5 Reasons NOT to Pay Your Credit Cards

Are you one of the millions of Americans trying to decide between paying your credit card bills and eating?   

John Galt — Activist Post

We live in a matrix that goes to unspeakable expense to nurture us from the teat to be good consumers. You are issued a tax collection number at birth (SS#), another artificial number for your credit worthiness (FICO), and then you’re extended a certain amount of tokens to play “life” based on those numbers.  This virtual currency, not unlike your earned Farmville coins, only has value because you give it value.

It is a brilliantly designed game:  the banksters create a unit of money out of thin air; lend it to people with interest attached; get them to buy real items; then raise the rates, force people to work harder, hover like a vulture until expected default occurs, and rake in the forfeited assets.  Best of all, when the whole Ponzi scheme comes crashing down because they drunkenly gambled with your interest payments, the very people who destroyed you get bailed out by you with tax money.  And they call you the thieves when you can’t pay them back.  The game is rigged for the house and it’s always a Win/Win for them and a Lose/Lose for you.

Sure, you get to “rent” a flat-screen TV, a car, or a home from them, making life in the matrix almost worth it.  But, ultimately, you only temporarily use that stuff at great expense to you and massive profits to the banks.  After years and years of paid interest, you still never truly own anything.  The TV is now obsolete and worthless; you still must pay increasing property taxes and insurance on your homes and cars, even when your done paying the bank three times their value, all while they bought your years of servitude with nothing real or tangible.

In truth, if there was real justice in America, the criminal banking cartel would be arrested under the Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, and their assets should seized and returned to their victims.  After their arrest and the unconditional release of all debt prisoners, a new, fair, and sound money system should be put in place for the benefit of all (See The Secret of Oz).

For the many who are contemplating dropping out of the corrupt debtor system, the least impact from the mafia will occur by ignoring your unsecured credit cards.  Before you take this action, be warned that you may have to return the signing bonus gift you received when got your contract to play in the big leagues.

Here are the top five reasons not to pay your credit cards:

  1. If you owe $6,000 on a credit card with a 20 percent interest rate, and you only pay the minimum payment each time, it will take you 54 years to pay off that credit card.  During those 54 years you will pay $26,168 in interest rate charges in addition to the $6,000 in principal that you are required to pay back (Source).
  2. Under the legal fractional reserve banking system, the banks NEVER actually had the fake money for the credit they extended you in the first place.  They added you to their stable of debt slaves with a simple accounting key stroke.
  3. The cartel of the large private banks are a proven criminal entity at the heart of most global problems including, but not limited to:  wars, genocide, famine, and resource plundering.  It’s immoral to continue to support such a system on any level.
  4. You won’t need a good credit score to live outside of the matrix. It’s a place in your mind where it is okay to not ever “use” anything with bank financing for the rest of your life.
  5. Not paying your credit cards may be one of the only ways to make the matrix feel the weight of your protest without drawing too much oppression.

Since the foxes guard the chickens on Wallshington Street, the citizens may have to take justice into their own hands through peaceful resistance — by simply dropping out of the matrix.  In other words, don’t pay your phony debts to criminal banksters.

By not paying your debts, you should expect the system’s goons to rain down fear by way of phone calls and mail to you.  Additionally, you will certainly risk losing your esteemed Farmville status and, these days, you may even win a free trip to one of the oligarchy’s private jails.

However . . . you could just wind up gaining some independence from your manufactured stress and servitude.

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  • Insheslovely H

    it is the entertainers, stars or celebrities as they call themselves hired by Washington, entertainment world and those in New York to fleece, murder, rape, exploit the people. The political entertainment industries. It is all in the movies and songs of the pedophilia of children, murdering of people, beatings of women, kidnapping and all types of crimes against humanity.
    The whole Memphis, Tennessee community has been and currently in a war zone with the entertainers.

    They stand there with the guns, and all weapons used against us in the videos. Kiddie porn, vampire, annie christian, etc and all of the lyrics in the songs tell the story. We have been microchip for decades in Memphis is the reason for the crimes for profit.

    I watched them try to sexual assault my granddaughter before my eyes, my friend’s grand daughter who was barely 2 years old at the time discuss killing me.
    I filed reports after reports with the FBi, CIA, Human rights groups, United Nations about the microchip, attempted sexual assault against my granddaughter, the entertainment industry and not a word from these agencies.

    • Debbie O’Grady

      That’s shocking I’m sorry to hear that. Have you been microchipped ? They would have to kill me first.

  • Many people just use guaranteed credit cards. That, or they buy pre paid cards which can be used like any ordinary credit card.

  • Nancyeonard

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  • Steve Daily

    Not all banksters are Jews, and not all Jews are banksters. Don’t be held back by prejudice.

  • Steve Daily

    In 2007, I underpaid the minimum payment by 23 cents, and incurred a $50 fee. Right then I decided I was never going to give another penny to a credit card company. They called and threatened. I told them to suck my sack. Then the called to bargain. I told them to eat dog excrement. Then they sold my debt to a collector, who called and threatened. I told him to kiss my taint. That was in 2009. No one has called since.

    • Debbie O’Grady

      HA HA Brilliant Hats off to you dude

    • jeff long

      Man I am going through this right now. For 10 years I faithfully paid hefty interest to Juniper. A few months back I was in the hospital. So I made a payment through my bank on my phone figuring I would make a bigger payment when I got home. Well I was 6 short. When I realized i paid it on top of the 80 in fees. But that was not enough for them. They defaulted me over it. So instead of 18 months interest free it went to 29.99 % interest. I just can’t catch up. So this month my car broke down, cost me 800 for a timing belt. Though I worked real hard to have a good credit score. I can’t play this game with them any longer. My pipes broke from going without heat. I got a bleeding ulcer from all of the stress. I am not sending another payment. I have 3 cards, I do feel bad for the other 2 having to deal with it..But Juniper wanted blood and they drew it.

  • Debbie O’Grady

    Not to mention a “profound ignorance towards the facts of life”

  • Great advice – Default on your debt so that the bailiffs come around and take the real wealth from you, possibly even lose your home.

    How about not using your credit card in the first place. By using your credit card (signing up for it) you are entering into an agreement. Take responsibility for your actions.

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