The ‘Magnificent Seven’, Apple Pro Vision, SAM vs. Children: Be Very Aware

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International Image courtesy Floris Freshman

On Monday, February 12, Business Insider noted, “The S&P 500 7, The stock market is looking a lot less like a “market” these days. The Magnificent 7 stocks — Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla — account for roughly 29% of the S&P 500 these days, according to data from Goldman Sachs.  Such a top-heavy market creates unique occurrences. The S&P 500 closed at a record high earlier this month despite more than twice as many stocks being down compared to those that were up.  The high market concentration has some concerned we could be on the cusp of disaster. But for others, like BMO’s chief investment strategist Brian Belski, the risk is overstated,” – SOURCE

Many tech cultists are banking on AI to carry the day. Others not so much.

For example, Paris Marx, writing at Disconnect, noted, “ AI is fueling a data center boom. It must be stopped. Silicon Valley believes more computation is essential for progress. But they ignore the resource burden and don’t care if the benefits materialize,” addressing mounting demands for energy, resources, and water.

When a large portion of the market’s growth is enabled by the practice of ignoring health and the environment, how much further out of balance can the scales lean?

TrialSite News

As an excellent foundation to the debate about tech’s increasing reach vs. health safety, on February 11, Trialsite News reported, Experts: Current Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure Limits Based on Inadequate Science—Does 5G Introduce Heightened Health Concerns?

“A group of scientific experts touch on a controversial and frankly, disturbing topic involving what are the generally accepted levels of what’s considered unsafe levels of radiofrequency exposure. Members of the International Commission on the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (ICBE-EMF), the authors published in 2022, “Scientific evidence invalidates health assumptions underlying the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) exposure limit determinations for radiofrequency radiations: implications for 5G.” Fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology, is the latest generation of cellular network technology designed to provide faster and more reliable wireless communication. It succeeds 4G LTE technology and offers significantly faster data speeds, lower latency, increased capacity, and support for a massive number of connected devices compared to previous generations. But with overwhelming dependence on our smartphones and various devices powered by standards such as Bluetooth—and all of this exposure to EMFs, how safe are we assuming what appears to be the shoddy evidence backing the safe exposure limits today? The present authors argue herein that those limits were established long ago, based on limited scientific rigor involving both the FCC and ICNIRP. If a group of experts in the field are correct, humanity faces the specter of myriad and potentially severe risks including the prospects of cancer and even sperm damage. Should the ICBE-EMF be correct, why would governments be concerned with Global Warming but not as well the prospect of a heightened risk for human health catastrophe powered by industry in the case of EMFs? Obviously, more research is needed but this group of scientists, highly credentialed, should be taken seriously.

What’s the conclusion?

Because the current RFR exposure limits are based completely on “false suppositions,” they cannot “adequately protect workers, children, hypersensitive individuals, and the general population from short-term or long-term RFR exposures.”” Trialsite News

Apple Insiders Cult: “As Long as It’s Not Ionizing It’s Safe”

On the other side of the equation, Apple insider’s Feb. 12th article “Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in Apple Vision Pro aren’t cooking your brain” provides an illuminating case study for journalism students charged with the task of fact-checking and analyzing reporting integrity. Here’s hoping that maybe a few lawyers have a look too.

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“The folks you’d expect to complain about radio frequency are at it again, but don’t listen to them — Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the Apple Vision Pro aren’t going to cook your brain.

We’ve said this before, over and over, time and again. Radio frequency (RF) radiation is not the same as ionizing radiation generated by decay of radioactive isotopes, and from the sun itself. In short, RF lacks the energy that ionizing radiation has to break chemical bonds, ionize atoms, and damage DNA.

We’re going to spell it out simply: Apple Vision Pro is not radioactive, nor is anything in it radiologically decaying in any meaningful way.” [ ]

AppleInsider, why are you qualified to say this?

We can talk about this because I’ve had a great deal of practical training and experience in limiting radiation exposure. In the US Submarine fleet, one of my jobs was ionizing radiation exposure measurement, control, and assessment.

As part of that training, both in the start and end of my career, I had training on not just that, but monitoring of and exposure control from radio frequency broadcasts from high-power transmitters.

Beyond that, since nearly everything Apple makes since the original AirPort products were launched have some kind of radio transmitter, as a publication we’ve talked to many, many doctors about it. Beyond the doctors, I’ve been speaking to actual authorities on the subject with a background in radiation physics for over 25 years.

And, what the World Health Organization has to say about it is clear and easy to read. Here’s the takeaway: Considering the very low exposure levels and research results collected to date, there is no convincing scientific evidence that the weak RF signals from base stations and wireless networks cause adverse health effects.

SAR Scam

In addition to invoking a statement by the World Health Organization about base station and wireless networks to imply that the face gear is safe, the article goes on to reference the SAR limit, which is tested on a model based on the measurements of an adult male military recruit’s head.

Image courtesy Floris Freshman 

An increasingly informed public is questioning the implication that the SAR test is a reasonable method for safeguarding all wireless consumers, including children, for many good reasons.

SAR is based on the industry mantra that the only mechanism of harm is heating.

The plastic head filled with the equivalent of Jell-o is inanimate, and will never develop addiction, infertility, dementia, blood sugar alterations, tinnitus, or a brain tumor.

