Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libya: Another War, Another Pack of Lies

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

The corporate-financiers are dangerously flirting with their entire official narrative collapsing, as their progressive, Peace-Prize wearing puppet President Obama and the "radical reformer" David Cameron lead yet another war based on an Iraq-style pack of lies.

After weeks of peddling a litany of verifiable lies, the West has forgone any attempt to justify or veil their actions in legitimacy and has decided to go ahead with a UN rubber-stamped "no-fly zone." Far from having anything to do with preventing Qaddafi's planes from flying, the no-fly zone has translated into full-scale missile and aerial bombardments across Libya aimed at turning the tide for freshly rearmed Western-backed rebels.

The pack of lies.

Indeed, the same London Telegraph now dashing across their headlines "Britain and America have rained missiles on Libya as Col Muammar Gaddafi defied the world and continued to attack civilians," told us in the early stages of the US-backed Libyan unrest that Qaddafi had fled to Venezuela, citing "credible Western intelligence sources."

Of course, evidence that Qaddafi has been "attacking civilians" has not yet been produced in any shape form or way with US Department of Defense's Robert Gates and Admiral Mullen in fact, both confirming "We’ve seen no confirmation whatsoever." Additionally, BBC made an apparently little read footnote that their reports were impossible to verify.

BBC states in their article "The difficulty of reporting from inside Libya:" "The BBC and other news organisations are relying on those on the ground to tell us what's happening. Their phone accounts - often accompanied by the sound or gunfire and mortars - are vivid. However, inevitably, it means we cannot independently verify the accounts coming out of Libya. That's why we don't present such accounts as "fact" - they are "claims" or "allegations"."

Apparently "claims" and "allegations" are all the UN needed to rubber stamp yet another globalist war of conquest as they continue to sew together their one world government.

The Russian government went as far as bringing forth evidence that suggests such air strikes never even took place. As for the globalist-run media's claims that Qaddafi fled to Venezuela, of course, Colonel Qaddafi is still obviously in Libya.

Even the globalist International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) made note in their 1 hour and 20 minute military briefing, that Libya's Qaddafi was most likely going through extraordinary measures to avoid excessive civilian loses, so as to not play into the West's desire for military intervention.

When the globalist policy wonks speak frankly, outside the short-attention
of the general public, they talk of Qaddafi's professional forces taking
special care
to avoid civilian casualties knowing full well it will fuel calls for
Western intervention.

Now, the typical ploy of accusing besieged nations of using "human shields" is already being oafishly employed by the likes of the Independent in their article "Libya: The UN strikes back." The very title itself is misleading, as the UN was merely a tool used to justify and authorize an otherwise unacceptable war the US and UK populations would have categorically refused to enter. The ability for the US to circumvent its constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 11) along with the will of the American people points the finger of "illegitimacy" toward the West at least as much as it is being pointed at Libya's Qaddafi.

What can be confirmed?

What we can confirm, is that the entire Libyan rebel movement has been backed by the US and UK for nearly 3o years. We can confirm that the initial calls for a Libyan "Day of Rage" came not from the streets of Benghazi, but from the London based National Conference for Libyan Opposition (NCLO). We can confirm that NCLO leader Ibrahim Sahad was literally sitting in front of the White House giving an interview to the Western media in the opening stages of the Libyan unrest, parroting verbatim the West's desire to militarily intervene with a no-fly zone.

Libyan opposition NFSL/NCLO leader Ibrahim Sahad, parroting the globalist calls for intervention in Libya, sits in front of the White House in Washington D.C.

We can also confirm that confessed terrorists like Noman Benotman, who had previously consorted with both the MI6 and Osama Bin Laden, are now offering their full support for the armed rebels in Libya. Ironically, Benotman's support for armed militant rebels, including released Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) members, manifests itself through the "Quilliam Foundation," which was founded in part to disband and disavow armed militancy.

It is quite clear that the globalists had decided part of their US State Department sponsored "Arab Spring" would include removing Libya's Qaddafi from power. No reality on the ground will prevent the globalists from achieving this goal, including the necessity to send troops on the ground if the current bombing and missile campaign fails to tip the balance in the Libyan rebels' favor. The corporate owned media has descended to a new level of unprecedented, shameless propaganda to hammer their misshapen agenda into an ill-fitting reality.

Remember Fukushima

The globalist "international community" and mandate has never been more clearly illegitimate, squandered, and abused than it is now. While Japan suffers the worst catastrophe in its history, a catastrophe that includes the largest recorded earthquake in human history, a devastating tsunami and multiple nuclear meltdowns, the West pursues with the entirety of its resources, energy, and influence a war of profit and expansion in Libya - under the poorly dressed guise of "humanitarian concerns." As it has been pointed out, such concerns are unverified and entirely based on what the BBC itself calls "allegations" and "claims." Meanwhile, an irrefutable, unprecedented humanitarian disaster unfolds in northeastern Japan.

