The Great Travel Reset

By The Corbett Report

Are you aware of the Great Travel Reset that is already underway? You should be! Are you outraged about the fact that one of your most basic human rights is being stolen from under your very nose? You ought to be! Are you willing to spend more than a few minutes a week informing yourself about this issue? You’d better be!

If you want a two-minute explainer on this topic, go to TikTok. For everyone else, this is The Corbett Report.

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Own Nothing, Be Happy
Time Reference: 00:00


Schwab on “automatically guided cars”: The New Global Context and Its Impact on the Role of Government
Time Reference: 02:26


Accenture World Economic Forum Known Traveller
Time Reference: 03:18

Airport of the Future
Time Reference: 03:45

France bans short domestic flights to cut carbon emissions
Time Reference: 04:18


Virtual Reality: The Future of Travel?
Time Reference: 04:35


Flight-Shaming Is Now A Thing – Will It Keep You From Traveling?
Time Reference: 09:24


Why ‘flight shame’ is making people swap planes for trains
Time Reference: 09:29


41% of French population favors restricting EVERYONE to ONLY 4 airplane flights in their ENTIRE LIFE to ‘fight against global warming’
Time Reference: 09:58


Carbon Passports Are The Next Dystopian Surveillance Threat
Time Reference: 13:05


A Sustainable Future for Travel: From Crisis to Transformation
Time Reference: 14:17


CLEAR’s new Health Pass service to help screen for coronavirus: CEO
Time Reference: 16:51


Finland tests world’s first digital passport | Tech it Out
Time Reference: 17:40


“Get to Know the Known Traveller Digital Identity” In Partnership With Accenture
Time Reference: 18:20


No gas cars by 2035?
Time Reference: 19:32


‘These deeply illiberal, unBritish 15-minute cities are beyond the pale’ | Mark Dolan
Time Reference: 20:12


London mayor’s climate crackdowns are about ‘controlling our lives,’ says Nigel Farage
Time Reference: 21:12


The B20 calls on the G20 to adopt vaccine passports using WHO standards #bali
Time Reference: 26:23


WHO global digital health certificate (REJECT DIGITAL ENSLAVEMENT)
Time Reference: 28:44


UPDATE: WHO Approves Extension of Amendment Working Group Deadline
Time Reference: 33:59


Interview 1839 – A Million People Need to Share This Video on CHD TV
Time Reference: 35:07

Source: The Corbett Report

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