Amish: Test Case For COVID Policies

By Neenah Payne

The experience of the Amish during COVID serves as a good test case for the COVID policies because – like Sweden – they chose to ignore most of them.

The lives of the Amish in the US | DW Documentary 1/5/24

A life just as it was 300 years ago: the Amish in the US. They live according to their own rules, reject technological advances, wear old-fashioned clothing and drive horse-drawn carts. An encounter with the Amish is like traveling back in time. Originating from southern Germany and Switzerland, the Amish community brought its culture and language to the New World. Deeply rooted in their faith, the Amish adhere to strict codes and reject modern technology.

For outsiders, these rules can sometimes appear strange. They traverse their rural communities in horse-drawn carts, but if a distance is too far, they’re allowed to use a shuttle service. They don’t use telephones unless it’s for business purposes and the device is located outside of the home. Children are expected to help with housework even when they’re attending school. But before they’re baptized as young adults and finally become part of the Amish community, they’re allowed to try what’s called the rumspringa: a period of time when they’re encouraged to behave like regular teenagers  — before deciding on which lifestyle they prefer. But those who opt for a conventional, modern existence are exiled. The film sheds light on a fascinating world governed by tradition.

In God We Trust

The back of the US dollar says: “In God we trust”. However, during COVID, most Americans didn’t trust their God-given immune systems to see them through and showed that their motto actually is “In Pharma we trust”. This is not so surprising since much of the TV programming and corporate media is now “Brought to you by Pfizer (video)”. This article examines how Amish communities handled COVID.

The video below explains that the Amish don’t like the government, healthcare system, or educational system. So, they ignored the government’s recommendations for COVID. That led to the rapid spread of COVID throughout the community which quickly resulted in herd immunity. So, by May 2020, the Amish community was back to normal without ever using masks, tests, social distancing, contact tracing, lockdowns, hand sanitizers, or COVID shots. COVID was just a seasonal flu for the Amash – just as CDC stats said it was early in 2020. It came and went with almost no disruption to their way of life.

Amish Covid | Full Measure 10/11/21

When it comes to actions taken to address the Covid-19 threat, hindsight is still very much underway. For your consideration: a story and outcome you probably aren’t hearing much about anywhere else. It takes place in the heart of Amish country.

Amish Put Faith In God and Herd Immunity

Amish put faith in God’s will and herd immunity over vaccine


June 28, 2021

When health care leaders in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country began laying out a strategy to distribute COVID-19 vaccines, they knew it would be a tough sell with the Amish, who tend to be wary of preventive shots and government intervention.

Early on, they posted flyers at farm supply stores and at auctions where the Amish sell handmade furniture and quilts. They sought advice from members of the deeply religious and conservative sect, who told them not to be pushy. And they asked three newspapers widely read by the Amish to publish ads promoting the vaccine. Two refused.

By May, two rural vaccination clinics had opened at a fire station and a social services center, both familiar places to the Amish in Lancaster County. During the first six weeks, 400 people showed up. Only 12 were Amish.

The vaccination drive is lagging far behind in many Amish communities across the U.S. following a wave of virus outbreaks that swept through their churches and homes during the past year. In Ohio’s Holmes County, home to the nation’s largest concentration of Amish, just 14% of the county’s overall population is fully vaccinated.

While their religious beliefs don’t forbid them to get vaccines, the Amish are generally less likely to be vaccinated for preventable diseases such as measles and whooping cough. Though vaccine acceptance varies by church district, the Amish often rely on family tradition and advice from church leaders, and a core part of their Christian faith is accepting God’s will in times of illness or death.

Many think they don’t need the COVID-19 vaccine now because they’ve already gotten sick and believe their communities have reached herd immunity, according to health care providers in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana, home to nearly two-thirds of the estimated 345,000 Amish in the U.S. “That’s the No. 1 reason we hear,” said Alice Yoder, executive director of community health at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, a network of hospitals and clinics.

Experts say the low vaccination rates are a reflection of both the nature of the Amish and the general vaccine hesitancy found in many rural parts of the country. Because many Amish work and shop alongside their neighbors and hire them as drivers, they hear the skepticism, the worries about side effects and the misinformation surrounding the vaccine from the “English,” or non-Amish, world around them even though they shun most modern conveniences.

“They’re not getting that from the media. They’re not watching TV or reading it on the internet. They’re getting it from their English neighbors,” said Donald Kraybill, a leading expert on the Amish. “In many ways, they are simply reflecting rural America and the same attitudes.”

Read full article at Associated Press

The Truth About Herd Immunity

In  the video below, Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire which airs on line Thursdays from 2-4 PM ET, explains why herd immunity is so much more effective than the expensive, rushed, poorly-tested COVID shots.

See The Legal Case Against Anthony Fauci which discusses The Great Barrington Declaration mentioned in the video. The Declaration was released on October 4, 2020 and argued for focused protection for vulnerable elderly and ending the lockdown for everyone else – allowing children to return to school normally. It was signed by many doctors and scientists and now has 939,000 signatures.  However, it was attacked by Dr. Francis Collins then Director of National Institutes of Health (NIH) and  Dr. Anthony Fauci then Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).


The World Health Organization recently changed the definition of ‘herd immunity’ on their website by stating ‘a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached,’ and also went so far as to say that herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them to it. What prompted them to make this change? Take a look.

