingly able to launch sophisticated intrusions into the networks and systems that control critical civilian infrastructure."

Yet, Wired correctly points out that "Despite mainstream news accounts, there’s been no documented hacking attacks on U.S. infrastructure designed to cripple it. A recent report from a post-9/11 intelligence fusion center that a water pump in Illinois had been destroyed by Russian hackers turned out to be baseless."

Indeed, we first reported that the alleged hack attack on the Illinois water plant was propaganda from the beginning to end.  Four days later the Federal government admitted it was not a cyber attack after the cyber scare was sold to the public.

If we've learned one thing from the recent past, the U.S. government doesn't need real evidence or a real enemy to wage war. So what can we expect from this new authorization for the Pentagon to wage offensive war on the Internet?

Department of Defense outlines five strategic initiatives which are just organizational in nature:

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1. DoD will treat cyberspace as an operational domain to organize, train, and equip so that DoD can take full advantage of cyberspace’s potential: Not only are they planning to create an army of cyber warriors, they also clam to have the authority to combat Internet threats with a traditional military response; "the United States reserves the right, under the laws of armed conflict, to respond to serious cyber attacks with a proportional and justified military response," said Deputy Secretary Lynn.

2. DoD will employ new defense operating concepts to protect DoD networks and systems: "DoD will continue to operate and improve upon its advanced sensors to detect, discover, map, and mitigate malicious activity on DoD networks." This is already being accomplished to monitor government employees through DARPA's PRODIGAL project.

3. DoD will partner with other U.S. government departments and agencies and the private sector to enable the whole-of-government cybersecurity strategy. The Director of the National Security Agency is dual-hatted as the Commander of USCYBERCOM. The NSA connection means that Google and Facebook are already working for CYBERCOM. This coincides with Lieberman's recent urging of Google to censor anti-West content.  DoD is also announces collaboration with DHS for domestic surveillance.

4. DoD will build robust relationships with U.S. allies and international partners to strengthen collective cybersecurity: The goal is to "development of international shared situational awareness and warning capabilities will enable collective self-defense and collective deterrence."  This is also well underway with the recent London cyberspace summit which was admittedly used to work on a global Internet treaty.

5. DoD will leverage the nation’s ingenuity through an exceptional cyber workforce and rapid technological innovation: The intention is to fund and reward cyber warfare innovators.  In other words, they'll fund a new aspect of the military-industrial complex that pertains to cyber security.

Although neither the NDAA, nor the DoD road map gives many details for how exactly this offensive cyber warfare will be conducted, Wired reports that:
It's likely to include things like unleashing a worm like the Stuxnet worm that damaged Iran’s nuclear centrifuges, hacking into another country’s power grid to bring it down, disabling websites via denial-of-service attacks, or as the CIA has already done with some collateral damage, hacking into a forum where would-be terrorists meet in order to permanently disable it.
Perhaps it is intended to just be a broad authorization to use force against anyone considered to be a threat on the Internet, much like the authorization to use force against Iraq in the war on terror.  As the Deputy Secretary of Defense noted, the military is authorized to combat threats with a "justified military response." Surely that sweeping authority won't be abused, right?

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Joe said...

We clearly need a reboot here. The NDAA is incredibly offensive, it wreaks of overreach, it is unlawful, unconstitutional and treasonous.
It is a non-starter.
Hopefully, the petty knaves and fools who promulgated this nonsense have the good sense to simply leave it on the books and not enforce it until some adults who understand the constitution and the American people can be voted in to overturn all of this incredibly thoughtless activity.

Anonymous said...

Department of Defense. The only country on Earth that is continually bombing and/or threatening to bomb other nations calls its military structure Department of Defense. LMFAO!!!

Magua said...

Get ready for the FEMA camps, that is where we are all headed!
Then again, if Americans grew a set we could avoid that scenario...
Psalm 94:16

Anonymous said...

The Department of Defense should be changed to The Department of Offense.Since 2001 the budget has now almost tripled,yet millions of citizens what it to go even higher.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God,

It is easier to wake up the dead than the living.

Please people, if any gentile in Germany ever spoke up and pointed out what Hitler was doing, they would be called crazy conspiracy theorists.

Get it?

George Forfa said...

It's out in the open, now. I've said for years that we are living in the film, "Rollerball". Corporate intrusion and conquest is running roughshod over the entire world. This didn't start recently. A verbatim translation of the Nazi Law on Weapons of 1938 is contained in the Omnibus Crime Control Act of 1968. 40 - some years later, the Hellbound train is still chugging down the track.

Anonymous said...

Hitler was a lamb compared to what these turkeys(sorry to disrespect the turkey)are doing now and have been doing for 100 years or more.JEL.

zeugitai said...

As the United States becomes an ever more evil monstrosity of death and destruction, its people indulge in the fantastic hypocrisy of Christmas. Having bombed and murdered people with impunity for the past decade, they now say things like peace on earth goodwill toward man. Plastic nativity scenes made in China decorate the lawns of the domestic battlefield. The Internet is a battlefield, the planet and space itself is a battlefield. God Bless You, Children of Jesus. Lay down your weapons and wash your hands of blood for five minutes while you trample people in your stampede to buy gifts before going back to your many old and new "wars."

Anonymous said...

How can the Department of Defense become offensive, whether in cyberspace or elsewhere? Is it not against the law?

Anonymous said...

All well. No matter how you try to justify that this should be seen as "Treason, over reaching and unconstitutional" The fact is, no one will do anything about it. Chalk it up with: high unemployment, Uneeded Wars, Patriot Act, Air Drones, Bank Bailouts, and High taxes killing small buisnesses. People ill complain and moan. But past that, they will do nothing, as is the way of Americans.

Anonymous said...

maybe that stupid ass congress should police their own house, they have a illegal muslim ass hole in there and they do nothing about it.
as for me, come on down, have plenty of body bags you only take me one way and i am taking as many as i can on my way out

Anonymous said...

what is really wrong with man kind?HAS HE EVOLVED INTO ANOTHER SPECIES?

Michael Kinsey said...

They have a global economic meltdown coming, and they know it. The default status of the US dollar will be history very soon. It was a dirty scam from the start, like playing monopoly with unlimited money from the bank. Nobody else can print US dollars. Are we that stupid, is the whole world that stupid to play monopoly with someone who can take as much money as he wants out of the bank. A 6 year old kid wouldn't let you get away with that. I am just stunned, this is so stupid and likely to be just as tragic

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