FBI Warns China Is Poised To Hit US Infrastructure!

By Neenah Payne

FBI says Chinese hackers preparing to attack US infrastructure 4/18/24

Chinese government-linked hackers have burrowed into U.S. critical infrastructure and are waiting “for just the right moment to deal a devastating blow,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said on Thursday. An ongoing Chinese hacking campaign known as Volt Typhoon has successfully gained access to numerous American companies in telecommunications, energy, water, and other critical sectors, with 23 pipeline operators targeted, Wray said in a speech at Vanderbilt University….Wray said China’s hackers operated a series of constellations of compromised personal computers and servers around the globe to conceal their malicious cyber activities.

Hacking America | Chinese hackers target devices 2/9/24

Critical infrastructure across America is at risk. The FBI Director is warning of a growing threat of Chinese cyberattacks against our electrical grids, pipelines, water treatment plants, transportation systems, and more.

FBI Director Testifies On China’s Cyber Threat

FBI director Christopher Wray testifies on China’s growing cyber threat against U.S. — 1/31/24

Christopher Wray, FBI director, testifies on the growing threat of Chinese cyberattacks against the U.S. before the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party. Other top intelligence and cyber officials testifying at the hearing include: General Paul Nakasone, Commander of the United States Cyber Command; Jen Easterly, director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency; and Harry Coker, Jr., director at the Office of the National Cyber Director.

Book — China Wants War

The Communist Party of China is fast-tracking the largest military buildup since the Second World War; it is sanctions-proofing itself; it is stockpiling grain; it is surveying America for nuclear weapons strikes; and, most ominously, it is mobilizing China’s civilians for battle.

In the past decade, ruler Xi Jinping has militarized the Chinese political system. As a result, the People’s Liberation Army has become so powerful that, like the bloodthirsty Japanese military of the 1930s, it believes it can do whatever it wants.  Xi Jinping has no answer for mounting internal crises. He knows the Chinese people are increasingly angry. His only way out is to unify the nation with the prospect of conflict. Inside the Party, there is an almost irresistible imperative for war.

Meanwhile, Washington and other Western capitals lack urgency. Naysayers tell us that war is neither inevitable nor imminent, but how many times in history has a militant regime embarked on a breakneck military buildup and not launched a war of aggression?

Retired Air Force Brigadier General’s Warning

Retired Air Force brigadier general Robert Spalding served in the Air Force more than 25 years and is a senior fellow at Hudson Institute. Spalding explains that China has injected itself into almost every area of our lives – media, technology, energy, food, transportation, and even culture.

Book — Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept

China expert Robert Spalding reveals the shocking success China has had infiltrating American institutions and compromising our national security.

The media often suggest that Russia poses the greatest threat to America’s national security, but the real danger lies farther east. While those in power have been distracted and disorderly, China has waged a six-front war on America’s economy, military, diplomacy, technology, education, and infrastructure–and they’re winning. It’s almost too late to undo the shocking, though nearly invisible, victories of the Chinese.

In Stealth War, retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Spalding reveals China’s motives and secret attacks on the West. Chronicling how our leaders have failed to protect us over recent decades, he provides shocking evidence of some of China’s most brilliant ploys, including:

  • Placing Confucius Institutes in universities across the United States that serve to monitor and control Chinese students on campus and spread communist narratives to unsuspecting American students.
  • Offering enormous sums to American experts who create investment funds that funnel technology to China.
  • Signing a thirty-year agreement with the US that allows China to share peaceful nuclear technology, ensuring that they have access to American nuclear know-how.

Spalding’s concern isn’t merely that America could lose its position on the world stage. More urgently, the Chinese Communist Party has a fundamental loathing of the legal protections America grants its people and seeks to create a world without those rights.

Despite all the damage done so far, Spalding shows how it’s still possible for the U.S. and the rest of the free world to combat–and win–China’s stealth war.

Book — War Without Rules: China’s Playbook for Global Domination

In its fight for global dominance, Communist China has thrown out the old rules of war. China expert General Robert Spalding walks us through their new playbook. Many Americans are finally waking up to the alarming reality of China’s stealth war on the United States and puzzling over how to push back against its insidious infiltration. What few realize is that we have one real advantage in this war: the Chinese Communist Party strategy for total war has been written out in Unrestricted Warfare, the Chinese book, well known there, that has become their new Art of War.

In War Without Rules, retired Air Force Brigadier General Rob Spalding takes Americans inside Unrestricted WarfareHe walks readers through the principles of this book, revealing the Chinese belief that there is no sector of life outside the realm of war. He shows how the CCP itself has promised to use corporate espionage, global pandemics, and trade violations to achieve dominance. Most importantly, he provides insight into how, once Americans are aware of the tactics, we can fight back against CCP’s creeping influence.

More than a vital read for those interested in China, War Without Rules is essential reading for anyone—from policymakers and diplomats to businessmen and investors—finally waking up to the stealth war. Knowledge is power, and it’s time to arm yourself.

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Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

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