Friday, November 19, 2010

Propaganda Alert: AP reports Small Farms are Exempt from Food Safety Bill

Activist Post

A day after the Food Safety Modernization Act (S.510) passed cloture with a vote of 74-25, the Associated Press put out some world-class propaganda claiming that "Some small farms would be exempt from government efforts to prevent foodborne illness under a Senate agreement on food safety legislation."  The article claims a last-minute deal was struck to allow small farms to "avoid expensive food safety plans:"
The agreement brokered by Democratic Sen. Jon Tester of Montana and announced Thursday would attempt to allay concerns of smaller farms about a food safety bill now pending in the Senate.
That bill would give the FDA more authority to recall tainted products, increase inspections of food processors and require producers to follow stricter standards for keeping food safe.
The agreement brokered by Tester would allow farmers who make less than $500,000 a year in revenue and sell directly to consumers, restaurants or grocery stores within their states or within 275 miles of their farms to avoid expensive food safety plans required of larger operations.

That all sounds well and good, but it only exempts them from having to submit food safety plans, not from inspections that they get billed for, licensing requirements with expensive quality controls, product confiscation without cause or recourse, and even armed raids.  We've already seen all of these ugly faces of food fascism unfold in America.  Private organic co-ops have been raided by armed guards, lemonade stands fined and closed down, Amish Dairies raided, and a family farm had 50,000 pounds of cheese confiscated. 

This type of food tyranny is only likely to increase when the food safety bill passes, seizing the righteousness of protecting the people.  Evidently, the bill essentially transfers the authority over food regulation enforcement from the FDA to the Department of Homeland Security who brought us the liberty-killing, child-molesting TSA.  Finally, this bill will do nothing to protect the public from foodborne diseases, because it does nothing to fundamentally change the factory food production methods that allow them to fester.

The bill will allow the big agri-cartel to further consolidate the food industry, thus gaining even more control over food and humanity itself.  This, clearly, is the real purpose of this bill. We can expect to see the "authorities" raiding a lot more small, private health-food cooperatives like in the video below.  Tyranny is coming to a family farm or organic co-op near you.

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4 comments: said...

We have posted your link at the for Tea Party education and consumption. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The time is coming when Americans, with a mind and a conscience, will find out what they're made of.

dogismyth said...

Screw the tea parties. What the heck is a tea partier anyways? So ridiculous.

Every man and women should be their own leader and not under the consensus or objectives of any group.

It is harder for them to address and/or destroy the individual then it is a group.

Americans should have been in the streets well before this bill was passed. TO LATE NOW!! What the hell are you gonna do now!

Its not about fighting these issues. The main issue of concern is the corrupt government, its official and corporate interests. There are too many issues to address on a singular basis. BUT they know they can splinter us among the issues.

Stick to the script. There should be only one objective. Addressing the corrupt government and corporate interests (fascism) starting with a renewed 9-11 investigation. Someone(s) needs to hang for dereliction of duty on 9-11.

SWWBO said...

The bill has not been passed yet.

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