Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fortified Superfoods Aim to Convince Public of GM Food "Benefits"?

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Worldwide resistance to GM foods continues to build as ample evidence has shown negative health effects, crop contamination, and species degeneration that suggests we should tread lightly while attempting to alter the design of nature.  Likewise, consumers are making it known that if GM food does enter the food chain that it must be clearly labeled.

The GMO industry has suffered negative press, but scientists and proponents of GMO appear undeterred.  They have been steadily building a case for the benefits of GM food that go beyond simply what they can defend against, and aim to convince consumers of outright health benefits and even disease prevention.

Tomatoes were the very first target of genetic modification and came to the market in 1994.   But after just four years they disappeared when it was discovered that the removal of the enzyme that leads to ripening was not the flavor enhancer (Flavr Savr) it was intended to be.  Worse, after the FDA approval for human consumption, evidence was presented that showed an increase in stomach lesions as well as the possibility that altered genetic sequencing could lead to new forms of virulent viruses. 

Despite a monumental failure from the beginning, genetically modified tomatoes once again have taken center stage.  This time it is not merely the promise of better flavor, or more durability in transport between farm and shelf; now GM tomatoes can apparently be "fortified" to reduce the risk of cancer and protect against other diseases. 

These claims have been building since at least 2008, when British scientists bred a purple "super tomato" that modified the concentration of antioxidants the same as those found in blackberries and cranberries. 

Now scientists have gone a step beyond and have isolated the natural antioxidant Lycopene within the tomato itself and have genetically modified it to be three and half times more plentiful.  This discovery led professor Avtar Handa of Purdue University's horticulture department to say:  'This is one of the first examples of increasing the nutritional value of food through biotechnology. In fact, it may be the first example of using biotechnology to increase the nutritional value of a fruit.'  This discovery built upon a similar one by Spanish scientists which doubled the amount of Lycopene and led to the creation of the Moruno tomato, which was then successfully introduced to the UK marketplace.

Now that the precedent has been set, Marks & Spencer just announced that it will be selling tomatoes that are genetically fortified with the mineral selenium, because UK scientists have determined that it is lacking in the UK diet.  Marks & Spencer  equates this "benefit" to their customers' health as no different than vitamin-D enriched milk, or other products that address deficiencies.

Will the appeal to consumer health be the silver bullet that finally legitimizes GMO?  Can we actually trust these genetic engineers to now care for our health? Or could this be no more than a backdoor to soften the GM market as a whole?

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Anonymous said...

The NWO's depopulation plans remain undeterred.

Anonymous said...

I found out today that the fruit truck that park's down the road is a liar. He will sell Canadian tomato's as American tomato's and this is a small Canadian town. He does this because he charges more for the American one's and people just love to over pay.

It makes me think that any seller will lie to make a buck.

m_astera said...

The link in the story above that says "tomatoes that are genetically fortified with the mineral selenium" goes to a story about selenium fortified tomatoes, but there is nothing in the story about them being GMO.

Although it might be possible to "genetically engineer" a tomato to take up more selenium from a soil that contains Se, you cannot tweak a plant's DNA to force it to make an element that is not present in its environment (soil, air, water, fertilizer).

The growers probably added selenium to the soil in which the tomatoes were grown. That's a common enough practice in countries with Se deficient soil such as Finland, Norway, and parts of China.

So, unless there is some evidence of genetic modification, it would be wise to not claim it, as making false claims only delegitimizes the real problems with real GMOs.

Bob Dobbbs said...

Evolution has spent many millions of years shaking the bugs out of the food. That is evolution.
It appears we are an evolutionary dead end.
Do you really think humans are as stupid as they are by mere accident?

Anonymous said...

GM means, man made garbage!
if you want to eat it go ahead ,but I will do everything I can not to!
man cannot improve on what GOD has CREATED!!! and every time he tries it fails miserably. huum
I wonder why that is?

Anonymous said...

GMO foods provide larger crops and allow crops to be grown in places that are hostile to farming. Without GMO we will and probably already have exceeded the ability to grow enough food for our growing population. So to end GMO will equatre to ending the lives of millions perhaps billions of people.

So where is the harm? So far not a single illness or harmful effect from any GMO food. True the potential is there that someone might someday create a GMO food that will cause harm. However that which man can do will be done. That is since scientists CAN create GMO foods they will. The choice is really do you want this research to take place in the free West or in secret somewhere else? You "could" ban it but you cannot ban it everywhere. Your choice; ban it under the control of open and real scientific study pushing it underground or keep it in the daylight.

Anonymous said...

anon @9:53 am

your an idiot or you work in this feild, either way your a looser!!
first there is NO open and real scientific studies ansd if there is they are kept secret from the public!
second even though some science may start out with good intentions it always turns bad under gov. supervidion. you see our government is inherintly evil! but I'm sure you know that secretly.evrything they touch turns to shit.

Anonymous said...

BOYCOTT and REFUSE to buy GMO produce and you'll see how quickly they'll all be pulled from the market. Hit these Big Agro bastards and mad scientists in the pocketbook...their bottom line...and they'll have no choice but to give up. Buy LOCAL and ORGANIC to both boost the local economy, to withhold dollars from Big Agro, and live healthier and better....

'The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.' Edmund Burke

Emery said...

You can buy selenium for about $6 a bottle - so why spend millions creating another GM frankenplant?

Activist said...

Great point Emery. Probably because it has nothing to do with them actually caring about health and everything to do with propagandizing the benefits of GM food.

Anonymous said...

that 3rd post above sounded like a computer bot.

m_astera said...

Hey morans-

No evidence that these tomatoes are GMO.

I doubt they are GMO because all one needs to do to raise the Selenium level in a crop is add Selenium to the soil.

So show some evidence that these are GMO or continue to look like stupid fanatics.

Rady said...

Selenium was once considered toxic but now essential in minute doses. Selenium toxicity can result in " significant hair loss, muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, joint pain, fatigue, fingernail changes, and blistering skin," according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Tomatoes that have been enhanced with selenium should be regulated like any drug, and prescribed according to the individual's specific health condition.

Selling them willy nilly is a complete abrogation of the duty of UK's food and drug authorities to protect the public.

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