The Battlefield of Digital Addiction

By Sean Alexander Carney of Safe Tech International

A dangerous shift

Digital addiction is a socially transmitted “disease” of our times arising from our “subjectification” which is the process of constituting you or I as an object of knowledge by power relations acting upon us.

We see widespread digital addiction from excessive internet engagement. Excessive video gaming (VG) time causes a condition recognised in 2019 by W.H.O. called “gaming disorder.” There has been growing aggression in children addicted to violent social online gaming. Mental health issues from excessive screen time are crippling society. According to a 2020 study of internet addiction on mental health, “The excessive use of the Internet leads to psychological injury, mental health damage, and other health problems.”

In our current context industry figures, non governmental organisations (NGOs), intelligence agencies, politicians, the military, celebrities and other poles of influence are shaping society into a tool of technology. This “steering group” of stakeholders in our future of “subjectification” mediates our technological attitudes and addictions for the purpose of achieving influence and mastery over human beings across the spectrum of society. They sell “digital transformation”, but it is more a metamorphosis of the psyche towards a state of surrender, and possession, as if some virulent contagion or parasite is at work upon us.

Technocratic interests are meticulously mediating our experience online as a continuous social experiment transforming our society in the same way a war would if it were waged by non-kinetic means. A silent and silencing war to dissipate resistance, for the object of achieving compliance. Through managing this experiment it has proven possible for these interests to non-kinetically drive society’s addiction and to “crave” its own disempowerment. This is because society addictively craves the technology that is disempowering them. It is leaving people “strung out” as if it were “electronic heroin” paving the way for unimpeded societal transformation while swathes of society are feeling digitally induced health impacts and symptoms of digital addiction…

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