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5 popular but harmful drugs that can be replaced with marijuana

This article is dedicated to anyone that struggles with prescription drugs on this list because they are afraid of consuming a plant deemed illegal by the State.

Cannabis is simply the best natural remedy
to safely treat many ailments 
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The notion that any authority can determine what a sovereign human being can and cannot ingest into their own body is the very essence of control. Banning any substance from responsible adult consumption no matter how harmful should simply not be permitted in a free society.

However, certain substances are deemed so harmful by "experts" that they claim to adversely affect society as a whole and thus they're banned from the population.  Of course, force of laws with guns and jails have never been able to eliminate their use throughout history.  So, as a practical matter, banning any substance from society always tends to do more harm than good.

The utter failure that is the war on drugs seems to have ulterior motives besides protecting society, as evidenced by the countless harmful chemicals that are legal to consume.  Marijuana is the most obvious example of a substance that remains illegal not because of health threats, or because it's a danger to society, but rather because its benefits threaten entire industries, especially Big Pharma.

If you need a fix to ease pain, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and a host of other ailments, then a legal drug dealer is happy to sell you a chemical concoction with endless side effects.  Recent studies show huge spikes in psychiatric drug use, as well as addiction to prescription pain pills, yet they remain legal and doctors get incentives to push them.

In nearly every case, marijuana is a safer alternative and just as effective. When eaten or vaporized, cannabis has proven entirely beneficial as a natural alternative. Here are 5 popular but dangerous drugs that could, in most cases, be replaced by cannabis.

1. Painkillers: Vicodin, Demerol, Oxycontin, or Percodan are used to treat moderate or severe pain. They're all highly addictive and come with side effects that vary widely from stomach problems, dizziness, depression, pain and spasms, to even death. Marijuana is a proven pain reliever that takes the edge off even the most severe pain.  It is not physically addictive, has very few side effects by comparison, and has never caused a single death in 5000 years of recorded use.

2. Tranquilizers: Valium, Xanax, and Ambien are examples of popular anti-anxiety drugs. All Americans will likely know someone close to them who are dependent on these drugs to cope with daily life. The side effects are similar to anti-depressants and painkillers; stomach and liver problems, depression or suicidal thoughts, dizziness and confusion, etc. Marijuana is an excellent substitute for these temporary anxiety relievers, again with far fewer negative effects.

3. Alcohol: Alcohol is the most commonly used and accepted substance for self-regulated stress relief.  It's used by countless Americans to take the edge off a long work day, and also by many soldiers seeking to relieve Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Alcohol is highly addictive and causes many long-term problems like high blood pressure and liver failure.  Marijuana has proven to be far safer and more effective in reducing stress, especially among PTSD sufferers.

4. Anti-depressants: Prozac, Zoloft, Elavil, or Paxil are popular anti-depressants that a huge portion of the population are now dependent on. Side effects like nausea and sexual dysfunction are common, while suicidal tendencies are also increased tremendously, which seems to negate their very purpose.  These selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) reduce the body's ability to produce natural serotonin and can be difficult for people to find a healthy balance once they rid the drug from their system.  Marijuana, although a temporary anti-depressant, is far less dangerous and may result in instant happiness bordering on silliness.

5. Aspirin and Tylenol: These commonly-used over-the-counter drugs for minor aches and pains cause stomach problems like ulcers, liver damage, and even death. That's right, Tylenol causes about 450 deaths a year and Aspirin causes a whopping 13,000 deaths per year from sudden bleeding.  Many natural alternatives can be used for the symptoms that these drugs ease, and marijuana is just one of the safer options -- with none of the damaging side effects.

As you can see, marijuana, which can be easily grown in nearly every climate, is a huge threat to these billion-dollar-a-year drugs.  And this list represents a tiny fraction of the harmful pharmaceuticals that can be replaced by cannabis.  To claim that cannabis is more dangerous than any of these popular legal substances is blatantly false, thus there's no reason for its prohibition other than the threat of competition to Big Pharma.