As if meddling in a foreign nation's affairs based on a pack of lies isn't bad enough, doing so when resources are desperately needed amidst a real disaster amounts to the zenith of criminal negligence. The West once again proves they are the greatest purveyors of crimes against humanity, through simultaneous action in Libya, and inaction in Japan.

Such irresponsible leadership, with such self-serving priorities that clearly leave the vast majority of humanity out in the cold does not deserve our respect, our obedience, or our support. Identify the corporate-financier oligarchs that make up this malicious self-appointed "global consensus" and put them out of business via a full-spectrum boycott and by replacing them permanently on a local level. While millions suffer in Japan and millions are in danger in Libya today, failing to strip these tyrants of their unwarranted influence will inevitably ensure the suffering and danger comes to you.

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Anonymous said...

As if the US government would care if innocents were being slaughtered anywhere, unless it was because they don't like the competition.

So we have four wars going now, I include Pakistan since were killing dozens there every week. Is it a world war yet?

Anonymous said...

If people revolt they get the police against them, if that is not enough the government send the militairy to suppress you. It doesn,t matter if you live under a dictator or in a democracy. So don't blame dictators explicitly. The ultimate result is slavery for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Who do we bomb next for the Israeli warmongers?? Saudi Arabia, Yemen or Iran??

Ld Elon said...

Lol, your governments cannot win, they do, you do not like, they dont, you do not like, lololol

Anonymous said...

US,BRITAIN AND FRANCE wants to kill and eliminate Khadafi for the simple reason of avoiding scandals. Britain pressured Scotland judiciary to free the Libyan bomber in exchange for libyan multi billion investment and oil. Britain did this with the approval of Obama which did not consulted his congressional allies. French Sarkosy meanwhile has asked and accepted financial aid from khadafi to finance his election bid. These are full blown scandals and Khadafi has the documented all of these. No wonder these three stooges are all up in arms to kill khadafi to avoid probing. Worst of all Britain, France and U.S. are all in deep finacial straits and experiencing huge budgetary deficits. Now they are sacrificing education, health and social welfare through budgetary cuts as they implementing austerity and yet THEY ARE INCREASINGLY SPENDING THE MILITARY BUDGET BY EMBARKING INTO ANOTHER WAR!

Howard T. Lewis III said...


Anonymous said...

Funny how the world tolerated Kaddafi's massacre UNTIL the day after he cut ties with foreign oil companies.

margaret said...

seriously, the UK FRANCE and BRITAIN have come off as the BIGGEST imperialistic hawks - whoever thinks that imperialism and colonialism are over is clearly mistaken and should listen to some of Gaddafi's own speeches.

Gaddafi is extremely popular with the Libyan people just search pro-Gaddafi protests on youtube. he cut taxes to 0, pays for all education, all healthcare is free, studying abroad is payeed for by government, gas is .14$/liter, cars are 50% off...he shares all the oil money with the libyan people

King of the Paupers said...

Gaddafi is extremely popular with the Libyan people just search pro-Gaddafi protests on youtube. he cut taxes to 0, pays for all education, all healthcare is free, studying abroad is payeed for by government, gas is .14$/liter, cars are 50% off...he shares all the oil money with the libyan people
Jct: GuantanamObomber starts immoral war to stop Muamar making all the American-supporter dictators look bad. Egypt average GDP $2K/year, Libya $15K/yr. That's why you never see more than 2 or 3 rebels in the mass movement. Har har har har.

Anonymous said...

Libya gained Independence on 1951 and lost it on 2011. The only one to blame are the Libyans. They never were able to get along to each other, and were not able to create and rule a nation. Now they will learn how to work very hard and get a little …. but before this would happen, they will kill each other in a bloody civil war

enochered said...

There is little point in criticising the so-called western leaders. It is well known in France that Sarkozy has accepted illegitimate funds, not only from Gadaffi, but from the oil cartels and the Corsican Mafia. Obama is not really the President. People speak of him as if he is sat round a table with his administration, in a "Well what do you think boys?" discussion. I doubt if he is even present when decisions are made. Cameron is a Rothschild fag from Eton. There is no point in trying to decide if these folk are at all concerned about casualties, these are the people who ordered the slaughter of hundreds of millions of people during the last hundred years and they will continue to do so unless they are stopped.

Anonymous said...

The general public generally believes what governments tell them.
The Arab Spring uprising so far involved Tunesia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria and some emirates in the Gulf.
Why did western powers intervene in Libya ad ot in the other countries ?
It is the only country that has oil.

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