Federal Cancer Research Agency Does NOT Offer Safety Assurances for 5G; Has Not Evaluated Health Effects of Cell Phones and Towers, Other Wireless Sources

By B.N. Frank

Decades of research have already determined that exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from 5G, cell phones, cell towers and other wireless radiation emitting sources – including controversial utility “smart” meters – is biologically harmful.  In fact, some research has determined that it can even cause cancer!  Unfortunately this continues to not be addressed by government agencies in the U.S.

From Environmental Health Trust:

The U.S. National Cancer Institute: No Safety Data on Health Effects of Cell towers, Cell Phones or Wireless Radiation

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Does Not Offer Safety Assurances for 5G And Has Not Evaluated the Health Effects of Cell towers, Cell Phones or Wireless Radiation. 

The NCI has not evaluated the safety of cell tower radiation and 5G and has cautioned that long-term safety studies do not exist.

While the NCI webpage is often used as proof of safety, it is not a scientific research review. The NCI has repeatedly stated that “Neither the literature reviews, nor the fact sheets[referring to its webpages], make safety determinations.” (Letter from NCI to Scarato).

When directly asked about its activities regarding research on FCC limits for cell phone radiation, the National Cancer Institute responded, “As a Federal research agency, the NCI is not involved in the regulation of radiofrequency telecommunications infrastructure and devices, nor do we make recommendations for policies related to this technology…Our sister agencies, the FDA as well as the FCC, retain responsibility for reviewing guidance on safety concerns and informing the public if those circumstances change.”

This lack of research is why the NCI signed onto a one paragraph letter in response to the FCC Inquiry on RF in 2013, thanking the FCC for “FCC’s interest in continuing to work closely with NIH and other federal agencies with expertise in public health for guidance and expertise on this matter.” NCI never submitted a substantive comment regarding the adequacy of FCC limits, nor a systematic  research review or evaluation regarding carcinogenicity as no scientific review exists. Read the NCI Letter to FCC.

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The NCI has highlighted the lack of safety data on long-term exposure to 5G high band frequencies. The 2020 GAO Report on 5G states “According to an NCI scientist, even after high-band 5G technology has been put into use in the coming years, the long-term health effects on people, if any, may not be known for many years later because some health outcomes could take decades to develop. The high-band frequencies used in 5G will only be available for observational studies once 5G technology has been deployed widely. A National Institutes of Health scientist noted that the 5G frequencies are still not clearly defined, making it difficult to understand the impact on human exposure” and “An NCI scientist we interviewed reiterated these unknown long-term health effects for pre-5G technology and with respect to 5G. Further research was also needed for non-cancer outcomes, such as developmental and behavioral outcomes, according to the committee proceedings and the NCI scientist. Observational studies may be used to study health outcomes that take years and decades to develop, such as developmental, behavioral, and cancer outcomes. However, as mentioned above, there have been no observational studies on the long-term health effects of high-band 5G frequencies because the technology is still new.”

The NCI webpage does not provide proof of safety for cell tower or 5G radiation heath effects.

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