Saturday, September 11, 2010

America's Torture Doctrine

John Galt
Activist Post

The new mainstream American value of torture is steeped in self-deception, legal justification, and propaganda.  We idolize torturers in our favorite TV programs, and are happy to see our enemies (real and imagined) vicariously taken apart in order to protect our beacon of freedom.  It is an Orwellian undertaking.  Only a massive propaganda effort and a healthy dose of self-delusion can explain poll numbers that show a split verdict on the subject of torture's legitimacy, when it has been proven to be completely unreliable in true intelligence gathering -- not even when a "Jack Bauer" is working against a ticking bomb.  We must conclude, then, that it is a type of blood sport, or a self-righteous power trip that expresses itself in the sheer enjoyment of the punishment inflicted against evildoers.

Long before there was Jack Bauer to hold a blow torch to someone's chest, there was the blood-soaked march across the ages, and the planet, inspired by fundamentalist religions.  Sacrifices to Gods eventually waned, Inquisitions passed, and formal witch trials disappeared, to be supplanted by a new type of faith:  The State.

The slaughters conducted by Stalin, Mao, and other decidedly Left governments, were not to be outdone by the iconoclasts of the Right.  It is a cynical admission, but it seems that torture has been around so long, and in so many forms, that it is part of who we are.  Evidently, we are easily whipped into a frenzy of self-righteousness that will not stop until the torture apparatus is turned upon the screaming body politic.  By then, it is too late.  The next generation is left to evaluate what could have led to such horrendous mass insanity.

The melting pot of modern America would seem immune to a torture doctrine; each ethnicity has their own history of horrific religious or State persecution. Many times, the arrival to America was an escape toward a nation of sound laws and founding documents that elevated the individual rights they sought.  Could it be that a nation built by rugged individuals simply cannot believe that their government could become a tyranny similar to those they fled?  And, yet, the evidence of history is clear:  any government that uses torture never stops with the initial target of revenge.  It becomes a point of no return, past which no one is immune.  And, sure enough, today we see the progression from overseas non-citizens, to American citizens overseas, then citizens on American soil, and now we learn of a new bipartisan Domestic Terrorism Agency that will set up the new parameters for the sweeping inclusion of both action and thought for main street America.

But we are a nation of laws, right?  Wrong.  The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has sided with the most bloodthirsty, well-documented, torture gang on the planet -- the CIA.  They have ruled that the secrets of the State are more important than the rights of the individual.  Openly.  Until this point, the research and actions of the CIA have been clandestine, hidden under jungle canopies, and given plausible deniability by their black ops missions.  So, down the slippery slope we slide to a place where torture has become a mainstream debate.  This era will not be one looked upon fondly in the annals of American history.

In our hearts, we know what torture is.  We don't need the ACLU to define it for us, nor for Jack Bauer or the courts to convince us that there are certain exclusions.

Torture is this
Medieval waterboarding used on a heretic or witch by the Catholic Church

And this
Waterboarding Demo
U.S. Government will not release photos or video of actual sessions

And this
Our Legacy?

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Jillian said...

Is your name really John Galt??? Did your parents name you after the Atlas Shrugged character or is this just random naming?

Paisley said...

Dear John: Thank you for this lucid missive - it captures my thoughts exactly- the programming is so persuasive- the media- movies especially - glamorize torture - we are inured as we watch James Bond in a tuxedo get tortured endlessly as blood spills on to his pressed white shirt- and he survives quite well- how bad can it be?- it's de riguer after all. I find torture programming in almost every movie I concede to see these days. It is horrifying the appetite for bloodsport that is applied to our psyches- It is imcomprehensible to me how our citizens - young and old alike- can be faced with the facts of our guilt in regards to condoned torture of citizens- and thinks it's no big deal. We ALLOW police to carry torture weapons and taze elderly and other innocent citizens- sometimes to death- without repurcussions of law. How can we not be outraged when we see photos of detainees - most likely completely innocent -in satanic garb - black pointed hoods covering their heads and a black dress with a jagged hem on a pedestal with begging outstretched arms - connected to electrodes no less -and not feel deeply ashamed of ourselves and our country? We are living in a bottomless pit of condoned sadism .