Thankfully, you're not a criminal in over a dozen states if you use marijuana in place of them. And surely, it's only a matter of time before it's obvious to everyone that marijuana users should not be labeled criminals no matter what they use it for.


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greenmedinfo said...

The National Library of Medicine contains hundreds of peer-reviewed studies on the potential medicinal value of cannabis in disease prevention and/or treatment. This page contains research on over 100 potential medical benefits of this plant

Anonymous said...

If you think this is bad, wait until the government outlaws growing your own food.

Anonymous said...

About 6 years ago I took 5 college classes on addiction counseling. Drinking beer does not lead to drinking wine and rum. Marijuana use does not lead to opium use. That is political propaganda BS with roots in tax revenue fears. People have a built in propensity do what they do. (Smoking) cigarettes has 38 known carcinogens identified out of 5000 chemicals, 95% of which have not even been tested. Marijuana, most assuredly more thoroughly tested, has only two found carcinogens. Ninety nine percent of alcohol drinkers will not make their own beer, wine, and/or rum. Ninety nine percent of marijuana smokers would grow their own pot because it takes less effort than growing tomatoes. So, if it is legal, about 20% of the current liquor tax goes bye bye and is replaced by nothing. If liquor sales go down by 20%, alcohol related highway deaths go down by 20%. Incredibly, the Government doesn't care about those lives! And, since the Government has been hiding the cancer curing properties of pot since 1970, it is now a fact that they want people to die younger to save social security dollars. See

clay said...

Marijuana needs to be legalized so this economy can be supported with industrial hemp. Until full legalization occurs, hemp will continue to be illegal. Farmers and industry need hemp to produce fuel, biodiesel, and food, clothing, etc. and 100s of other uses. Hemp is superior to cotton for clothes and lasts decades instead of years. This will help the US to become more independent from foreign oil through biodiesel.

Anonymous said...

Great article and great comments. We are way past the tipping point on marijuana legalization. The gov't can no longer trick the public with lies and propaganda. Viva Marijuana!

Anonymous said...

I am a 57 year old professional female, I have been smoking marijuana since I was 17, I smoke everyday and I have no intentions on quiting....

Anonymous said...

A rigged government.

Anonymous said...

I believe in the legalization of Marijuana and its potential for effective medicinal use (especially in psychiatric fields given that most current anti-depressants have a very low success rate, and finding the right medication for each person is a long process of trial and error). However it is by no means a cure-all, can not treat acute pain as well as opiates, can become addictive, and does have negative side effects. Opiates are the most effective drugs for the treatment of severe physical pain due to their interactions with mu opiate receptors in the brain. Marijuana has uses for providing pain relief from non-traumatic sources (particularly moderate chronic pain involving neurological issues), but can not replace opiates as an anesthetic or treatment for severe traumatic pain (such as that of a broken bone).
The true long term health effects of cannabis are not known due to it's illegality (it is impossible for any researcher to study this due to the legal complexities involved, and most cannabis smokers have also used other recreational drugs and/or smoke tobacco products)
Marijuana also can not be called a "non-addictive" substance, although generally accepted as being less addictive or harmful than cigarettes or hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin, there are many people who are psychologically addicted to cannabis.
The two biggest problems with chronic cannabis use, in comparison to the drugs listed above is that it greatly decreases a person's ability to learn new information due to the way it effects the part of your brain responsible for comprehension of new information (this is not true for any of the drugs listed above other than alcohol). Also, like alcohol, it also greatly impairs motor skills more so than current medications as well as a person's perception of physical time and space (even though many people claim they work or drive better when high, a multitude of scientific studies have disproved this).
Unfortunately I suspect drug companies would treat THC like any other medication if it was legalized in order to monetize it. It would most commonly end up being prescribed as a THC pill ,i.e Marinol. You don't see legal drugs being prescribed by doctors as plants (example: a doctor does not write you a pain prescription to smoke raw opium for pain, you take a pill of an organic chemical compound produced by a company).

