Monday, December 6, 2010

From American Revolutionary To American Apathy

Brad Mitchell
Activist Post

What happened Americans? Where is your fighting spirit? Where is your passion? Where is your pride? Your sense of dignity? Your self-worth? Is there anything that you really care about anymore?

Your personal privacy is gone. Your standard of living has plummeted. You can’t afford to live a basic middle-class life, even though you have two working parents. Your police force abuses its power; your politicians are corrupt and incompetent; you’re so far in debt that your American Dream is to make next month's payments, yet you trudge along grinding out a living like there’s something honorable about it.

The revolutionaries who started this country would look at the current population in disgust, and frankly so do I. Being an American myself I have been weighing two options in recent years: stay and fight, or bid good riddance and get out of this police state. I’ve seen a steady erosion of civil liberties, blatant violations of the Bill of Rights, complete disregard for the limits put in place by the US Constitution, all while our army and police force run around exerting their will, continually expanding, ultimately accountable to no one.

And the worst part is that Americans do nothing. For the life of me I cannot figure out why nobody cares. Is it because Dancing With The Stars is just so interesting you can't look outside at the world around you? Are you so concerned about voting for Bristol Palin to make the next round that you didn’t notice our government has literally inserted itself into every aspect of our lives? Look outside your personal bubble for the next 5 minutes, and see if you don’t find anything wrong with this picture.

In 2006, campus police tasered an unarmed UCLA student while he worked at the computer lab. They did this because he did not show them his student ID card. And if that weren’t bad enough, the entire library full of college students stood around and simply watched. OK, some of them shot video of it, as you can find it all over YouTube, but no one did anything to keep the police in check. And these are college students, who are supposed to be wild, crazy, and out of control. When your chance came to make a stand, you could do nothing but video it and stay out of the way, god forbid you put yourself out there . . . .

What would the college students of the 1960s have done in this situation? Given that they were having violent clashes with the real police every weekend about the Vietnam War, I think it is safe to assume they would have had these “campus cops” pissing their pants.

Speaking of war, did everyone forget that we invaded Iraq and killed civilians under false pretenses? There never were any so-called “WMDs” to justify going in there. Yet we did, and our military killed their citizens, and we completely destroyed a sovereign country even though we had absolutely no reason to. Where were the war protesters on this one? Actually, I did see a few protests on weekends, in certain cities. Well organized, permitted protests, sometimes with a few thousand people, following the marching path they got approval for from the city.

Again let’s look at the actions of the previous generation. How about the millions of people that marched in the Vietnam Moratorium? Millions of people all over the US stopped going to work and took a stand. Protests and marches were held in every city, all over the entire country, and attended by everyone from student activists, to the 9-5 corporate ladder climber. In Washington DC alone 500,000 showed up without a permit, didn’t follow the designated protest route, and surrounded the capital. They had the government trembling, as they knew they could no longer contain the will of the people.  Another example of people who got together, fought for what they wanted, and despite violent and sometime deadly opposition from the government, they succeeded. 

Back to recent days, how about the flat-out execution-style shooting of Oscar Grant at a train station in Oakland? A number of police detained several men, and placed one on his stomach, with his hands behind his back. Next thing you know, an officer pulls out his gun and shoots the man in the back, killing him. This was an unarmed man, on his stomach, who was restrained, with his hands behind him.

And what happened immediately after? Well, the train passengers videotaped it with their cell phones. But did anyone do anything? Did a single fellow officer raise their gun, and point it at the cop who just murdered a person who was in custody? No, of course they didn’t. Instead, the cops banded together and tried to collaborate and create a story that would justify the murder.

And the passengers on the train, how come no action on your part? I can see in all the videos that everyone is visibly upset and enraged at the event. How about several hundred of you step off the train, surround the officers, and make a statement that citizens won't stand for unjust murders committed by our “protectors?" Instead, you just walk off shaking your head, so you can go home and talk a big game on the Internet about what you witnessed, but ultimately did nothing about.

I’m pretty sure the generation before this one would have rushed the officer, rendered him powerless, and let the police know that they wouldn’t stand for abuses of power, excessive force, and murder of citizens. True, it wouldn’t have been an easy battle, and people would have been hurt, but somehow the previous generation knew that making a statement was a more important issue than worrying about whether you got a few lumps. Many even took bullets and sacrificed their lives, but they understood that important issues were bigger than their personal bubble.

