Why I Refused the Covid-19 ‘Vaccine’

By Dr. Mathew Maavak

There were just too many red flags leading up to the initial ‘outbreak’ and the first six months thereafter.

Fears over a new plague from Wuhan, China, began circulating worldwide from November 2019 onwards. By December, it was apparent that the ramifications of this outbreak may outstrip its predecessors (e.g. Avian, Swine flu, etc). As I watched nations rapidly falling in lockstep with an uncannily unified pandemic narrative, a particular scripture popped into my mind.

“Who is like the beast (antichrist), and who can fight against it?” (Rev 13:4)

I was a pro-vaxxer until 2020 but the coronapsychosis ultimately forced a fundamental rethink. In subsequent years, I have quizzed the unvaccinated on the reasons behind their vaccine hesitancy and the answers were invariably the same. “Something was not right about the whole saga” or “it just didn’t feel right”. Therefore, the eight red flags I present below are merely a concise articulation of what I “didn’t feel right” during the first six months (Dec 1 2019 to May 1 2020) of the pandemic.

Red Flag 1: Unified Mass Censorship

During the first few weeks of the outbreak, the mainstream Western media was suspiciously parroting the official narrative of Chinese authorities. Select experts interviewed by the media were worried that the new pandemic may mimic the deadly Black Death of yore. At the same time, contrarian opinions were either heavily censored or excoriated.

In an existential crisis, all ideas, opinions and scenarios should be laid on the table. Even the genocidal Joseph Stalin acknowledged the wisdom of this approach when German invaders were at the gates of Moscow in 1941. But instead of allowing the exchange of vital data, knowledge and information, the new Corona Czars took a Marxist approach to the information flow.

As a result, many turned to the alternative media for answers. BitChute and later Rumble, which were hitherto unknown to millions like myself, became one of the go-to sources of information.

The censorship was unprecedented. A damning scientific paper by Indian researchers on Jan 31, which was uploaded on the preprint repository bioRxiv, was roundly condemned by the “international community”. The paper had concluded that the novel coronavirus was in fact a “modified bioweapon”.

It was mass censorship that first sowed the seeds of mass scepticism worldwide.

Red Flag 2: Proliferation of Fraudulent Science and Experts

Believe it or not, by 2019, I already possessed an array of pandemic-specific paraphernalia, ranging from various types of masks to duct tapes to portable ultraviolet disinfectants.

My doctoral study (2015-2018) dealt with the formulation of a risk foresight model that would enable users, particularly policymakers, to identify an array of emerging global threats through the anticipated 2020-2030 VUCA decade. VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. A global pandemic was placed in the “high likelihood-high impact” quadrant in my thesis.

According to my thesis scenario, a pandemic should emerge after an imminent Great Depression and the ensuing cascade of societal disintegration which would severely degrade national sanitation and healthcare systems.

My model was formulated after carefully sifting the wheat from the chaff. The chaff was predominating the academic corpus like cancer on steroids. Doctors stood by as their unhinged compatriots argued that men could give birth and lactate. Children were being groomed and empowered to change their genders.  Maths was racist; science was equally racist; and standardised test scores were also racist — even as minority Asian students who aced them were subjected to systematic discrimination at US universities.

These were the kind of experts who upheld The ScienceTM of the pandemic narrative.

Red Flag 3: Flights out of Wuhan

If you do a Google search on “flights out of Wuhan” from 1 Dec 2019 — 1 May 2020 right now, you may encounter a lone suggestive link from India’s Economic Times.

Screenshot captured on Feb 10 2024 at 08:42 Malaysian Time

In case the above link appears in your search, clicking it will lead to a general page, not the original article. Google no longer provides a cached option to retrieve old incriminating articles. Everything on this topic has been scrubbed from the Internet!

Why is this line of inquiry relevant? During the initial crucial weeks of the outbreak, China had imposed restrictions on domestic travel but not international flights out of Wuhan. (Many sceptics questioned this logic on the Stew Peters show during this critical period).

Lack of foresight or incompetency were not the reasons behind this shocking lapse. Globalist powers were actually expecting an imminent pandemic. As I wrote in a 2020 Op-Ed:

In October 2019, a pandemic simulation exercise called Event 201 – a collaborative effort between Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – concluded that a hypothetical new coronavirus may end up killing at least 65 million people worldwide within 18 months of an outbreak.

When COVID-19 coincidentally emerged from Wuhan two months later, scientists were rushing to generate similar alarmist forecasts using a variety of questionable scientific models. Researchers from the Imperial College London, for instance, approximated death tolls of 500,000 (UK) and two million (USA) by October this year.

These apocalyptic projections had set the stage for global panic by January 2020. If the coronavirus was as terrifying as experts made it out to be, then nation after nation would have rapidly imposed travel bans against China, especially after Beijing had suspiciously rebuffed international experts from inspecting ground zero in Wuhan.

Were “superspreader flights” out of Wuhan part of the globalist plan?

A general search on “flights out of Wuhan” between Dec 1 2019 and May 1 2020 is now limited to articles on expatriate evacuations out of Wuhan. The totality of this coverup is unnerving, especially after innumerable online discussions had taken place from December 2019 to February 2020.

Red Flag 4: Woke Charges of Racism

From the outset, there were loud calls within the United States to impose at least a temporary China travel ban. Libtard heads exploded in unison, deeming them racist. The mainstream media took particular issue over references to the “Wuhan virus” but seemed oblivious to trends set since (and before) the “Spanish flu”. It did not matter that the Asian media was using the same term without any fuss. Here is the snapshot from a Jan 30 2020 report (updated March 3) from the Straits Times — the main daily in the ethnic Chinese-majority nation of Singapore.

As for racism, here is a telling report dated April 19 2020 from the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post:

“China has come under fire, as reports showed African communities in Guangzhou being treated inhumanely, such as being evicted from their flats and denied service at McDonald’s. They were also subject to mandatory quarantine and screening, despite having no close contact with infected persons.”

Black Lives Matters (BLM) did not take issue with racism against its kin abroad. The virus came out of China; not Africa. But then again, the BLM and their ilk are mere buffalo soldiers in the globalist plantation, as I argued in a recent commentary. Their sense of outrage can be switched on and off, according to the whims and funds of their non-black patrons.  We witnessed this during the internationally-coordinated George Floyd protests in May 2020 — a veritable superspreader event if there ever was one. The global gay pride parades held a month later — another potential superspreader event — did not result in a single case of viral transmission. Must be a miracle!

The same pundits who howled racism over proposed China travel bans would later agitate for punitive measures, quarantines and forced vaccinations against their fellow citizens.

To read the rest of the article, do click on this link.

Dr Mathew Maavak specialises in systems science, global risks, strategic foresight, geopolitics and governance. He has published numerous Op-Eds on a variety of eclectic subjects for over 20 years – by ‘connecting the dots’ in a disjointed world.

Top image source: despierta-tu-que-duermes.blogspot.com

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