UmanMike said...


We know°!

Get yourself some seeds and plant them

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The easiest - most peaceful revolution -

** HEMP! **

The single simple solution!

Anonymous said...

when money starts living a life on it's own, on our healt's expences, it's time to STOP using money. Don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the big boys don't think they will get enough taxes to satisfy themselves. People would just grow it and thgey would not have that money for a new yachet or that island.I am not into it but, if it helps people I would defently vote for it. To those pot heads that think this is a free ride, you will end up in rehap just like alcholics that you hate so much. Get off the stuff long enough to do something about your cause...if you truly believe in it.

ODee said...

"To those pot heads that think this is a free ride, you will end up in rehap just like alcholics that you hate so much. Get off the stuff long enough to do something about your cause...if you truly believe in it. " Rehab? For a non addictive substance?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has to go to rehab for weed needed therapy before they ever started smoking weed. Marijuana is not physically addicting, period.

Anonymous said...

Any interdiction is the abdication of education. The more laws and interdictions a society has, the more stupid its education system is, and thus its people. Childrens need laws and guidelines, adults should know for themselves. Until we get to understand this simple fact, our poor teenagers will keep being educated by the police, not their teachers or their family, with all the terrible consequences it will have on them and us. But the worse about all this police stuff, is the fact that we were all created free, and that if you ARE NOT FREE TO DO SOMETHING, how can you learn not to do it, to control or moderate yourself somehow ? Humankind free will should always be more important than our security, or any moral obligation. Killing and hurting should really be the only criminal act, ALL the rest should be treated as an education problem, with psy, doctors, teachers, aids, friends, etc. Not with policemens, lawers, guns, spys and prisons.

Anonymous said...

I have been smoking for the past two years, everyday. Just to take the edge off my at the time stressful job. I left that company and am in search of a new place but as many places require a drug test I had to quit. I stopped smoking about 13 days ago and it was as easy. It's as simple as just stoping, I'm not addicted I enjoined the feeling I got after a rough day. Simple example for the people who think it's an addictive drug or that it will lead to worse habits. I'm a 22 year old, i live in my own house, im a responsible member of society and I always pay my bills. Not to mention I help my mother ( she has MS) with my younger brother (he has lyme diseese) and my goal in life is to be a provider for my family wether I live with them or not.

Anonymous said...

LMAAOOO ! ! ! ! !
(smokes a big fattty!)

F@%X!#K the Government!!!!!!

It is laughable, isn't it?_¿

Anonymous said...

Can't fully agree. I got semi addicted to weed and it made be terribly paranoid and depressed. I've seen whats its done to friends and its not good.

Trouble is in Europe all you can get now is super strong skunk varieties that mong you out.

I do agree alcohol is a massive issue, in the UK they reckon a huge percantage of domestic iolence is alcohol related.

Anonymous said...

I want marijuana legalized; I have nothing against that. However, it is a joke to think that I, as a chronic pain sufferer, can get more pain relief from marijuana over opiates. That is delusional. There is absolutely no comparison; I have used both.

Anonymous said...

"The two biggest problems with chronic cannabis use, in comparison to the drugs listed above is that it greatly decreases a person's ability to learn new information due to the way it effects the part of your brain responsible for comprehension of new information (this is not true for any of the drugs listed above other than alcohol). Also, like alcohol, it also greatly impairs motor skills more so than current medications as well as a person's perception of physical time and space (even though many people claim they work or drive better when high, a multitude of scientific studies have disproved this)."

Respectfully, this is absolute nonsense. People go through school and successful careers while smoking every day. You need to be able to learn new information in order to do so.

And the effects on motor skills between herb and alcohol, especially driving, are not even in the same stratosphere. Comparing the two is a joke.

Anonymous said...

