5G/EMF/RF Solstice; Baby Get Back to Where You Once Belonged – Safeguarding Earth, Skies, and All of Nature

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International, Space Trash image courtesy Floris Freshman

SpaceX is scheduled to test operational compatibility between T-Mobile devices and satellites from 12 locations, reported to begin Dec. 10.

Suggested Reading: Jeremy Naydler’s 2019 article, Where the Sky Turns Black: Reflections on the 5G Satellite Net Surrounding the Earth published by New View, a quarterly magazine serving the anthroposophical community, informed by the work of Rudolf Steiner.


In his blog Pots and Pans Broadband for All, industry analyst Doug Dawson recently commented about trends indicated by the 3rd quarter report by OpenVault for home broadband usage in the United States.

“In the third quarter of this year, the average U.S. household used 54.7 more gigabytes of data than one year earlier. That alone is a pretty amazing statistic – 54 gigabytes is a lot of usage in a month. With roughly 120 million residential broadband subscribers, this equates to over 6.5 billion more gigabytes of data used each month than just a year ago. That’s 11% more usage hitting the Internet backbones, just from residential usage.”

The report indicates that Americans did not recover from the pandemic lockdowns by returning to other activities and receding from trauma-driven and/or imposed increased broadband consumption, which according to the FCC includes fiber optics, cable, wireless, DSL, and satellites.

Classifying Broadband For Planetary Peril, and Paying for Coverage Again and Again and Again

The classification categories for broadband enable competition between providers and technology approaches for grants to provide coverage, despite the fact that Americans have already paid for coverage through billions in cross-subsidies, as documented by the The IRREGULATORS,

(“We found that Verizon NY Local Service was overcharged an estimated $1.1-$1.6 billion, in just 2019. (This is the low number.) Moreover, the Verizon NY FiOS cable franchise has expired. 100% of the City was supposed have have been upgraded to fiber optics, but 25% were never done and it gets worse in low income areas where 30-45% of the area was never completed. Nationwide, this equates to Local Service being overcharged in America an estimated $16-$23 billion in just 2019. (And this is only for expenses related to construction, marketing and corporate operations expenses.)” Source)

The FCC’s throw-it-all-in-one-bucket approach (fiber optics, cable, wireless, DSL, and satellites) echos Vandana Shiva’s caution regarding nuclear energy, and the practice of splitting atoms to boil water. Discernment is about scale, complexity, resources, energy consumption, and risks. “Nature shrinks as capital grows. The growth of the market cannot solve the very crisis it creates.” Is there anything holistic or reasoned about assuming that the Earth’s atmosphere can be saturated with satellites and space junk without influencing Life? As Vandana notes, ““Whenever we engage in consumption or production patterns which take more than we need, we are engaging in violence.”

The Straw That Breaks the Camel’s Back?

It would be lovely to think that now that the Hollywood writer’s strike has ended, that more Americans would become concerned about the infrastructure required to support the unexamined proliferation of faster, more ubiquitous telecommunications, and alarmed about the impact on society and on nature, as well as recognizing the absurdity of lumping satellite and fiber in the same bucket.

Accompanying increasing broadband consumption statistics, and the politicized efforts to provide internet access to all (even though consumers already paid for this), each seemingly insignificant new behavior (for example, unexamined pandemic-fueled group video chat data demand) is loading more stress on the camel’s back, meaning, the Earth’s ecosystem on a macro level, and on the bees and our cellular biology on the microlevel, also encompassing every living thing in between.

It would be a profound and authentic reset if wirelessly-enabled broadband consumption went down in 2024. Because this is not just about household devices.

From 2,000 to 1 Million

In 2019, Jeremy Naydler’s article, Where the Sky Turns Black: Reflections on the 5G Satellite Net Surrounding the Earth was published by New View, a quarterly magazine serving the anthroposophical community, informed by the work of Rudolf Steiner.

In the 2019 article, he provided an explanation and an image of the first stage of the Starlink/SpaceX-enabled global network.

Space Junk

Jeremy wrote, “In 2018, there were in total approximately two thousand fully functioning satellites and about three thousand defunct ones, often referred to as “space junk”. Of the actively functioning satellites, some beamed down commercial GPS (or ‘SatNav’), some provided TV, some provided smartphone services, and some produced high-definition images for meteorologists and military surveillance, and so on. The number of satellites has increased since then, most of this due to SpaceX setting up its first Starlink constellation.” – StarLink.pdf (website-editor.net)

(Note that already in 2018 there were more defunct satellites than functioning ones.)

Image courtesy Floris Freshman Read about the Kessler effect and other space risks here: Microwaving Our Planet – Safe Tech International

As Arthur Firstenberg reported on November 1, the Number of planned low-orbit satellites NOW EXCEEDS ONE MILLION.