How is it that the generation before this one had so much willpower they could actually stand up to authority and be proud of it? What changed to make the current one so pathetic in comparison? Seriously, the 60s generation brought the country to the brink of revolution over the Vietnam War. They thought our involvement was unjust, and they let the government know it. If the government disagreed they got louder and fought back. Granted it wasn’t easy, as everyone knows about the Kent State Massacre. But the point is, the students cared enough that this didn’t stop them. They kept on going, stronger than before, until they forced the government to listen.

Somehow the citizens of other countries still know how to slap the government back into its place. When an officer killed a young man in Greece, the country rioted against the police force for two weeks. The entire country got up and made a stand, without even being asked to. They didn’t know this kid, nor did they care about him personally. They cared about the fact that he was murdered by a police officer, and they needed to let the government know this act of aggression was intolerable. This resulted in 14 days of the police fearing for their lives and begging for the Greek citizens' forgiveness. When was the last time we saw police begging for forgiveness in the USA?

Somehow the citizens of England and France know how to fight back as well; take a look at what college students did in the UK when they raised tuition fees. From my recollection tuition fees have gone up every year in the US, for the past 10 years or so. I don’t think anyone has said or done anything about it. We just grovel at how expensive college has become and cut a check. And you all remember France right? They had days of fighting back against the establishment for passing unpopular benefit cutting packages. Looking at the published stats, 1 out of every 3 citizens was on the street taking action. They cut off fuel lines to the airport, effectively shutting down flights out of Paris International. When the government tried to get truckers to bring in fuel via an outside route, protesters stopped them, and the truckers joined the protest.

How is it that other countries that spend more time sleeping and relaxing than we do, can suddenly snap into action and defeat the government whenever they need to? As soon as the hand reaches too far, they band together, fight back, and let the authorities know that the power lies with the people; reminding them that they rule by the consent of the governed, not the other way around.

Somehow, resistance to tyranny takes place in other countries around the world, instinctively. No one organizes it; the people just react accordingly when they see their liberties being violated. Why doesn’t this happen in the USA? Are people that much more afraid here than in every other country in the world? Or are they simply lazy? Or just apathetic? Whatever the cause is, it’s made me lose hope that the people will ever win a “victory” over the tyrannical government.

Let's examine the latest example of government intrusion, which culminated in Opt-Out Day. We’ve all seen the ridiculous violations by the TSA.  Nov 24th was America's chance to finally take a shot back. Their opportunity to let the powers-that-be know they’ve stepped too far, and that when people band together they can form a force more powerful than any policy can ever be. Opt-Out day gave every one of you a chance to take a stand with three simple words “I Opt Out.”

Internet and media sources were buzzing with this all week, wondering what would happen. Would US citizens break the travel industry and finally show their true spirit? 100,000s of people online claimed they would indeed opt out, and make their demands known. But what happened on the official day? Big surprise . . . nothing. You couldn’t even take this little inconsequential step towards making a stand. A step that required nothing from you other than 3 words. You weren’t asked to riot, protest, take a precious day off work, or do anything that would put you at risk in the slightest. All you had to do was let the government know that you weren’t going to let them see you naked. For reasons I cannot understand, you couldn’t do it. Everyone talked a big game from their computer, but when put in a place where you had to take minimal action, you failed.

Of course there's the story that the TSA caved, and shut down its body scanners for Holiday travel, robbing the people of their victory on Opt-Out-Day. But what about the day after Thanksgiving? What about the day after that? How about yesterday, today, or tomorrow? These scanners are in action as we speak, as are the "enhanced pat-downs."  Meanwhile the American people continue along, accepting these repeated violations, while doing absolutely nothing about it. You don't need national Opt-Out-Day to take a stand here. Any day that someone tries to violate your personal privacy is your day to do something. Or any day you see it happening to someone else for that matter.

This so called “revolt” is just another example of how pathetic the American people have become with regard to confronting authority. And if airport violations aren't enough for you to care about, then get ready, as Janet Napolitano has made it clear that the groping and scanning is slated for the American streets. Naturally, it will start at Federal buildings and major public events, and then slowly but surely find its way onto buses, trains, at highway checkpoints, etc.  It seems that these checkpoints have actually already begun.