Learn more about SAM and SAR here:

Neurological Harm?

Given that many adverse health conditions associated with RF exposure do not feature a rise in core body temperature, the foundational assumption that heat is the only mechanism of harm appears to be inaccurate. See:

For example, what about researching the impact of increasing juxtaposed exposures the sky-rocketing rates of neurological deaths reported in 2015 by Surgical Neurology?

Conclusion: “Every country’s neurological deaths rose relative to the controls, especially in the USA, which is a cause for concern and suggests possible environmental influences.” “[]apart from Portugal, over the 20 years the USA had statistically significant greater rises in Total Neurological Deaths than 16 other countries, indicating disproportionate changes in neurological morbidity and mortality in American adults (55–74) and the over 75’s.” “The nature of any environmental factors are uncertain but there have been major environmental changes; including increased population, economic activity, substantial rises in road and air travel; increased home technology involving background electromagnetic fields (mobile phones, microwave ovens, computers), which are unique to these later years and these possible environmental factors cannot be ignored, especially as they probably interact. This list of possible features might be described as “modern living” and the USA is the epitome of “modern living.””

Apple Insider’s conclusion:As with anything and everything in life, your own risk criteria apply. If you’re concerned about it, don’t wear it for an entire day — even though you’re probably getting more RF exposure inside your car from the motor, or the electrical wires in your wall than you are from Apple Vision Pro. You are at far more risk for developing a health condition from environmental exposure if you have a basement near a granite deposit, commute daily, get three dental x-rays a year, or fly commercially at all.”

Sam Milham, SkyVision Solutions, Smart Meters

It is fascinating that Apple Insider is stating that radio frequencies are radiating from household wiring, because that is exactly what epidemiologist Sam Milham said when he testified against smart meters, as reported in 2017 by SkyVision Solutions.

Only, Dr. Milham realized that this was making some people sick.

As explained by Dr. Milham [1]: “Dirty electricity” or “dirty power” are terms coined by the electric utilities to describe the electrical pollution consisting of high frequency voltage transients and harmonics riding along on the 50 or 60 Hz wave form and contaminating the electricity delivered to users. …

The APS “smart” meters are electronic devices which replaced the old electromechanical analog meters used to measure electric power consumption for billing purposes.  The smart meters have circuitry to measure power consumption and a microwave transmitter to send this information to the utility.  The health effects of microwave exposures are well known.  All transmitters, including the microwave transmitters in smart meters, operate on direct current (DC).  The APS smart meters contain a switching mode power supply (SMPS) which changes the utility 60 Hz alternating current to DC. …

Because it is at the front end of a building’s wiring, the dirty electricity from the smart meter’s SMPS has a gateway into that building’s wiring, and also into the earth via the house ground.  The house wiring acts as an antenna and the fields capacitively couple to the body through the air within 6 to 8 feet of the house wiring or extension cords plugged into the outlets. …

I believe that our evolutionary balance, developed over the millennia, has been severely disturbed and disrupted by man-made EMFs.  I believe that man-made EMFs, especially dirty electricity, are chronic stressors and are responsible for many of the disease patterns of electrified populations. …

It is my professional opinion that smart meters are a public health hazard.”

The electric utility rate case referenced earlier in Arizona also contains testimony [4] submitted by a professional engineer to stipulate that “the Smart Meter causes a significant amount of noise on the 60 Hz signal.” [4] Some of this electrical noise is due to the SMPS contained in the smart meter, but it is also due to radiofrequency transmissions being conducted along house wiring and re-radiated into the home [5][6]. – Footnotes at original link:

United States “Dominance”?

The American Enterprise Institute recently noted, “Maintaining US leadership in spectrum and telecommunications policy is vital for national security and innovation.”

This line of thinking has a long history, for example. dating back to the Defense Intelligence Agency 1976 study on microwave radiation effects on humans.

Conclusion? “If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavorable effects on industrial output and military function.” –

But signs are emerging that other countries are already questioning the science, and most likely will not be devoting resources to buying immersive headsets. For example, Russia and China.  “Children in China are to be banned from using their phones in school, the Ministry of Education has ruled. [] The authorities say they want to protect young people’s eyesight, improve their concentration and prevent internet addiction.”

Conclusion? From TrialSite News’ recent analysis of the state of the EMR/RF science:

“This literally could be a human train wreck unfolding in real-time.”

Remember asbestos?

Suggestion: Responsibly reduce risks posed by the Magnificent 7 and wireless industries.

See also Paris Marx: Apple’s Vision Pro lacks any real vision The company’s headset exists to placate investors, not serve users’ needs,

Business Insider The Vision Pro’s scary side effect Apple’s new VR goggles may rewire our brains in some unexpected ways. “The longer you keep it on, the more you’re turning yourself into a human guinea pig — one with really, really bad depth perception.”

Paris Marx: Apple’s Vision Pro headset deserves to be ridiculed, Tech companies want us isolated and constantly staring at screens because it drives profit. “The tech industry always wants us to see its products as inevitable. But this is another moment where we need to recognize that isn’t true, and we do have the collective power to stop technologies that don’t serve us.”

Source: Safe Tech International

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