THE WAR ON HERD IMMUNITY (video) 10/23/20

Few COVID Shots: Few COVID Cases

Vaccinations, Reported COVID Cases Remain Low In Ohio’s Amish Country 10/18/21

Horse and buggy in Holmes County, Ohio.  Matthew Rand

Holmes County in northeastern Ohio has the worst vaccination rate in the state — just 17% — and yet, the county has the state’s lowest rate of COVID spread. For Holmes County’s roughly 23,000 Amish citizens — nearly half the county — COVID-19 is a fact of life. “People are still getting [COVID-19]. There are still a few people. We had a death, two deaths this last week,” said Marcus Yoder, executive director of the Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center in Holmes County.

Despite the loss of life, Yoder said people here are moving on. “Yes, COVID is here, we’re going to take precautions, we’re going to be careful,” he said, “but we need to keep living with our worldview, which is our historic faith, our families and our community. And if we move away from that, we’ve let something conquer us.” But conquering COVID-19 might seem out of reach for Holmes County Health Commissioner Mike Derr. He said they’ve had to temper their vaccination goals. “I mean, at first it was to get to 15%. Now, you know, we’re closer to 17 and a quarter percent. So you know, we’re, we’re inching away at it,” Derr said.

Curiously, according to state data, Holmes County has the lowest per capita rate of COVID in the state – 314 cases per 100,000 residents. That’s well below the statewide average. Derr does not trust the numbers. He suspects a lot of cases are undiagnosed. “You know, you go to the hospital, you do a PCR test, and then, oh, I just assume everybody else that’s in my household, if they have any symptoms that they’re sick to, and we’ll just do the right thing, stay home and kind of follow that,” Derr said. While Holmes County’s case rate is lower than the state average, its hospitalization rate is slightly above the state average, and its death rate is well above the state’s average.

A horse and buggy rides through Mount Hope, OH. Matthew Rand

Paul Troyer, 75, said his son-in-law was hospitalized with COVID back in February, but that episode didn’t convince Troyer to get the shot. “Well, I don’t think it helps all that much. But I hear some people get it, and they still get the COVID,” Troyer said. Lori Troyer, 26, said she feels the vaccines are just too new to be trusted. “We trust God and then just try to keep on using our vitamins, things like that,” Lori Troyer said. The vaccines have proven safe and effective at keeping people from developing severe cases of COVID.

Despite the vaccine hesitancy, The Amish Heritage center’s Yoder said it would be a mistake to assume Amish people are averse to modern medicine. “Maybe it’s just more of an idea that ‘Look, we’ve all had it. The reality is, it’s here. We’ve all had it. And so what’s the point?’” Yoder said. But for those who can get the shot, Derr said it’s not too late. “You know, there’s certain things that we can agree to disagree about. But we also know that COVID vaccines have saved countless lives. They’re very safe, they’re effective.”

Corporate Media’s Profit-Driven Collusion Against Herd Immunity

The informative article below is quite long. Just a short piece is copied below.


The Biden administration’s refusal to acknowledge the power of natural immunity against COVID-19 is an eye-opening example of the widespread collusion and corruption permeating what feels like all aspects of American lives.

Despite numerous reputable experts and bombshell studies—including a significant one last week in The Lancet—revealing natural immunity’s important role against COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, the war against the human body’s natural defense mechanism has been, at the very least, troubling to witness.

The fight to repeatedly discredit natural immunity as a damaging theory emphasizes the immensely persuasive leverage the pharmaceutical industry has over our government and mainstream media. It also confirms that a more extensive and scandalous agenda is at play—completely ignoring what is best for the health of the American people and humanity as a whole.

Instead, as pointed out by former BlackRock advisor Edward Dowd, big pharma is using on the human population the same Bill Gates business model used in the eighties in software—selling solutions to the problems they create. In this case, “Destroy the natural immunity, then sell follow-on products once that’s destroyed for symptoms and disease control.”

Bill Gates funded the recent article in The Lancet. What is his motive? Dependent upon life-long customers, the healthcare industry is the fastest-growing industry in the nation and, for that matter, the world. The effort to suppress information on natural immunity during the politicized and hugely profitable pandemic is deliberate and far-reaching.

Helping cast doubt on natural immunity—while categorizing those leery of experimental vaccines as part of the maligned “anti-vaxxers” group—on May 12, 2020, the center-left nonprofit Mother Jones published an article titled “Anti-Vaxxers Have a Dangerous Theory Called ‘Natural Immunity.’ Now It’s Going Mainstream.”

With significant funding from Bill Gates’ partner, Planned Parenthood supporter, and Trump critic, the MacArthur Foundation, the article reinforced attacks on President Trump’s goal at the time of keeping the country open by calling out “fringe groups” and promoting that “infectious disease experts all agree that the “herd immunity” approach would be catastrophic.”

Global Organizations/Corporate Media Bemoan Lack of Trust

The Highwire episode below shows that both the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum are struggling with a growing lack of trust. The globalists and corporate media are learning that to be credible (and trusted), they must provide the data on which their statements are based. As Del Bigtree explains, that’s what he calls “The Highwire Protocol”.


The WHO, WEF, and legacy media are lamenting the lack of trust they are now experiencing by the public. We provide evidence for where exactly the fault for their lack of trust and popularity lie.


The HighWire’s COVID-19 reporting hasn’t wavered since the beginning of this pandemic. We celebrate other media outlets, including international network Sky News, for their honest and dangerous reporting and stand with every journalist that stands for truth and integrity.


From the W.H.O., to government officials across the world, there is an orchestrated push to erase the true origin of herd immunity, a phenomenon that has naturally occurred through every other pandemic the world has seen. Fortunately “The Great Barrington Three” along with over 40,000 scientists and medical professionals refuse to let a small few rewrite history.

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

Top image: Full Measure

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