Immigration is NOT a Fundamental Right

Op-Ed by Krishna Chandrasekaran

This post will explain why neither immigration nor entry into a country is a fundamental right, which is defined here for reference.

A person claiming a fundamental right to enter any country or nation, especially if everybody claims this right, would force the country being entered to accept and to admit the person claiming the right. However, if the country doesn’t desire or voluntarily accept the entry, then the claimed right to entry would force the country being entered to accept the entry against its will, violating the key criterion of a fundamental right. Therefore, entry into a country or nation cannot validly be claimed as a fundamental right.

In cases where a person trying to enter the country has either legal citizenship, that person does have a right to entry, as denying such entry would violate his/her fundamental property and citizenship rights.

As such, when any nation denies entry to non-citizens, the nation is not violating anybody’s fundamental rights. Therefore, denying entry to such non-citizens is an absolutely legitimate use of government power, as the exercise of such power violates the fundamental rights of nobody.

Why Does This Matter?

In the context of the time of this writing, currently illegal immigration is rampant, to say the very least, in the United States of America (U.S.), especially along the southern border with Mexico. The numbers of illegal immigrants are staggering, and therefore more than qualify as an invasion, about which the U.S. federal government chooses to enable, condone, and even encourage, going as far as undermining the efforts by border states like Texas to thwart the border invasion.

There is a huge divide in the U.S. regarding whether illegal immigration should be thwarted. Overall, the Democratic Party favors unrestricted illegal immigration, as it degrades U.S. cultural values and heritage, along with amplifying the voter base of the party, as the vast majority of illegal immigrants vote Democrat. This is the real reason the Democratic Party favors more illegal immigration: to amplify their voter base, not out of any altruism, contrary to the party’s deceptive public claims.

The Republican Party (GOP), on the other hand, is more complex. On the one hand, the GOP, especially the part that supports Donald Trump, the 45th U.S. President, is very sincerely opposed to illegal immigration and articulates their opposition very clearly. However, some elements of the GOP don’t actively oppose illegal immigration; though they may say they do, they take no actions to back up the tough talk. The other parties, such as the Libertarian and Green Parties, are much smaller and also don’t generally oppose illegal immigration and/or think it’s a major crisis.

However, what no party raises is the argument that non-citizens trying to enter the U.S., either legally or illegally like the millions every year who cross the southern U.S. border, have no fundamental right to enter the country.

Even Trump, who, as presidential candidate, President, and now after, has loudly and rightfully emphasized this gargantuan illegal immigration problem and threat to U.S. civilization, fails to articulate the argument that entry by non-citizens into the country is not a fundamental right. This is a big shame, to say the least, and also highlights Trump’s lack of prowess in articulating the arguments for his excellent positions, such as the desire to eliminate illegal immigration and to install a physical border wall with Mexico to solve the problem.

If Trump did use his bully pulpit status to articulate the argument for thwarting illegal immigration with respect to fundamental rights, it would not only immensely strengthen his position, but also encourage people to think and care more about fundamental rights, which the United States, and frankly all other nations, need to do way more. Sadly, Trump is not likely to ever make this specific argument, and neither is any other similarly influential individual or group, which gets to the forecast and conclusion of this post.

The forecast of this post is that the vast majority of the U.S. population will never understand or articulate to a broad enough audience that entry into the country, especially immigration, is NOT a fundamental right.

This will be accompanied by the complementary forecasts that illegal immigration will continue at its staggering rate, regardless of whether any President makes a sincere effort to thwart the crisis as Trump has, and that there will never be a physical border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Especially with the huge inclination towards more big government, and thereby less liberty, by the vast majority of illegal immigrants entering through the southern U.S. border, illegal immigration is indeed one of many major drivers of civilization towards its ultimate demise.

Source: Liberty Forecast Blog

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