Tucker Carlson Discusses His Putin Interview

By Neenah Payne

Carlson’s Putin Interview: 7 Key Revelations explains that Tucker Carlson’s interview of Vladimir Putin  which aired on February 8 got 200 million views within the first week.  MSNBC’s most popular news host, Rachel Maddow, typically gets between 2 and 2.5 million views per show. Her interview with Liz Cheney got over 3 million, and that was a big bump. Carlson was the big conservative cable news show host. Maddow remains the biggest liberal one.  Carlson’s interviews sometimes score a hundred times as many views as Maddow’s.

In the video below, Carlson explains that he had been trying to interview Putin for three years, but the US government had prevented him from doing it by spying on his text messages and leaking them to the New York Times which spooked the Russian government into canceling the interview.

LIVE: Tucker Carlson, Takes Part in World Government Summit at What’s Next for Storytelling 2/12/24

Carlson Contrasts Moscow With US Cities

Carlson says,

So, I’ve been trying to do this, but my country’s intel services were working against me illegally and that enraged me because I’m an American citizen. I’m 54. I pay my taxes. I obey the law and there was no expectation in the America I grew up in that my government and its intel services (NSA and CIA which I thought were outwardly focused on our “foreign enemies”) would be turned inward against American citizens – and I’m shocked by that and I’m infuriated by that.

So, once I discovered that was happening and I confirmed that was happening and they did it, then I was totally determined – mono-maniacally dedicated – to doing this interview – not simply because I want to know what Vladimir Putin is like and what he thinks about a war that is resetting the world and really gravely damaging my country’s economy, but also because they told me I couldn’t. on the basis of  illegitimate means and for no really clearly-stated justification. I thought, “That can’t stand!”. I want to live in a free country. I was born in one and I’m going to do whatever small thing I can do to maintain the society that I love.

Carlson explains that his visit to Moscow – the biggest city in Europe with 13 million people – was radicalizing because it is so much nicer than any city in America. In Carlson’s third short video showing the Russian equivalent of Starbucks, he included these photos of Moscow. He explained that Moscow is a financial center and a fashion center.

Carlson’s Putin Interview: 7 Key Revelations links to Carlson’s video of a beautiful and very clean Russian subway station, a video of his visit to a Russian grocery store where abundant food costs 25% of what it costs in the US, and to the Russian equivalent of Starbucks.

Carlson says that when his father worked in Russia, the country barely had electricity. Now, it is so much cleaner, and safer, prettier aesthetically – its architecture, its food, its service – than any city in the United States that you have to ask, “How did that happen?

Carlson points out that the average person doesn’t care as much about abstractions as the concrete reality of his life. If you can’t use your subway – as many people in New York City are afraid to do because it’s too dangerous – you have to wonder

Isn’t that the ultimate measure of leadership? It’s radicalizing for Americans to go to Moscow – I didn’t know that. I learned it this week – to Singapore, Tokyo, to Dubai and Abu Dhabi because these cities – no matter how we’re told they’re run – are wonderful places to live that don’t have rampant inflation, where you’re not going to get raped. So, what is that?

I’m 54. I grew up in a country that had cities like Moscow and Abu Dabi and Dubai and Singapore and Tokyo. We no longer have them. What I have discovered is that is a voluntary choice – as is inflation which is a product of choices made mostly by the central bank. Crime is the same. You don’t have to have crime actually. Filth and graffiti. Paris, New York – two of my favorite cities – are filthy. Part of the reason they’re filthy is that people spray-paint obscenities on buildings and no one cleans it up. So, that encourages more people to do the same.

Our policy makers, for some reason, don’t notice this. London – another of my favorite cities – you see English girls begging for drugs on the sidewalk.

Putin said in the interview that Russia wanted to join NATO, but the Clinton administration refused. He points out that if NATO was built as a bulwark against Russia and Russia wanted to join NATO, that would suggest that the problem had been solved and the world could move on.

European countries by the year they joined NATO.

Carlson Discusses Russia/Ukraine War With Kennedy

As the Biden administration demands that Americans spend ever more billions of dollars in this war which could escalate into a global conflict, it’s important to understand the whole story. In the video below, Kennedy explains the background of the Russia/Ukraine war that the corporate media would never tell Americans. It provides a deep understanding of what’s really going and why rather than the “Good guy/bad guy” scenario presented by the US government.

The Tucker Carlson Encounter: RFK Jr 8/14/23

RFK Jr explains Ukraine, bio-labs, and who killed his uncle.

Kennedy explains that Gorbachev told the US and UK that Russia would agree to the re-unification of East and West Germany on the condition that NATO not move even one inch further east into the former Soviet satellite countries. However, since then, NATO has moved 1,000 miles east to include 14 more countries and wants to include Ukraine now.

In March 2022, both Russia and Ukraine initialed the Minsk Accords. However, President Biden sent Boris Johnson (then Prime Minister of the UK) to torpedo the agreement. Now, 350,000 Ukrainian kids are now dead. Biden says the goal of the US is regime change in Russia! So, Ukraine is a proxy in a struggle between two super powers. He warns that the US is pushing Russia closer to China – and that’s not good for our national security.  Kennedy points out that Russia is the world’s leading nuclear power now – and has much better nuclear weapons than the US. They can shoot down our nukes. We can’t shoot down theirs. Kennedy warns that the US is provoking a confrontation that could very easily lead to nuclear war.

