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Collapse Survival Will Be Tribal: Begin Recruiting Now

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Everyone on earth knows how fragile the economy is.  It has pushed first-world countries to the brink of revolution.  The pushing can't withstand much more before the pillars of civilization begin to fall.  And once they begin falling, there may be no stopping them from collapsing society altogether.  Unfortunately, the signs of further economic erosion are disturbingly obvious to the onlookers, and the remaining pillars are hanging on by a thread.

What's more, the controllers are orchestrating the collapse of the American economy and society right now, albeit in slow motion, but it is already crumbling.  The economy and the environment have surpassed their critical tipping points, where dollars will inevitably be worthless and resources will be out-of-reach expensive for most of humanity. We are likely to see astronomically-high gas prices ultimately causing food and medicine to be quickly wiped out of the box stores -- first by nesters, then by desperate looters.  One only has to witness the panic buying before predicted snow storms to imagine what a sustained blizzard would do.  It's well past the 11th hour and survival and real solutions must rule the day.

The collapse will surely be a desperate time for many, especially those who live in major cities.  Even some suburbs will not be immune for those who didn't see it coming and plan accordingly.  Jobs will be far scarcer, money will not go nearly as far for essentials like food and energy, and what will be left of the cities will be roving gangs desperate for resources.  The poor helpless citizens will most likely be taken to FEMA "dormitories" as is already being proposed.

If there is one bright spot about the Elite engineering the collapse, it is the fact that they will lose central control of vast areas of the country where control will be in the hands of local tribes, gangs, and clans. There will be communties that planned, adapted through cooperation, as well as armored "Green Zones" that maintain some semblance of normalcy.  Paul Craig Roberts wrote that local territories will be run by clans, probably headed by police or a band of armed citizens.  Just as these gangs and clans will likely rule over a certain territory, you must begin to create your tribe in order to survive and flourish.

Obviously, you will have to find like-minded folks who may offer skills, resources, and loyalty to your tribe.  Friends and family should be the first place to start.  If they are still asleep to what is coming, call meetings and have movie parties with wake-up material.  Do what you can to get them on board.  Remember what Arthur Schopenhauer said about truth:
All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. 
Luckily for us, many activists have already done the heavy lifting of ridicule for us.  Now, as we surpass the 11th hour, we must march forward with the truth, because we are rapidly approaching the "violently opposed" stage.  Sadly, it will only become self-evident to many once it is too late . . . when they are in a FEMA dorm watching their children be dragged off to war.

A good place to begin finding tribe members that are already building local self-sufficient survival infrastructure are organic food cooperatives.  These cooperatives usually encourage trade amongst members and may have a variety of local producers of food and other goods and services.  If you live in a city, or congested suburbs when a dramatic collapse takes place, your tribe better have an escape plan, route, and sustainable destination.  You will have to prepare go-bags with well-organized resources and tools.

In many early civilizations, there was no hierarchical governance; the tribe members simply had different job titles according to their skills and passions.  The natural leader had the burden of final decision making; the person most skilled in medicine kept the tribe healthy; and skilled hunters provided food -- in these communities no one acquired more material wealth for their efforts than did another.  Most importantly, the well-being of each individual was recognized as essential to the overall survival, health, and happiness of the tribe.  For those who have a natural aversion to community concepts and equality (Socialism, or Communism), it should be understood that this tribal egalitarianism is based on individual skill contribution -- not individual sacrifice to a government structure of ruling Elites.

Preparing for the collapse with a good tribe will be essential for survival -- recruiting season is here.

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defenestration01 said...

I have to say, these kinds of things increasingly piss me off. The thing is, THERE IS NO BLIZZARD. There is no 'REAL' problem with the economy - we haven't been invaded, bombed, had a volcano or an earthquake or anything like that.

The problem is 100% political! There is a huge problem with advocating survivalist techniques in face of a political problem! Why not just admit you're ready to live like a third world peasant rather than challenge the elites? That you'd rather hide in a cave than organize and take to the streets? That you despair of being able to unite with other Americans to overturn the status quo?

You know, to hell with all of your families and tribes; what about the nation as a whole? The weak are just going to get steamrolled unless a real political opposition gets organized.

Activist said...

Defenestration -
We couldn't agree more that more political action is needed, and indeed I would wager that many readers of this article already engage in political action and will continue to do so.

However, politics is a VERY slow moving train -- It took Ron Paul 20 years to Audit the Fed, and when it finally passed it had no teeth left. Furthermore, whenever the Congress is even debating things like financial reform, the banksters flex their muscles and drop the market 1000 points in under 3 minutes just to show their power. In other words, there are powers in place far stronger than our politics can handle -- and those powers are intent on destroying America (on record).

Please read through some of the state bank and other original articles for current solutions. This Human World Order piece is the first of a series talking about pragmatic solutions against the New World Order-- preparation for the worst case seemed like the best place to start.

We will be having a Human World Order writing contest soon and we'd be happy if you would submit a well-written article from you as a "Call of Duty".

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

John said...

Obviously, normal political reform is not going to change anything. What's need is a more radical reform, where you take the current criminals, the politicians and their owners and you eliminate them.

Activist said...

The best way to do that may be to drop out or boycott their main systems of control and create shadow economic systems; local alternative currencies, alternative energy, local food, natural medicine, etc, etc.

