Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gulf Oil Disaster EXPOSED: EPA Lies About Air Quality - AGAIN

Eric Blair
Activist Post

From stifling the media to buying all search terms related to the disaster, British Petroleum and the Obama Administration have gone to great lengths to hide the true nature of the problem.  The source of the oil well, nearly 6 miles below the ocean’s surface, has apparently tapped into a high-pressure magma chamber where the oil is erupting from the source at an estimated 20,000 – 70,000 psi.  

There is no human technology that can cap that level of pressure and all the “experts” who designed the failed containment box and Top Kill solutions knew that.  It is literally like trying to cap a volcano a mile below the ocean’s surface. These attempts were knowingly doomed from the start and apparently staged just to appease an angry public.

A former high-level oil executive reported that the oil volcano in the Gulf of Mexico will never subside and is far worse than anyone is reporting.  Pastor Lindsey Williams (author of Energy Non-Crisis), in a recent interview, claims that his Elite oil informant told him that the oil gusher in the Gulf is erupting around 4 million gallons per day, and it is impossible to stop.  Furthermore, oil is NOT the most harmful element spewing out of the gusher.  No wonder why there are flight restrictions over the area.

Independent analysis by the Louisiana Environmental Action Network show toxic Hydrogen Sulfide and Benzene gases in the Gulf area are registering at levels thousands of times above safe levels (reported on Eyewitness News story out of Louisiana).  Yet, the EPA’s headline states, EPA's air monitoring conducted through June 10, 2010, has found that air quality levels for ozone and particulates are normal on the Gulf coastline for this time of year.” 

In the very next sentence the EPA adds a caveat as cover, “EPA has observed odor-causing pollutants associated with petroleum products along the coastline at low levels. Some of these chemicals may cause short-lived effects like headache, eye, nose and throat irritation, or nausea. People may be able to smell some of these chemicals at levels well below those that would cause short-term health problems.”  This, in spite of the fact that Hydrogen Sulfide and Benzene gases can cause death.

These "volatile organic compounds" are in the air that is on the way to the coast for human beings to breathe.  And, of course people are not being warned.  Remember Christy Todd Whitman, former head of the EPA, telling the workers at Ground Zero that the air was safe to breathe in the weeks after 9/11.  Meanwhile, slews of rescue workers are dying now from respiratory and other diseases.  Lies, lies, and more lies.  How can we possibly trust the “official” information that we are being fed?

Although Williams’ informant claims that the oil disaster is a genuine accident and not a conspiracy, the prophets at Goldman Sachs and BP chief Tony Hayward knew enough to dump their BP stock in the weeks before the “accident.”  What impeccable timing!

But I digress.  Given that all experts know that the Gulf oil volcano has no promising solutions including drilling a relief well, they are now floating the idea of detonating a nuclear bomb to collapse the well.  According Williams, this “nuclear option” is being planned despite the obvious dangers and uncertain outcome. 

It is clear that the oil industry and the Obama Administration have no solutions to this disaster. This may indeed be the pinnacle of man’s folly versus nature.  Although I’m not one to quote religious text to make a point, Revelations 16:3 rings pretty darn true “And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.”

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edd browne said...

The situation is dire, but I think
good information will show that
the well had been briefly stable
before the blowout.

This would mean that the formation pressure
is under 20,000 psi, since no stability could
have been achieved if formation pressure
was higher than that.

Still, a relief well does not guarantee that
a cement seal will solve the problem.
Then some ugly options using explosives
might be on the table.

C said...

I am so very sad that all I hear are complaints with no action. People are so dumb that they can steal your country, poison you, destroy the air and water, PURPOSELY, right in front of your own eyes and count on no smart action that works.It is over due to organize with every one a way of being smarter than they are, peacefully.Using explosives in oil will make it more of a disaster, this is total insanity.

Activist said...

At the very least they aren't telling the public the truth about the health concerns involved around the Gulf.

Te Aroha said...

All about the dollar yeah. Forget all the living creatures that are being mutilated and slaughtered by this ongoing disaster. Hey its not all that bad people...We'll wait until we wipe the entire human race then we will be happy swimming in our oil seas and our millions of dollars...Bloody hypocrites, criminal monsters the whole bloody lot of these so called leaders should be put in front of a firing squad and shown all the damage they have caused up to date...a bullet for every life they have ended, animal, mammals and human lives im talking. Human Greed is worse than satan himself....Hope yous all burn in hell with your OIL and $$$$$$$$ beside yous.....
Te Aroha (Aotearoa)

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