I've quit smoking and not a problem. It's all in the head. Will power anyone. People can say whatever about how of could lead to other drugs. Thats
all I've done. Cigs are the problem. Alcohol. Caffeine.....and they could all kill you. Has anyone died off of weed? They just don't want us to live. It's comea from the ground. They can put anhidres into crops to make them grow. That's the main chemical for meth isnt it? But ots ok to eat corn, but not to smoke weed.

Anonymous said...

"but can not replace opiates as an anesthetic or treatment for severe traumatic pain (such as that of a broken bone)."

I beg to differ with you. I broke my ankle many years ago, and was never offered anything other than tylenol by the doctors. When I got home after getting a cast on it, some friends gave me a piece of pot-laced cornbread. It alleviated the pain that, up until that point, had been excruciating. It brought the pain down to a dull throb, and I was even able to sleep.

Currently, I use it for pain relief of chronic pain. My husband also uses it for pain relief of diabetic neuropathy. I'm disabled, but he is a functioning member of society. We are both in our mid-40's.

And I've seen marijuana give people thier lives back from suffering with other ailments- from MS to schizophrenia. I would much rather take any risks of using pot than to risk destroying my liver and brain cells using dangerous, absolutely addicting pharmaceutical, or even OTC crap.

Anonymous said...

To those discrediting the realities of the pitfalls of chronic marijuana use... I am a functioning, intelligent 28 year old woman that has been smoking nearly every day for the past 4 years. Sure, I learn and process new information, but not as well as I do on the days I refrain. I've experimented with random months off, and each time it's obvious. Coupled with the fact that it can be a challenge to just quit as I feel more even-keel on a day when I smoke versus not.

It sounds like a lot of people are ignoring the potential the side effects as if eating a bowl of beans doesn't have its own side effects (farts). Psychological addiction isn't the same as physical, and opiates treat severe and acute pain more effectively than cannibus ever will (that is why the opium flower was so sought after; it tastes good, is easily harvested, and oh yeah, psychologically addicting as F).

I think we all agree that it should be legalized, and fighting about the myths of marijuana just disconnects you from those who might have a harder time quitting/processing new information/remaing goal focused when they use. We are all smokers who use for a variety of reasons and we should support each other with unbiased information. I love the stuff, but I am awefully lazy and if I have had a bad day, smoking is easier to do than meditation.

The more you ignore the potential pitfalls, the more power those who oppose it have over your freedoms.

mgw said...

Anyone using any of these "popular" over-the-counter remedies, should consider dropping sugars from the diet if they have not already done so. That simple measure could eliminate or significantly reduce the symptoms. For "mood disorders" MMJ is actually a hazardous remedy since the underlying cause is volatile sugar metabolism, which MMJ further destabilizes (namely: munchies). MMJ is actually a CNS depressant and therefore not a good choice where tranquilizers (Item 2) or anti-depressants (Item 4) are indicated or already being used. For mood disorders it is important to make a priority of avoiding sugars or alcohol -- or MMJ. Substance categories 1 & 5 below are supposedly pain remedies; here too sugars contribute to underlying inflammation and infection. Item 3 concerns use of alcohol for self-medicating "PTSD". MDMA & MMJ are both said is also said to be helpful for PTSD. MMJ educators might better promote use of MMJ primarily for neuro-muscular pain & spasticity -- and certain cases of "anxiety" -- where sugars & empty carbohydrates are not a significant component of diet.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see asthma medications added to this list as well. Prescriptions such as advair, singulair, albuterol, serevent, and symbicort have been proven to cause side effects such as heart disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma, osteoporosis and obesity to name a few. Inhaling vaporized marijuana can relieve an asthma attack as rapidly as a "rescue" inhaler and if used daily, can prevent asthma attacks as well as inhaled steroids without the side effects. I am not just quoting this from medical journals, either- my son and I both have asthma and have benefited more from this natural treatment than any prescribed medicines we have ever used.

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