The system needs to be proven wrong and the figureheads will fall. Those of us that are awake know how EVIL (not just wrong) the system is. We need to continue to spread the word.

SHARE THIS ARTICLE AND OTHERS with everyone you care about. Liberty, Love, and Peace will Prevail!

nolocontendere said...

defenestration01 - "take to the streets"
What a joke. That's been done, over and over again for absolutely no results. The ruling elite and their thugs welcome it, want it, with their rooftop snipers and thousands of black clad, armored ninjas and helicopters and pain ray weapons. You can scream "there is no blizzard" as hard as you want as society crumbles around you, defenestration 01, but like it or not all politics are about to devolve into the personal and you best prepare.

Mfskinner said...

The freedom loving Americans among us want to live in a world where our effort goes to the solution of real problems facing our families, friends, communities, states and country, not into some psychopaths pocket.
Part of the problem is that people have learned to think of money as a solution to their problems. It is not. It is a method of control. People will do almost anything for a little more and the jack booted thugs acting against their own people are a prime example.
Money has morphed into an end in itself while it was always meant to be a means to trade and produce.
A little revolution every once in a while is not only good it is required, to flush out the vermin and keep the country vibrant and engaged.

Phil said...

“…and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government and to provide new Guards for their future security.” - Declaration of Independence

Karismatic80 said...

defenestration01 - Interesting response, considering the three stages of truth mentioned. There was a time a post like this would have just been ridiculed. Not long ago actually. It seems this violent response is the defensive posture of many who can't accept the idea that they've been given warnings and time to prepare. They still find a way to deny the truth.
Aside from the unlikely possibility of a well-organized political resistance, there is the more guaranteed position of a well-organized collaborative effort of like-minded individuals in a community banding together for survival. There's nothing wrong with a [Plan: B] my friend.
You should also understand that those behind this are quite proficient at reducing great nations to nothing through the political / financial institutions. They are the masters of power. And history is all the proof you need. The fact that this very same warning has been in circulation for about 20 years now, but it's messengers have all been demonized as conspiracy theorists, and picked off quietly - one-by-one - and yet the streets remain bereft of revolutionaries speaks my point rather clearly.

a GrebBear said...

Take one last look around ... the gulf is dead/dieing, the atlantic turbine is dead, wars and rumors of wars, poison in the food, water, and in the lame stream media ...

EvolovE = LovevoL
... its the only way out !!

WE all have until (at the most!!) until Nov. 8 to get to where WE're going ... bring food, seeds (including hemp-the only plant that turns sunshine into fertile soil), Tesla radiant accumulator & Ormus generator (see: plant growth in ALL conditions), heat source ... and a Hopi survival guide.

Times UP ... its obvious now, to the "non" sheep, robots and zombies.

Good Luck

a GrebBear

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

ps ... great blog, love is the only way )
and defenestration01, Y-OUR head is stuck in Y-OUR ass ... Love = Truth = tell it as it is.

sovereign said...

from:Sovereignty Intelligence Service
Political opposition didn't work in Rome,another wasted 1000 years,Political opposition births more wars.political opposition will only get your skull caved in,and if your lucky you can break in to their jails,been there done that. however! there is another path that is a positive movement forward and will scare the powers to be, becoming sovereign,building tribes and private commerce.

ericswan said...

There is a middle ground. This is musical chairs and where you're at is where you start. Nov. 8 is clif high's date. Many others think 2012 is more likely. Be kind to each other.

Kalki said...

Post collapse will be a scramble for clean drinking water. If the utilities go bust, no water is pumped, at least nothing clean anyway.

Noo one will be running around mad max style because if you get to far away from clean water, you will go down.

The peopl on this site seem like the enlightened type. Check out SODIS water purification and you will have the luxury of abundant clean water for free! then you can build a well etc etc.


J. David LeWevre said...

I am no expert but I do have an opinion. The current system I believe is set up for two end results, decrease population and subject the remaining population. I agree with some of the posts that radical and perhaps violent revolution would be one option, but suppose that we do succeed ... what then? We have eliminated the government and now what restrains the masses. I hate to say this but I think any honest person would admit, a large number of our population would welcome the elimination of restraint. In this case we are back to the tribe. The rulers-to-be will wait, they are very patient. They have been waiting for generations. When we have reduced our numbers significantly they will reemerge.
I believe that no matter what we do we end up in the same place, we must survive and if we are lucky and graced by God, we might be able to rebuild this from the ground up. But I wnat to mention one thing as well. When collapse comes as in Rome, we have the chance to form a new typw of governmentmental system. After Rome it is the fuedal society based on balance and equalibrium not growth. Perhaps we can begin to be imaginative and do our home work and each have in mind what we are and how we should be governed. And maybe when they reemerge we will have a suprise for them. But I am no expert.

Larry said...

Great article - look at it like food for thought - just don't take too much time thinking about it. This article is referring you to informed action. Action based in Knowledge. If you are truly Human, then you will know what to do based in your own circumstances.

Luis said...

Awesome cache of intel, now to spread this to
the masses of sheeple!! God help us!!
Psalm 94:16


Anonymous said...

nothing changes governments like blood in the streets...

Okie said...

Protected place.


see you there

Anonymous said...

Lots of good thoughts here - just remember to never turn away a hungry child, for they will be angels looking for kind souls!

Frugal Gal said...

How does one form tribal groups if you just move to an area and just nowbeen open to the collapse.

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