ACTION ALERT: An Open Letter To John Gormley, Minister For The Environment (Hates Fluoride Loves Water Meters)

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IRELAND -Minister For The Environment (Hates Fluoride Loves Water Meters)

Dear John,

I really hope you take the time to read this letter as after all you are a

public representative elected by the people of Ireland.
I just need to know what is your stance is on this urgent health issue
that i know you are familiar with.
On RTEs prime time program a few years back you categorically stated
that that fluoride was not safe for babies and that babies
bottles should not be washed with fluoridated water.
You also claimed that fluoridation of the water was also linked to
bone cancer which brings me to my next point.
As you are the man spearheading the roll out of water meters to all
homes on the island of Ireland.
If you yourself do not recommend fluoridation of the public water
supply being safe for human consumption,
why is it then john, that since you have being elected to government
you have not led a campaign to remove
this toxin from the public water supply
and why is it John, that you now want to tax us on this toxic water
supply through the introduction of your water meters
so John, have you completely flip flopped on this issue and decided to
put the public’s health aside and humiliate them further
by taxing them for this toxin when you yourself believe the the
fluoridation of the water supply is not safe for
human consumption.
Please Respond To This John.
The Public Have A Right To Know.
All the Best John,
Alan Ryan
Please Pass This On To John :


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