Repurposed Shipping Containers Give Hope and Shelter to America’s Homeless Veterans

veteran homelessness is a rising problemBy Activist Post

Homelessness is on the rise throughout the United States as inflation and a range of economic crises takes their toll on people’s financial security.

Sadly, veterans are among those struggling the most as homelessness among vets has risen for the first time in 12 years.

We are thrilled to report that a new coalition is tackling the problem of homelessness, particularly among American veterans, with a novel solution for providing cost-effective safe housing.

Container One, as a leading provider of shipping containers for sale in the United States, is supporting multiple projects to deliver housing assistance to those in need. One of their key partnerships now includes Tunnels to Towers, an organization dedicated to helping homeless veterans and fallen first responders with housing assistance.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation provided housing assistance and supportive services to over 3,300 veterans in 2023, and aims to support far more this year and into the future with help from Container One’s repurposed shipping containers.

Shipping container homes provide an affordable option for temporary housing for homeless veterans and other Americans in need.

Repurposed shipping containers like the one shown below offer a much sturdier and safer shelter than tents or other living conditions commonly experienced by America’s homeless population.

repurposed shipping containers provide housing for veterans and homeless.

Fortunately, comfortable homes with a range of amenities can be built from shipping containers. These containers, however, offer far more than just protection from the elements — they offer a beacon of hope for those who have served our country and too often are left forgotten after returning to the country they risked their lives for.

America’s homeless and America’s veterans deserve far better treatment than what they currently experience.

In addition to partnering with Container One, Tunnels to Towers has also converted hotels into Veterans Villages and is manufacturing “comfort homes” to help shelter homeless veterans. Their dedication to solving this horrible crisis is truly admirable.

Tunnels to Towers helps provide low-cost housing for veterans and other homeless people.

Shipping Container Homes For Homeless Americans

So how does this work exactly? What benefits can these repurposed shipping containers provide to those in desperate need of housing solutions?

As Container One highlights, “shipping container homes can swiftly turn empty lots into vibrant communities, where veterans can find the support and camaraderie they deserve.”

Other benefits include:

  • Fast Construction: Fabricating a basic home from a shipping container is faster and requires less construction experience than traditional homes.
  • Low Costs: Building shipping container homes is less expensive than single-wide manufactured homes.
  • Easy Delivery: Shipping container homes can be delivered by standard trucks without oversized load permits.
  • Durable and Sustainable: Building with repurposed materials like recycled corrosion-resistant steel containers is cheap, durable and sustainable.
  • Stackable: Because shipping containers can be stacked up to 10 high when full, they offer much more housing potential on small lots.

Container One is also making it simple for their customers to donate to Tunnels to Towers Homeless Veteran Program by simply rounding up on their purchase during checkout. Prospective customers can simply enter their zip code for instant pricing right on the Container One home page.

America’s homeless and the veterans who have put their lives on the line have now fallen on harder times than ever. This is an issue that all Americans, regardless of political view, should be able to support. We are overjoyed that new solutions are available. We put our full support behind both Container One and the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Keep up the great work!

Container One shipping containers can be stacked for affordable safe housing

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