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Why is Hillary Not Defending the Rights of Saudis to Protest?

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Eric Blair
Activist Post

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been exhaustively in front of cameras promoting the right for people to protest in Egypt, Bahrain, Iran, and Libya.  She's been touting the freedom to use social networking sites as a way for Arab people to organize against their oppressive regimes.  Now, the Administration is even considering arming the opposition in Libya.

Clinton's perpetual propaganda efforts exposed her blatant hypocrisy when a silent peaceful protester was violently removed from one of her recent speeches on the very subject. However, the hypocrisy now seems to go much deeper in her deafening silence over the prospect for protests in Saudi Arabia.

After Human Rights Watch revealed that a nationwide "Day of Rage" protest had been planned in Saudi Arabia for this week, March 11th, Bloomberg reported that the Saudi government claims that demonstrations and marches are "strictly" prohibited by law.  A Saudi Interior Ministry official said protests "contradict Islamic values" and "They harm public interest, infringe on the rights of others, spread chaos and lead to bloodshed."

This prohibition of popular dissent proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Saudi Arabia is indeed the most tyrannical authoritarian regime in the Arab world.  Yet, U.S. Administration officials have been strangely silent about supporting the people's uprising there.

Perhaps they think the protests won't be large enough to warrant a response.  Well, that certainly did stop their best propaganda push to stoke the puny protests in Iran, so the size or ferocity of unrest shouldn't matter to their exploits of supposedly backing human freedom.  And one would think that given what has happened to oil prices due to the unrest in Libya and Egypt, even a minor protest in the largest oil-producing dictatorship in the world would draw more public response from the White House.

Or perhaps the Administration believes that the hastily-crafted $35 billion social aid package ordered by King Abdullah will be enough to tamp down escalating tensions in Saudi Arabia.  So far, there have only been reports of small Shiite protests in Saudi Arabia, mostly demanding the release of political prisoners held by the Sunni monarchy.

These protests would seem to be very minor in comparison to the sea of people revolting in Cairo. However, the revolutionary whispers must clearly be getting louder as the Saudi stock market plummeted 11% in just two days of wild trading to its 7-year low on fears of civil unrest.  It's noteworthy that the plunge was reportedly led by large banks and insurers.

If Clinton is to stand by her new-found rhetoric, certainly she'll call for restraint on the part of the Saudi government should a protest erupt, right?  And surely she'll demand that the kings of Internet censorship in the Arab world, Saudi Arabia, will open communication channels so the people can freely unite, right?  And if push comes to shove in Saudi Arabia, she'll definitely support arming the people's opposition to the royal family, right?  Eh hum . . . don't count on it.

Regardless, many analysts believe the Saudi regime is the next to fall with or without the prodding of the U.S.

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Anonymous said...

Well there are no surprises with regards to who the US chastises and who they do not, at least it shouldn't surprise anyone who has been paying any attention to US foreign policy/world domination.

As for Saudi Arabia......... all of the cards have been dealt and the game is about to start. By Sunday the 12th of March, speculations should be over and we should know where things are heading, one way or another.

jack said...

Its all planned...They want you to believe that criminals court exists, international community exists and like Qaddafi rebel's they will support you once you come out and fight..

Please please do not protest for a revolution, do not come out of your home and get shot in the head...think about your family...they love you man..

The whole game is planned...Saudi is next..BUT they WANT YOU to do their dirty work...if you think removing the saud family will solve your problems...please do research...it ain't that easy...the real evil greater than the Saud family is sitting elsewhere and directing the show...be smart

Anonymous said...

Americans believe in freedom. We talk about it all the time, but we have a terrible track record with allowing freedom for others. We talk but we don't follow through. I hope Americans are not given the choice between $3.00 gas and market price and freedom for the Saudi people. The American pocketbook has a strong appeal.

nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney said...

House of Saud can bring down the 9/11 Scam.

Adrian said...

Well if Hillary has the right to expose her three chins in public without being stoned (as much as we would love to), then she should support the Saudi women who would like some extra human rights in the modern age. But no, god forbid people of other nations strive for democracy at the cost of the US and its incessant gas guzzling!

Ali Alyami said...

The US support for peaceful Saudi people's demands for their natural and human rights can go a long way. The US, the House of Saud and the international community at large ought to know that the millions of young Saudi men and women have had enough of the Saudi government's oppressive political, social, religious, gender, educational and economic abuses.

They don't compare their lot with their parents and grandparents, but with their counterpart in their region and around the world. Time for change has come and not facing reality now will only lead to chaos, death and destruction

Anonymous said...

Why is Hillary Not Defending the Rights of Saudis to Protest?

Hahaha? Why? Because she's too busy planning her latest WACO episode somewhere! The gas they used at WACO caused such violent cramping that little children were found not only incinerated by the fire, but with broken backs... Whatever she does its got nothing to do with empathy for human beings.

Anonymous said...

hillary is not interested in freedom, her interest is to cause unrest and distrust and economic upheaval. She and Bill and the Bushes and Obamie need to drag America down to 3rd world status for their control to be sucessful.

Anonymous said...

Of course: she would not dare say a thing that would in the tiniest way offend the "government" of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is her Ideal example of what she wants for America except for the male female roles would be reversed when she becomes Emporeress of the planet.

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