Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is Communism the New Capitalism? Six Fortune 500 Companies Move HQ to China

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CORRECTION:  Our editorial staff regrets that this story may appear misleading.  The release this was taken from states "regional" headquarters not "international" headquarters.

The fact remains that all major multinationals are investing heavily in China and Asia, and progressively less in the U.S. - which preserves the underlying premise of the article. Our thanks to a reader for catching our hasty mistake.

The original article.remains below.

Our apologies for any confusion.
AP Staff

The boat is leaving for China. Disney, Kraft Foods, and four more Fortune 500 companies are on board to move their Headquarters to Shanghai.

The mass exodus of American companies which will surely take thousands of jobs with them, is now commencing with mind-twisting irony. Apparently, America is no longer capitalistic enough to invest in, even for U.S-based companies.

The globalists love to quote free-market capitalistic principles, except when it comes to small things like competition and having your headquarters in a Communist quasi-enemy nation. A CNTV press release and accompanying video gloated:
24 multinational companies, have decided to move their regional headquarters to Shanghai, including 6 Fortune 500 companies such as Vale, Walt Disney and Kraft Foods.
This will push the total number of companies with regional headquarters in Shanghai to nearly 300. Nearly 500 have regional research and development centers there.
Shanghai has been China's top destination, for multinationals. Even during the world economic slump, the city's foreign direct investment still increased. Data shows Shanghai's foreign direct investment has already surpassed more than 5 billion US dollars in the first half of this year. 
Presumably, for a truly global economy to transpire, all nations must play on a level playing field. Which would stand to reason that the same standard of living will eventually equalize around the globe.  In other words, the U.S. way of life would have to be dramatically reduced to be on the same plane as China’s, India’s, or Central America’s under the globalist agenda.

Granted, the level of India and China is being raised slightly from dirt floors to cell phones and televisions in a single generation. So, no matter how bad things may get in the coming Greatest Depression by design, we can always hope to still have finished flooring and a telescreen, right? Stay Tuned!

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RichardC said...

The rats run off the ship because it is sinking. They don't cause the ship to sink by running off.
The USA has the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Who in his right mind would incorporate here? Soon, highly skilled Americans will work abroad and send money home. Then they will get foreign passports. Then they will give up their US citizenship or just stay abroad.
Hmm... no product liability, no affirmative action (except in favor of white men). No "three felonies a day" and if you don't know, google the phrase. No medical malpractice lawyers. No FDA. No money laundering laws. No IRS. I could keep going but I'm trying to get a job in Asia...

Activist said...

You said it! The irony is that there is a more free market in China. Please submit an article to us outlining that very scenario and we will post it.

john said...

all because our govt wanted free trade with china, A COMMUNIST COUNTRY. we are suppose to be happy we get cheap products from china but we cant afford cheap products without good jobs. many of the good jobs left the US and went to COMMUNIST CHINA, I THOUGHT WE WERE AGAINST COMMUNISM!

robertsgt40 said...

Capitolism has always been about creating and aquiring wealth. Preditory capitolism involve greed and malice. Capitol always seeks the lowest level of labor. Once the life has been sucked out of one market(nation) it moves on to the next. Our living standard has nowhere to go but down. International(transnational)finance is the driving force. Once they own our politicians it's only a matter of time(ie NAFTA) Remember who the first politician was to "open" relations with China....Kissinger in 1970. Think he wasn't looking ahead?

Lynda said...

Where can I get a list of those companies abandonning ship so I can boycott them?

dolorosa said...

Communism started in Russia. In reading, "The Rulers of Russia" by Fr. Fahey, you understand who is behind it. A way to stop it: watch video:

Johnny De Vulcan said...

Could "those behind it" be the same as those who own ALL central and National Banks (save 7) in the world??? Rotschilds

Bao D Nguyen said...

Capitalism seeks to promote the capitalists. Communism seeks to promote the workers. I'm not sure why Americans support capitalism so much, and then complain when they lose their jobs. Last I checked, when American workers lose their jobs, the stock prices of American companies go up, and the capitalists get a huge profit. So why do Americans, who love capitalism so much, get angry when the capitalist seeks to make a bigger profit by moving to a country that has cheaper labor and lower taxes?

dimarco said...

The issue is not about CAPITALISM - which is to use 'capital' as a business tool, but FREE MARKET were competitive factors of labor, product costs and consumer demand are pushed and pulled among competitors vying for the consumer purchase of their product. INSTEAD we have large corporate monopolies pretending to be competitive competitors where in actuality the consumer has no choice and the free market principles are manipulated by 'too large to fail' business models in bed with government for their continued monopoly and now bailout - beyond just corporate welfare.

Communism is a false paradigm where the 'worker' is treated exactly equal - who decides what's fair and equal? The foreman, the government? It should be YOU the worker who with skills & labor negotiate your worth out in the open market among other free markets where there are no state/business controls to interfere with your ability to utilize your skills in the best possible manner. I prefer to control my own economic destiny - NOT be TOLD/Forced to have that decision handed down to me by bureaucratic experts!!

THE US and other free market economies are a hallow husk of what they use to be before central banking and government 'commerce clause' intervention wrought down on us. Just look around and tell me we are capitalist in a free market!!! No WAY I would believe it!!

You let those corporate fascists use the communist resources to exponentially suck the economic life out of the communist worker. For they are not capitalist but Pirates with no moral compass for a symbiotic economic model.

It will be a VERY HARD lesson to learn and pride to swallow... but Americans will rebuild. We started our country before, and we will rebuild again - this time with a renewed awakening of what it means to be an AMERICAN. Good luck to everyone.

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