Three Different Constellations and Orbits

Jeremy Naydler explains, “Once the initial phase is complete, SpaceX will then establish further, much larger constellations of satellites, at different orbits. Currently, the company plans to set up a second constellation of just under three thousand satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 690 miles, considerably higher than the first constellation. And then it will set up a third, much larger constellation of seven and a half thousand satellites, closer to the Earth than the initial constellation, in what is called Very Low Earth Orbit, at 210 miles altitude (just ten miles higher than the orbit of the International Space Station). The Starlink satellite net is therefore going to be three-ply, for the aim is that coverage of the Earth from space will be total, without any gaps.

As reported by the Spokesman Review on Nov. 19, “[ ] in addition to deep-space exploration, SpaceX also intends to use Starship to launch its next-generation Starlink internet satellites, which are larger and heavier and require Starship’s greater power. Starlink beams the internet to ground stations, allowing users in remote areas to connect to the web.”

Larger heavier satellites necessitate larger heavier rockets. As noted here, SpaceX assures humanity that its experimental rocket launches should continue, because the rockets will self-destruct if needed., ‘Mishaps’ are considered to be part of the learning curve. The company is calling for faster regulatory approval.

As the Spokesman reported, “One of the concerns is that Starship requires its propellant tank to be refilled while in Earth’s orbit by a fleet of Starship tankers in an immensely complicated choreography. None of those tankers have been launched — or built.”

How many consumers understand that in order to provide internet access in remote areas via satellite. that every inch of the planet will be radiated within a multi-layered satellite-enabled cage? What other objectives are fueling SpaceX ambitions and authorizations?

For those cautiously watching the wireless roll-out, three concerning news items were circulated recently about satellite-wireless-5G-cellphone Armageddon, including another wrinkle in the SpaceX debacle (aside from the explosions).

#1 Botched Wireless “Conservation

On Nov. 29, Arthur Firstenberg of the Cellular Phone Task Force shared the story of a botched conservation program in Hawaii, where endangered birds were fitted with radio transmitters, killing nearly all of the birds. The story did not make the mainstream news.

“By November 16, every bird was dead except the three who had succeeded in removing or disabling their transmitter. The details are shocking.”

Is equating conservation with monitoring an endangered species via satellites an evolutionary trap, as recently described by researchers at the Stockholm Resilience Center? “We set three criteria for identifying a phenomenon as a potential Anthropocene trap: (1) that it can be described as evolving from an initially adaptive process; (2) that it, at the global level, shows signs of undesirable impacts on human well-being or has been hypothesized to show such signs in the future; (3) that it has a trapping mechanism that makes it harder to escape from negative impacts once this mechanism is activated.”

When will conservation groups look at the impacts on the organisms and the sky, and not just screens and data?

#2 Pets

On December 5, Arthur Firstenberg subsequently published Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Maui, after readers contacted him about the effects of radiofrequency radiation powering wireless technologies on their pets.

“It’s like the light has gone out of things and a darkness has entered and for the first time in my life I am worried to the bone and scared.”

“This year only the squirrels and rats are eating the bird food. The sky is almost empty of birds. The bees have disappeared as well. From hundreds last year to one or two this year.”

#3 The T Mobile SpaceX Test December 10 Countdown to – the Solstice?

In addition to the two reports from the Cellular Phone Task Force about RFR and earth, recent news about upcoming TMobile and SpaceX testing of cellphones and satellites has more informed communities concerned about increasing experimentation without informed consent, and the growing density of satellites polluting space.

688619591-Spacex-Cell.pdf (rfsafe.com)

“The goal is to test out the system in partnership with T-Mobile using the carrier’s licensed microwave radio spectrum to beam the satellite connectivity to 2,000 test devices using the Sat-To-Cell service.”

On December 4, PC Magazine reported FCC Lets SpaceX Deploy Satellites for Cellular Starlink, But With Restrictions, The FCC only grants part of SpaceX’s application to operate a cellular version of Starlink, which is designed to work with T-Mobile smartphones.”

After months of waiting, SpaceX has received partial clearance from the Federal Communications Commission to start deploying the company’s cellular Starlink system — but only to conduct short tests. On Friday, the FCC decided to “grant in part, defer in part” the company’s application to operate the satellite service, which is being designed to beam connectivity to T-Mobile smartphones.

The FCC’s ruling authorizes SpaceX to “deploy a modified version of the previously authorized Gen2 Starlink satellites.” However, the company is only receiving authorization so that it can verify the radios on the satellites work. Specifically, SpaceX can operate the satellites “within the 1910-1915MHz and 1990-1995MHz bands for limited on-orbit check out of the antennas immediately following deployment of each satellite for a period of 10 days or less, to ensure initial functionality of the satellite antenna,” the FCC said.

According to the FCC filing, T-Mobile requested a 180-day test period. The FCC reportedly authorized the tests for only ten days. We should not be relieved. The overwhelming issue is not the 12 communities and/or the count of 180 or 10 days to verify operational status. The problem is the satellite cage enclosing the earth, also described as a global spider web.