Perhaps that will be enough to get a rise out of the American population, not that I'm really holding out much hope these days. Somehow you can fight tooth-and-nail for a $199 flat screen TV on Black Friday, beating your fellow citizens senseless for something you don’t even need. However, when it comes time to protecting your civil liberties, which you truly do need, you won’t even open your mouth to voice some opposition. And I thought the priorities of the government were screwed up. 

After witnessing these disgusting displays by the American people, I think it’s time to bid adieu to this country. I can’t stand what the government has become, but what’s even harder to stand is what has happened to the people. I hope you all wake up one day and take a stand; I promise I’ll be the first one back as soon as that happens. Until then, enjoy having your genitalia fondled, I’m sure cavity searches are around the corner . . . we just need the “sphincter bomber” to strike first.

Note: This is not offensive violence I am giving examples of, or endorsing; this is defensive resistance to crimes committed by unbridled governments.

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Anonymous said...

Until I see an alternative news site actually take action rather than just rant and rave about the deficiencies in our society, I'm gonna assume you're just another form of clever PTB controlled resistance. Every day, I read Alternet, WhatReallyHappened, Veterans Today, Infowars and just about every other popular alternative news site, and every day its just more of the same foaming at the mouth without any real calls to action. When is the Activist Post going to wield the power of the broad readership and actually organize a march on D.C.?

m_astera said...

I had had enough of the cowardice in the USA by 2004 and finally left in 2006. Just like the author of the piece above, I have said all along that when and if the people decide they have had enough and decide to do something about the government, I'll be back with bells on. I was ready to do whatever it took to take my country back six years ago, but no one else cared enough; most didn't even want to talk about it, and I wasn't interested in dying or spending time in prison fighting for the freedom of people who were too terrified to even talk about the problem. Since I left it has only gotten worse.

What are you Americans so afraid of? Easy answer: your police and government. Why won't you do something about them? Even easier answer: because you are afraid.

Madman from Maui said...

It's the fluoride

Anonymous said...

I think the point being made is why are we sitting around waiting for someone to organize a march, when in every other country individual people take the responsibility upon themselves.

No one organized any of the situations mentioned in the article, the "call to action" was sent out by the governments themselves when they violated the rights of their citizens.

Terry Bain said...

"...Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed....."

Declaration of Independence, 1776

Anonymous said...

For anyone with half a brain (which is unfortunately the minority in the USA), the best thing you can do is leave the country ASAP. Rob the USA of its intellectual capital and watch it suffer as the information starved genetically modified people become less and less capable.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that this author actually thinks that the public stopped ANYTHING in the "60s Generation." Look at it objectively... the "60s Generation" are the leaders of NOW! They didn't change anything at all! The Vietnam Invasion didn't end because of protests back home... it ended because the revolution that WAS happening then... was WON by the WRONG side! The Military Industrial Complex won. The "60s Generation" is spending billions a day on warfare... and pocketing hundreds of thousands.

It's simply stupid to think that the protests, the rallies, the music, the marches, or any of that actually stopped anything.

We lost, they won. Just like they always do.

Anonymous said...

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, DERIVING THEIR JUST POWERS FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to ALTER or to ABOLISH it..."

also from The Declaration of Independence, 1776

The power to change things lies with the people, they just need the guts to take a stand.

Anonymous said...

That should say "...American Mankind are more disposed to suffer..." as it seems the rest of the world is far more disposed to stand up for their rights.

I applaud Greece in reacting to the shooting of an innocent citizen. If only the US would do that every time someone was unjustly killed here by the police. I would love to see our cops begging our citizens for forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Funny, just an hour back I was thinking - maybe, just maybe it is the fluoride!! I'm not an American and I don't live in America but what's happening there affects all of us. Unbelievable.. Lets not insult sheep anymore!!!! :D

Anonymous said...


Is blacklisted news dot com being shutdown?

I keep on getting this message:

You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Anonymous said...