Activist said...

Well said, Paisley. Glad someone sees the depravity. Just today a poll was released showing that most Americans opposed a strike on Iran . . . but there was an increase in those approving of torture. What a Schizo society -- John Galt

RichardC said...

Torturing Muslims is not the goal; it is only a means to an end. The goal is to torture citizens in ordinary criminal and civil cases. First it will be drug kingpins to extract their financial information, then mafia bosses to reveal their fellows. The ultimate goal is to make torture a literal, not just a figurative part of an IRS audit. But even that is not the worst of it; the worst is to make us accept all these atrocities as necessary and routine.

Andrew said...

It is a great pity that you only hear this discussion in forums such as this where the people reading already disagree with torture. What else do we expect when UFC is on mainstream TV and almost all movies have gunfights and violent car chases with no consequences while our news does not show the suffering of the "real" brown people we torture and maim in far off lands.
Our children are constantly brought up with violence in children's shows.
Much of US/UK/Canadian citizens are illiterate masses who know nothing more about the world outside of X Box/Play-station/movie plots and who are consequently out of touch with reality and most importantly, compassion.
Propaganda aimed at those who never question is the norm. I fight constantly to educate people about the state of the world and the part they play in it but most don't want to hear. Plausible deniability is also the norm.
In a way I am waiting to see what masses will say when they the "Peons" are reduced to extreme poverty in the new economic slave state. It will not be pleasant to watch but one has to admit that there is a certain satisfaction in the idea the US and the sickness it's government spreads around the world is coming to it's inevitable crashing end.
One can only feel for their children's plight as they are going to inherit the dried out husk of an immoral country; left overs from parents that are too stupid to care or that even worse, don't give a shit.
Here is to the broken dream of peace and security for the world. It won't happen in my lifetime and sadly not until we almost exterminate ourselves with greed.
The one thing left to say is that as the US spirals in to total feudalism I hope it does not leave us with the ultimate calling card of nuclear destruction as a final demonstration of it's contempt for the other people in the world.

Activist said...

Great points, Andrew. Yes, unfortunately there is a certain amount of "preaching to the choir." But you never know when someone might stumble along who is on the fence about this, or maybe never saw it quite this way. You make a particularly good point about the violence that America ALLOWS people to see. It is considered to be in bad taste to show blown up victims of war (or even the caskets of our own war dead), but as you say, no problem with our chosen "entertainment." It is a sick society . . . and it is nothing new. Sad that we can't learn from history, or that we think we are somehow behaving differently than the imperialism of the past. So, from one choir member to another: thank you for visiting and be well -- John Galt

Activist said...

Well, Richard, the way this society is headed I can't even disagree with you. Seems over the top, but America's love of torture is only increasing, according to a recent Gallup poll. I completely agree that our programming is just that -- programming people to accept certain behaviors as normal. Torture is a deviant behavior that we should be doing our best to eradicate from our human nature, not elevate. Thanks for reading and commenting on my article. -- John Galt

sweettina2 said...

"Means to an end", "End justifies the means"...commie, zionist phrases.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know where we learned this behavior read this article.

Who Taught America To Torture?

Also make sure you watch the David Duke video!

Jean GODBOUT said...

Torture is also happening in Canada, I know, I'm now disable for life with a spine cord damages that cause severe neurologic deficits.

While I had ruptured disks (normally a medical emergency for a surgery) the Quebec government falsified my medical diagnosis to avoid benefit from the compensation board, and they forced me to go back to work and as a machinist I had to lift and work on parts that weighted up to 125 pounds, for ten week over my hernias. This is criminal but government of Canada protect the Quebec organize crime of the Quebec government.

Sincerely, Jean GODBOUT
Sherbrooke (Quebec) Canada

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