We absolutely have no surveillance or regulations regarding the potential impact of SpaceX on nature and human health, because the fox (FCC) is guarding the henhouse. (For example, we have not been paying heed to the impact of launches on the ozone layer. Learn more: https://freethesky.org/2022/02/03/rockets-destroy-ozone-and-cause-climate-change-aerospace-programs-deadly-impacts/ )

In addition, the FCC has ignored the 2021 court order questioning the safety of its 1996 exposure guidelines for both human health and the environment.

Read more about the race to space here: AT&T and T-Mobile are in an increasingly heated race to space – Light Reading

How Are You Observing Nature?

I agree with the concern expressed by the Cellular Phone Task Force about birds and wildlife. On the day that the United States conducted its test of the Emergency Broadcast System for cellphones, I made the conscious choice to go to a nearby lake and swim while the testing was conducted. As I exited my car about 25 minutes before the specified time, I heard the birds in the trees in the nearby woods – screaming. (What surveillance capabilities were tested in the time period before the phones rang?)

At sunrise in my area, I can directly detect/hear (via microwave hearing) an increase in wireless transmissions. I suspect that coverage ramps up to accommodate morning commuters, and it is even louder in the rain.

There are no more birds singing at dawn.

Although many individuals discount concerns because they and their pets and loved ones seem unaffected, the overwhelming issue is that there is no premarket safety testing and no investigation of reported adverse effects from juxtaposed, chronic, cumulative frequency exposures. Meanwhile, harm is being reported. We do not know what frequencies being transmitted from multiple sources are impacting a particular location or living being at any point in time (now including satellites and 5G beamforming). Mainstream news is not reporting independent reports of harm. This article by Suzanne Burdick of Children’s Health Defense outlines a recent report from Sweden.

We do not know when transmissions are increasing in our environment, our health care providers do not know, and we are being brainwashed to disregard and to ridicule expressions of concern. We are not engaged in evidence-based decision-making that data is supposed to provide because no one is collecting or heeding the data.

Russia – Banning Cellphones in Schools

Juxtaposed with trends in U.S. regulation comes the news report from the Moscow Times that Russia is in the process of banning cellphones in schools.

Russia’s State Duma Bans Cellphones in School Classrooms Russian lawmakers on Wednesday voted in favor of banning the use of cellphones in school classrooms, a move they argue will help improve the learning process for students.  The speaker of Russia’s lower-house State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said cellphones would no longer be permitted in classrooms except for “emergencies.’ Parents and teachers asked us to back this rule. The adopted decision will improve the quality of our children’s education,” Volodin wrote on the messaging app Telegram.

This follows on the heels of a similar decision in 2021 by China.

The rhetoric around the 5G roll-out during the Trump administration was about beating China in the race to 5G. At this point, is the US running in the wrong direction?

Apple Interference Warning

On December 7, Apple issued a warning About potential interference with medical devices.” “Most consumer electronic devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables, and audio devices, contain magnets and generate electromagnetic fields that might interfere with medical devices. For example, implanted pacemakers and defibrillators might contain sensors that respond to magnets and radios when in close contact.”

Through multiple feedback loops, Nature has been reminding consumers that living beings have a sensory system designed to alchemize with the flow of the Cosmic Current. We respond to magnets and so-called “radios” – an interesting euphemism for microwave, millimeter wave, and radio frequency radiation.

Where the Sky Turns Black vs. the Solstice Return of Light

As Jeremy Naydler wrote in Where the Sky Turns Black: Reflections on the 5G Satellite Net Surrounding the Earth, “As the conditions of life on Earth are increasingly overshadowed by forces which originate from the sub-natural realm, we have without doubt to redouble our efforts to counteract them with forces that build up life and health. It is of utmost importance that we nurture all that is life-giving and life-enhancing, so as to strengthen nature’s resilience. The more human consciousness is lured away from nature, and we allow our attention to be constantly claimed by the electronic world, the more we shall see the life of nature drain away, and the more we ourselves shall fall away from the realisation
of our deeper human purpose. Nature needs the reverent attentiveness and loving care that only human beings can bestow, just as surely as human beings need to bestow these gifts upon nature.”
“It is these life-giving powers that we should be working with, so that we create a more intimate bond with them for the sake of the future of the Earth.”

As the solstice and new year approaches, how do we return our vision to strengthening Nature? We do it by remembering that the Sun is the source of Light on Earth, and that it inspires our illumination. We safeguard the finely-tuned electromagnetic pathways between the Earth and the Cosmos, and between the Earth and ourselves. We question the cage of technological demands that we have constructed. We come back home to ourselves and one another,in real time. We do it via one less unexamined paradigm of increased telecom and broadband consumption, and one less dismissal of concern, at a time. We heal our traumatized hearts.

Not blind opposition to progress, but opposition to blind progress…― John Muir

Be on the right side of history.

(Be inspired by the Beatles here: Get Back)

Source: Safe Tech International

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