Bravo - I left the country in 2008 for many of the reasons cited above. I used to agonize over the loss of liberty in America and the worldwide destruction carried out by my government. But almost none of my peers seemed to care about ANYTHING other than Sunday's game. I left America.

Now, when I read about the putrid state of America I am starting to realize that America simply got the government she deserved. No amount of hand-wringing will change America until America grows up. I harbor a hope that such a day will come, but I expect it will come AFTER most Americans are either living under a bridge or close to it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got the same thing from blacklisted news, I think it might be shut down, but they are still posting on twitter though. I think this is an excellent article and chances are, the best thing to do is for the intellectuals to leave while they can.

djohnston said...

You don't have permission to access / on this server. "

That's usually a server error. The site is online now.

Anonymous said...

It's not apathy.

It's fear.

machobird said...

I really believe Americans have been intentually dumbed down and this program has accelerated with great success. Fluoride and other chems (lithium?) in the water, additives in food and drink, EMF's, Chemtrails (heavy metals), and of course, Television, video games, etc. So some of the apathy may not be all our fault. We do need to take action, however, but I can't seem to understand what it will take to get a rise out of the sheeple. Maybe it's just too late. I hope not..........

Anonymous said...

Nope. It's drugs...the legal kind. Add to that such things as "emos," "computer games" (and the fact that some many Americans in their 20s and 30s live in their parents basement playing them), and the "every man for himself" attitude and lack of responsibility that is taught to children now by their irresponsible parents, and what do you expect from younger Americans?

If I wasn't married and didn't have a frail mother in law to take care of, I would have left this police state years ago to teach English overseas.

Anonymous said...

You can blame things like drugs, video games, chemtrails, fluoride, etc.... but the fact remains that American people have plenty of fight in them, as we saw them beating the crap out of each other on Black Friday. So whatever reasons you come up with, the people arent pacified so much they can't fight.

They just prefer to fight each other over meaningless possessions than to fight the authorities to get their civil rights back.

I dont think there are any drugs we can blame for people having their priorities backwards.

Anonymous said...

The free world has put up with your arrogance,hypocracy and amerocentric ignorance for long enough,and we are now delighted to watch your demise.
Ivan.New Zealand.

Anonymous said...


A. Magnus Publius said...

Regarding the 1960s generation putting the establishment in their place, the late Abbie Hoffman said "The establishment bought themselves a revolution" after receiving Esso oil money along with his fellow faux revolutionaries. Now in the 80s all these jerkwards cut their hair, got jobs on Wall Street and what did they do when they got in charge? They shipped our industrial infrastructure to communist China to honor their 'hero' Chairman Mao. Anyone who thinks the 60s generation did anything besides sell out and become turncoats is an idiot...

Anonymous said...

You're right of course, no one will be the first to do anything as serious as shoot back at the police... Why?... Because he/she will be alone... WE THE PEOPLE will have to have everything taken away from us before we can get enough people together to make a stand... Talking doesn't work, the politicians don't listen... Vandalism doesn't work, look what happens at the G-20 demonstrations... Flying small airplanes into the IRS building in Austin didn't trigger an outrage either... Americans are loosing everything at such a slow pace, we are adapting to having less and less... It's all by design... The moment someone speaks out with any effect (WikiLeaks) he's accused of atrocities, and we haven't the money to fight stuff like that properly... So, we will have to wait until we all have nothing to loose before WE THE PEOPLE will stand together...

woody188 said...

Wake up call. Running won't save you. The USA is on a collision course to nuclear world war. No where is safe as we have enough weapons to saturate the Earth over 3 times in nuclear particles. Stay and help take back the country or perish in the fires of a thousand suns.

Nick said...

I agree that most of what we read on these sites is rhetoric. If they were truly interested in fighting this as prescribed they would be pounding the weapons of jury nullification, and the revitalization of the Militia as it was intended.
One issue seems to be the fallacy that no blood is being spilled. There is plenty of that going on, and it is happening to the people while government officials claim immunity for their crimes.
We face some very difficult problems in America. The vast majority are under some misguided notion that it 'can never happen here', and simply ignore the fact that our rights are being alienated on a daily basis. Most have no idea what is intoned in the Constitution. Rather than reading and understanding we simply are content with being told what we should think.
One of the most unfortunate aspects of our current situation is that the news media promotes government propaganda when it should be pointing out the lies.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and welcome kindred spirit.