Kennedy explains that while the Biden administration has cut food stamps by 90% to 30 million Americans and Medicare to 15 million Americans, it has sent $113 billion to Ukraine! If that money had stayed here, food stamps could not have to be cut for anyone. Black Rock, State Street, and Vanguard own all the military contractors profiting from the war.

Kennedy explains that the US thought the sanctions would break Putin – but they made him more popular. He is now polling at 90 among Russians!

Russia and China are leading the BRICS nations which other nations are seeking to join and which threatens the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Kennedy warns that if the US dollar loses the status as the world’s reserve currency, the Great Depression will look like a cake walk.

Kennedy’s Insights on Russia-Ukraine War

Carlson’s Putin Interview: 7 Key Revelations shows that Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin of Russia which aired February 8 revealed many facts that the Biden administration and corporate media have hidden from the American people.  It shows that Russia and Ukraine had agreed to the Minsk Accords in March 2022, but Biden sent Boris Johnson, then Prime Minister of Great Britain, to torpedo the agreement. Biden has spent billions on this war and wants to spend billions more. Since Russia has more nukes than NATO, this is a dangerous policy — one that has cost the lives of 450,000 Ukrainian soldiers. Americans need to know the whole story now so this war can end.

In the video below, Robert Kennedy Jr. provides an important overview of the history of this conflict.

RFK Jr.’s History Lesson On How The U.S. Provoked The Ukraine War 1/3/24

RFK Jr. illuminates the roots of the Ukraine conflict and America’s long-term involvement at RiskOn360’s Global Success Conference. Mr. Kennedy clarifies why he believes the U.S. must strive to end the bloodshed, rather than perpetuating the war.

Kennedy Educates America

Robert Kennedy Jr. Is a Flawed Heretic

But on security and Ukraine, he’s making more sense than the crackpot establishment

“The framers of our Constitution understood that democracy is incompatible with imperium abroad.… John Quincy Adams spoke for all of them when he said that ‘America goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy.’” With these words, standing on a stage festooned with five American flags at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire, Democratic presidential aspirant, Robert Kennedy Jr. called for this country to end its forever wars, and choose a “radically different path” towards peace, restraint abroad and rebuilding at home.

Scion of political royalty with a troubled past, a former environmental attorney, anti-vaccine crank, Kennedy has been dismissed by the liberal establishment and the mainstream media—largely because of his role attacking not just Covid vaccines but a broad array of childhood inoculations, and his willingness to traffic other assorted fantasies of the conspiratorial right. But on this night, Kennedy offered a common sense too rare in our political discourse

His voice a signature rasp, Kennedy spoke more like a teacher than a politician, offering logic rather than rhetorical flourish. He grounded his presentation in “my uncle’s”—President John F. Kennedy’s—historic American University address of 60 years ago, in which JFK called on Americans to put themselves in Russia’s shoes and understand that it, too, had legitimate security concerns and it, too, wanted to avoid catastrophic war. President Kennedy announced that he would seek a nuclear test ban treaty and that the US would not be the first to test again.

Robert Kennedy Jr. segued to the war in Ukraine, arguing that while he “abhorred’” the “brutal and bloody” Russian invasion of Ukraine, we should understand that “our government has also contributed to its circumstances,” criticizing both Democratic and Republican administrations for extending NATO to Russia’s borders, something he noted that we would never tolerate if it occurred on our borders.

Worse, he warned, the US has now raised the stakes in Ukraine, with Biden and others suggesting that the US goal was not simply self-defense but “regime change in Russia, disabling and exhausting the Russian military, dismembering the Russian federation.” Ukraine, Kennedy said, has been turned into a “pawn in a proxy war between the US and Russia.” And as that war escalates, the dangers of a direct conflict and of nuclear war increase.

He once more invoked JFK, arguing that his uncle understood that nuclear powers should never be forced to choose between humiliating retreat or nuclear war.

Did Carlson  Establish Groundwork For Peace Now?

John 8:31-32 of the Bible says: “The truth will set you free”. Tucker was committed to telling the truth of what’s going on with the Russia-Ukraine war – truths the US government and corporate media have hidden from the American people to continue spending billions of taxpayers’ dollars for a war that threatens humanity with a nuclear conflagration.

Through his courageous interview with Putin and follow-up interviews, Carlson may have almost single-handedly laid the groundwork for peace that was almost achieved in early 2022 but was sabotaged by Biden and Boris Johnson.

In the video below, Kennedy warns: “Our democracy is devolving into a kind of corporate plutocracy”. Kennedy explains that this war has pushed Russia closer to China which is not good for our national security.

Robert F Kennedy, Jr:  What we’re being told about Ukraine war ‘is just not true’ (video) 4/19/23

Border/Ukraine Bill

In the video below, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) explained on January 24 that the Senate was ready to sell out the US border for a bill that will send yet more money to Ukraine.

Rand Paul SLAMS Fauci on Tucker Carlson, Says Doctor Should BE IN JAIL for Lying to Congress 1/24/24

Uncensored: $60 Billion for Ukraine (video) 2/12/24

The Ukrainian government canceled elections and killed an American journalist. Congress is about send them another $60 billion. J.D. Vance is trying to stop it.

Ron Johnson Issues Epic Takedown Of Foreign Aid Bill, Castigates Democrats For Border Crisis 2/13/24

Top image: Tucker Carlson/YouTube

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

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