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Are signs of 2012 galactic alignment evident now?

10-ft tall Tablet of Mayan Calendar
Michael Eure
Activist Post

As the media focuses on the failing economy, there isn’t much mainstream discussion about the climatic and geological changes Earth is now experiencing.  Although it may be a stretch for most people’s imaginations, it appears that the rapid decline of our economy and the increased geological activity are connected.

In the recent past we have experienced a spike in the number of earthquakes, floods, droughts, sink holes, and other natural disasters.  The tsunami that killed almost a quarter of a million people in the Indian Ocean; the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile that were record breaking; and the many floods in the U.S. that have been caused by sudden extreme rainstorms, are increasing in frequency and effect. These are just a few examples.  We are fast approaching the date agreed upon by both Eastern and Western religions  -- and now science -- that will come about with great changes for our world: December 21, 2012.

How can economic events and natural disasters be connected you ask?  The answer is very simple if you contemplate the effects of the astrological event that is approaching: our Sun and our planet are lining up with the center of the Galaxy, and the entire Solar System is passing through an interstellar energy cloud.  This passing is causing an extraordinary flare up of the Sun's normal activity that occurs every 11 years, which throughout history has had devastating consequences.  Some experts have charted even greater galactic cycles such as the Mayan 26,000 Great Year Cycle, and other cycles lasting hundreds of thousands of years.

Along with this unusual alignment comes Planet X, as NASA calls it. In mythology it is known as “Nibiru," a planet that has an extreme elliptical orbit that passes between the Earth and Mars about every 3,600 years. As we enter this mysterious galactic cycle, it seems the changing electromagnetic forces may be affecting both the Sun and our planet in more profound ways than we can imagine.  And indeed, these energetic forces seem to be affecting human consciousness, as our entire central nervous system is an electromagnetic structure.

I find it very interesting that its path nearest to our planet correlates with the Mayan calendar that ends in December, 2012. Everyone has read some about 2012, but very few understand the astrological significance of this date. Some researchers are concerned because our planet is moving into alignment with our Sun and the center of our galaxy, which is considered by most astronomers to be an extremely powerful black hole about one million miles across.

The effects of this alignment cannot be underestimated. How this affects our climate, our geology, and our culture is a little harder to grasp because we live in such small conscious boxes. Like the vibrational changes occurring in the universe now, most people are simply too distracted to familiarize themselves with these events. I know this because my wife is a professional astrologer and people are very skeptical until she does a chart for them.  When she begins to tell them about their life, their most common response is, "well there must be something to this stuff."

We are at a major turning point both from the point of view of Earth’s climate and its culture. We have gotten so out of balance with nature and our connection to nature that things must change. For those that take a scientific view that,  “for every action there is an opposite but equal reaction," then surely, a galactic event of this magnitude will have an untold equal reaction.

For those of a more spiritual nature, Einstein himself said:
The most beautiful and the most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. Those of us who can no longer stand rapt in awe and wonder are as good as dead. To know what is impenetrable to us actually exists and manifests itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty that our dull faculties can comprehend, this knowledge, this feeling, is at the heart of all true religiousness.
As these geological, climate, environmental and social changes become more severe, a mass awakening is likely to take place.  Hopefully humanity can handle it.  You can be assured that the Elite are already prepared for the coming events as they are very much in tune to this secret scientific, astrological, and vibrational knowledge.  Perhaps it is time that we all prepare as well.

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Scott Copley said...

What will be will be! Destiny is full filling it's self! No matter what religion you belive in! We all are born to die! I,am ready to meet my creator!

Anonymous said...

For more about the Galactic Alignment, see

Anonymous said...

the end is neigh

Andy said...

Just live as good a life as you can with regards to how you treat others and you can face death with your conscience clear.

Anonymous said...

Your picture displays an Aztec calendar, not a Mayan one. A common misconception in light of recent 2012 hype.

Anonymous said...

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