America is a nation of imbeciles led by fools.

My recommendation: join the club, Leave

Anonymous said...

The people in the train who witnessed shooting of Oscar Grant did not step out because everyone knew that the result would be not "few lumps" but 10 years in prison in better case, bullet in more real one. Police is using "assault on the officer" charge on their will on every step, their number are substantial (go and count the number of them in Grant incident; easily could be more of them than those passengers on the train), and there was not one instance when any police abuse was really punished. So yes, people are scared, and for a good reason. US has the biggest prison population in the world, and you can count on every jury to stand by police.

Henry said...

have you not heard of silent sound spread spectrum and all of the tv's in the US now being digital can carry subliminal messaging!!!!!!!

The US military got 200,000 'kamikaze' Iraqi troops to surrender to the old Bush.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about this very subject a lot lately as i too have noticed the apathy. We are being drugged. Its in the air (chem trails) . Its in the water by way of flouride (used by the nazis while they carried out extermination of many) and chlorine.. Its in the foods we eat. Keep in mind that america is THE biggest money maker in the world so it is important for the powers that be to keep the people busy spending and working. Also, we have the most dominating gov't in the world which likewise requires a drugged (and thereby )complicit society.
By spiritual understanding, this is all meant to be. Let the sheep go to the slaughter. Let the awakened find the light.

Anonymous said...

It is the fear factor that keeps the sheeple in line to slaughter. Nazi Germany and all dictatorial countries control their subjects through media propaganda and fear factor.

If people are united in mind and in action, the tyrannical forces will back off. Just look what occurred during the opt-out day before the Thanksgiving day, TSA got scared of us for at least one

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering the same thing.

However, I should also point out that a few things. That 1960's group of youth are now the greedy politicians in office making all the rules. They have forgotten where they came from. They raised their kids to not respect or value authority. Their grandkids are the apathetic young people you are complaining about.

Our children learn, in school, to not think for themselves. They are spoon fed answers for multiple choice tests, through multiple review sessions. They are not schooled in critical thinking. This is our other problem. OUr young people have been brought up under"zero tolerance" nonsense and rules like you cannot talk in the cafeteria during lunch. They are taught how bad our country is. Their sense of pride is wounded, because they are not given the impression that this is a country worth fighting for. The teachers all have the same point of view and teach it to the kids. It's not about fight for what you believe in. It's about marking the right bubble, trying to keep up, and following the rules.

The 1960's generation has had a huge impact on our society. Some of it is wonderful. Some of it is horrible. They impacted our schools and what our kids are taught. I hold that generation accountable for the damage as well as give them credit where it is due. I am the next generation, raising their grandchildren. I have seen both sides.

Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Since Television was invented it has been used as a scientific tool for population control more like an electromagnetic Valium. Mass media has become something of a petri dish.
Most people have no idea how much money,research,time and implementation has gone in to selling us what we should think what we should wear what we watch and listen to.
There are media psychologists out there who do nothing but figure out how to sell snowballs to Eskimo's. Children since the 70's did not stand a chance. They are marketed to from womb to tomb. And it's only getting more intense.
From inutero assault of over zealous parents to
TV video games and the internet. It's only going to get worse before it gets better critical mass has not been reached yet.

Anonymous said...

A resistance movement requires leaders and that entails risking life and limb since as a leader you will be spied on and targeted as the movement grows. There are few who have the moral fortitude to stare death in the face forming the backbone of the revolution. All who despair about the lack of outrage need only look unto themselves. Some will flee, some remain ambivalent, and others carry out a personal resistance as an individual. When individuals strike out at tyranny it will be like forest fires starting all over the country prompting the dispossessed to make their stand as well. We can wait for the flames to overcome us or become the fire ourselves. We will all be known by our choice.

m_astera said...

I agree that TV is the source of most of the brainwashing and fear. What did people learn by watching cop reality shows? Fear. Which was reinforced every time they were pulled over for a traffic violation, or went to court, or had any dealings with the criminal injustice system or the IRS or any government agency you'd care to name. However, fear is one thing, cowardice is another. We can see where the fear came from, but why the cowardice?

I also agree with the poster who wrote that individuals acting alone is what would be effective. Any sort of organization would be stomped on as an example, but there is nothing whatever to be done about anonymous individuals acting alone.

As for nuclear armageddon, ain't gonna happen. I'd suggest putting your energy into creating a better world, small things that work.

Anonymous said...

These replies are loaded with one excuse after another... no one needs to start a "resistance movement", that's total crap. You just need people to care about more than their little bubble.

I was in Greece when Grigoropoulos was murdered by a police officer. What happened afterwards was nothing special there, people simply reacted instinctually, on their own. No leader, no organization, no resitance movement, noting like that.

Eye witnesses saw the kid get shot point blank (just like Oscar Grant), and they freaked. They called their friends who called their friends, then the news aired the story. People then walked out of their houses, talked to their neighbors about it, and started walking down the street. Sure enough they were met by hundreds of others who heard about it, then thousands of others.

Come evening time police offices around the country were surrounded, and it stayed that way for 2 weeks. People didnt go to work, students didnt go to class, and businesses didnt open. Everyone was busy standing up for their rights, because a kid they never met before got shot by a police officer.

The difference in the USA is the people, plain and simple. Americans are either too selfish or too afraid to lose their precious benefits, that they wont put themselves out there when their fellow citizen is trampled upon.

God help you when it's your turn...

Anonymous said...

Consider for a moment the amount of anti-depressants in use and the amount in the water tables throughout the U.S.

Then come back with the comments on our fighting spirit, please.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what examples the author has for the audience to follow concerning defiance of authority.

I agree completely, and I have my examples of how, my whole life, I have done so. So I'm curious to compare notes.

How has the author taken his/her stand?

Anonymous said...

I lost interest in this article right after "What would the college students of the 1960s have done in this situation? Given that they were having violent clashes with the real police every weekend about the Vietnam War, I think it is safe to assume they would have had these “campus cops” pissing their pants." Now my question to you is... Why, oh why did you refer to them "the 1960's students"? How old are they NOW? Aren't they the ones making all this facism decitions lately? They have taken all our freedom they once proclaimed theirs... Stop This BS and learn that the present is now and that we have to deal it now!

Orwell's Dreams said...

Ron Paul cured my Apathy. To anonymous at the top, what are you going to do? Blogs such as this and others act as catalyts, so why don't you get off your own ass and plan your own march. Heather, from Orwell's Dreams.

Ann Arka said...

I totally share your views. Just some advice:
Don't come to Spain! :

The mafia has taken over our Government, the citizens have put them there by voting them in. They're taking away every single right our grandparents fought and died for. They have been churning out moronic and submissive citizens for decades now with the tool invented to do so, State education, schools are creating imbeciles that go along with anything and everything that those in authority do or say, everything goes unquestioned.

Last Saturday there was an absolutely unprecedented fascist move by the mafia occupying our Government. Spanish air controllers, who have seen their salaries slashed by half, forced to work the equivalent in hours to 16 months a year, were once again given a new law by which they are forced to work even more hours ( instead of employing new controllers) putting passenger security at risk, the reason for this is that the Mafia is going to privatize 49% of air traffic towers and they made a deal with the 2 companies who will be getting them to hand over an operation run by cheap labour so that they can make a mint... passenger security? Who cares!

Well, given this absolutely impossible situation, the air controllers who have been exploited and bullied for a long time in preparation for the sale of the control towers had no choice but to walk away and refuse to work. What does the Mafia do to make workers get back to work? Negotiate? Talk? No, they send in the troups, take over the air space in a fascist de facto coup d'etat, and force the stressed workers to work at gunpoint. The media , controlled by the mafia, totally blanks any air controller story, there's a relentless vilification of air controllers on all tv channels, no-one questions why not one air controller is talking about their side of the story on tv. One tv channel gets a woman air controller on the phone live and withing 1 minute of conversation the call gets misteriously cut off.

Do the citizens of Spain cheer the air controllers for taking a stand and saying enough is enough? Do Spaniards get out in the street and demand the Government to get the troops out of the airports? Does every single Spaniard walk out of their jobs in disgust and solidarity and protest at the imposition of a fascist rule? .... No. Spaniards call for the lynching ( so apathetic is this society that they cannot even be asked to carry out the extrajudicial mob execution themselves) of the air traffic controllers because they have ruined their holiday.

I have no words.

Anonymous said...

Americans are too busy fighting each other over race, status and BS while they're getting raped by the power brokers. Sort of like this new package that has passed. The Rich get to keep their tax breaks while the peasants remain happy that Uncle Sam is extending their unemployment checks just a bit longer. They would have never let 2 million people lose their unemployment benefits because they knew what would happen. So they again had their cake and ate it too on the backs of the poor, unemployed and ignorant masses.

I agree:
join the club, Leave

Anonymous said...

It is not just America, it is everywhere, this apathy and selfishness. It is our own fault for not taking time out of our own personal agendas to teach our children, speak out against a government rampart with tyranny, and make a stand for liberty. Now it is too late, we have allowed them to erode our freedom's and liberties to a point of no return. The resistance is too little too late. I personally do what I can do within my means. I write my congressman, teach my child about what is happening and educate him as best I can. He is only five, and yet I have taught him how to read, have taught him what is in the food and why it is so important that we grow our own. I talk to my friends and family and most people I meet about what is happening and try to warn them. No one listens. They think I'm over reacting. My family has dubbed me 'miss conspiracy theory'. I am at my wits end with trying to warn people and get them to take a stand and start preparing. I keep telling myself to give up and just quietly keep preparing, because I know that when hyperinflation hits and the shtf they will turn to me for help, and I won't be able to help them. But there is something inside that won't let me quit trying. I think if I just get through to one person, then it is worth it. The best thing people can do right now is try and get their communities, friends and family prepared. Start storing up on food and staples and get as self sufficient as possible. Keep warning everyone you care about and pray that they listen!

Anonymous said...

Now, people, if you are unhappy about things, I suggest you vote! Or write your Congressman. It would even be okay to demonstrate - make a cardboard sign, and go out in the street and hold it aloft. But be sure to bend over afterward, because you freaking sheeple have no chance, no clue, no thoughts that are truly your own. Which is exactly how it was all planned. You lost, just deal with it. Go, go, NWO!

Anonymous said...

America used to have a free press that served the people of this we have a propaganda conglomerate controlled by sociopathic war pigs and their zionist buddies who's only loyalty is to the mess that is running israel, and of course what ever amount of dollars they can make in the process too...its real easy to be brainwashed.. most of US have a bad case of stockholm syndrome because of these traitors. Ive a feeling the kids will wake up one day after another stolen election and just get'll probly take two or three prez. elections before Everyone (well, only takes %75 or so)has had enough of this crap from "our" gov't.. ill be one of the old timers out there helping the kids shut the place down. See you there.

Peace and prosperity for everyone, in-spite of the liars who would have it otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the several posters that note the useless nature of the 60's generation. If there was ever any affective action against the Vietnam war, it was purely on behalf of slave soldiers that wasted their college-educated officers in the field on the ground in Vietnam. The protesting students were just getting loaded, having a good time, and then went on to run the world into the absolute disaster that we have before us now. In fact, I would say that people now are right to be passive so they don't end up serving ten years for blinking at some pig. The current situation is a product of the work that the Vietnam "protesters" went on to do. Looking to the generation that built America as it stands to day as some sort of example is absolutely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

One thing I cannot stand, is pontificating pussies like the posters above, who talk shit about how they are so sick of how weak the amerikan people are. Then they leave and act like it is some sort of act of fuggin bravery. Your just another pussy who likes the bravery of being out of range. Cowboy up you fuckin shemales! Dont talk shit about other peoples lack of actions and then turn around and do something even more repugnant and cowardly, retreat.

What the fuck have you done!?!? How many times have you been arrested or "Rodney Kinged"? I bet the most of you have never spent any time in a jail let alone extended institutionalization. Your just a bunch of fucking shit talkers. Fuckin NEVER put ANYTHING on the line except your whiny, bitchy lame-ass posts that do fucking NOTHING except show that YOU are the true coward.

Hmmmm! Must be nice to have the resources to flee your people and home country you fucking collective pussies! Guess what, we dont want you or your ilk back. Enjoy your new safe zone cowardly pussy.(while it lasts)

Let me ask you this. When you were fleeing your country and shrieking like a little girl running for the boarder, did you put up a fight when they accosted you at the border, because they do?? Fuck no! Your just a bunch of shit talkers, vicariously living through the brave deeds of others before you.

Unless you have been wronfully incarcerated and treated like less than dirt, you dont know shit, and you have nothing to bitch about other people doing nothing, like you.

Go fuck yourselves cowards! I hate your fucking guts WAY more than the people oppressing us.
Fucking pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the last poster (9:29am).

Sorry I will not cuss and use all of the foul language he does. He is right.

The fact that people read this article and then say they want to retreat only reinforces the premise of the article.

Instead of wanting to stand up and fight for what is right, people just want to leave.

Yes I agree with the previous poster. The people that just want to bail out of the US and then leave those without the means to do so to fight their battle are in fact, cowards.

To the guy that posted at 9:29AM - Try to take some of the foul language out and clean up the post a bit and I am sure noone would disagree


m_astera said...

I was the second poster in this thread; I left the US four years ago. Don't try telling me that I don't know about police abuse, false charges, false imprisonment, lying cops, judges, and prosecutors. I had enough of those things and a whole barrel full more by the time I decided enough was enough.

And don't try telling me that leaving your home, family, and country is what a coward does. Leave behind all you know and all you have to start all over in a strange country with a new language? No, I'm not wealthy or close to it, the first two years out of the US it was all I could do to eat and have a roof over my head.

But answer me this: Why in hell would I stay and fight for a bunch of people who are so frightened and dumbed down that I can't even talk to them? I love the country, the land of America. I love my friends and family there. I do NOT love the government or the overwhelming majority of brain-dead brainwashed TV addicted chickenshits who wouldn't raise a finger or say a word to defend themselves or their rights. They are not worth fighting for, and if you try to fight for your rights you will be killed or imprisoned and your neighbors won't say a peep.

Tell me why I should fight the system for those people? Guess what? America is no longer a great country and it hasn't been for a long time. It might be a lot smarter to find people who actually care about freedom and are willing to fight for it and hang out with them anywhere in the world, because the vast majority in the USA will go along quietly with anything the authorities do to them. Or to you.

Four years ago I left, and things are twice as bad there now, and still no one has the balls to even talk about it in public.

Don't tell me I didn't do anything, I did plenty in the US, spent over twenty years trying to wake people up. I can do the same thing from where I am now, and not have to worry about having my door kicked down by a bunch of government thugs looking to cause trouble.

Anonymous said...

They don't fight for their rights or liberties because those things don't mean anything to them. Flat screen TVs at $199 mean more. The game means more. Entertainment means more. They've been born and bred to be consumers, and that's what they are. Americans will vote for whomever promises them things, whether it's "free" healthcare or prescription drugs with their Medicare benefits. They will never vote for anyone that advocates returning to yesteryear. It doesn't matter what that candidate's character is or even whether he/she is a citizen of the country, evidently. All that matters is what is promised.

A. Magnus Publius said...

"Now, people, if you are unhappy about things, I suggest you vote! Or write your Congressman."

Two stolen elections in 2000 and in 2004 thanks to riggable electronic voting machines; 1,000:1 people calling their congressmen against the banker bailouts in 2008 but they happened anyway. And you still have the stones to say that? Please send over a few bags of whatever you're smoking there, bud.

"You lost, just deal with it."

I have not yet begun to fight, beeyotch.

"Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget ye were ever our countrymen."

-Samuel Adams

Anonymous said...

I think most of the posters here are missing the main point of this article, or they are too ignorant to acknowledge it.

The difference in the USA is the PEOPLE!! When a cop kills a kid in Greece, the people riot for 2 weeks. When a cop kills a kid in the USA, we mumble and groan, and take no action.

That's the problem here. And no, you cant blame it on drugs, as people will sure as hell fight for their Black Friday deals, they just wont raise a finger to defend themselves or their fellow man.

So, stay and fight? For what? Why stay and fight a government gone bad when the people are even worse? There's nothing left worth fighting for, as the American people are so out of touch with what's really important.

I support leaving the USA 100%, why fight the powers that be, when the people are already defeated.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like this country then get the fuck out!

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