Five Ways Your Health Is Under Attack – And How To Protect Yourself

By Derrick Broze

Your body, mind, and spirit are under attack. It’s time to fight back.

In the course of my work as an independent journalist I have explored many important topics which provide crucial context on the pressing issues of the day. This has ranged from geopolitical discussions, political corruption, child abuse and trafficking rings, and so on. However, in my mind, one of the most immediately valuable beats to report on is that of health. Specifically, the myriad of ways in which the average human’s health in the Western world (and the United States explicitly) is under attack.

While I cannot claim to have medical degrees (or even certificates), I have learned how to decipher scientific studies and reports. I’ve also learned about corporate capture of regulatory agencies, and how to read between the lines of official proclamations from governments regarding what is “safe for human consumption.” Unfortunately, while I and my readers have learned over the years which products and/or practices to avoid for optimal health, the masses of people are still largely in the dark about how to protect their health and the health of their loved ones.

It is with that in mind, that The Last American Vagabond offers this concise list of 5 ways your health is under attack, and, most importantly, what you can do about it.

Water Fluoridation

For years, anyone who chose to write about or talk about potential harmful effects of public water fluoridation programs has been derided as a tinfoil-hat-wearing wackjob. As a journalist, reporting on the problems associated with water fluoridation is a shortcut to losing credibility in the eyes of the mainstream journalism cartel.

Regardless of the pushback, the facts are the facts. Water fluoridation has proven to be detrimental to human health in high enough doses. This is a non-controversial fact. Or it should be. Unfortunately, the lack of reporting from the corporate media, unprincipled dentists working against the public interest, and a lack of education in public schooling means the average American is woefully ignorant on the topic. This crowd is likely not familiar with the recent federal lawsuit unfolding in response to numerous studies detailing the neurotoxic effects of fluoride. For the last 7 years, attorneys representing the Fluoride Action Network and other advocacy groups have battled attorneys representing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The plaintiffs argue that water fluoridation violates the Toxic Substances Control Act because fluoride has been found to be a neurotoxin.

The substances added to municipal water supplies known by the name “fluoride” are actually a combination of unpurified byproducts of phosphate mining. In the United States thousands of tons of fluorosilicic acid is recovered from phosphoric acid plants and then used for water fluoridation. During this process the fluoride ion is created.

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This process of taking waste from the phosphate industry and putting it into drinking water has long been criticized for its effects on human health and the environment. It is well known that water fluoridation has led to dental fluorosis for millions of children. This discoloring of the teeth was called “cosmetically objectionable” by the Centers for Disease Control. Beyond the cosmetic effect there have been several studies indicating overwhelming health issues related to fluoride, especially for children. Another study found a connection between exposure to water fluoridated at relatively low concentrations and a reduced IQ among children.

A long-delayed and suppressed report from the U.S. National Toxicology Program was released throughout the course of the ongoing fluoride lawsuit. The NTP review, known as a monograph, was released with a table of contents detailing the more than 1500 pages of documents. Other documents include comments from external peer-reviewers and internal departments within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), as well as the NTP scientists responses. The summary of the May 2022 version of the NTP monograph states that,

“this review finds, with moderate confidence, that higher fluoride exposure is consistently associated with lower IQ in children. More studies are needed to fully understand the potential for lower fluoride exposure to affect children’s IQ.”

What Can You Do About It?

Thankfully, the personal solutions for avoiding water fluoridation are available to most people. If you can afford it, install reverse osmosis filtration systems in your sinks and showers. If you can’t afford to install filters, search your area for water refill stations. These are fairly abundant in most places and filling a 5-gallon jug with filtered water can cost as little as $1.50. Of course, make sure that the filling station specifically does reverse osmosis to remove fluoride. (You should also consider adding trace minerals to your water because RO removes all of the minerals.) An investment of around $20 or less will get you a 5-gallon jug and the water. After that you only pay the cost of refills.

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If you can’t afford water filters, and don’t have a water filling station nearby, you do have the option of purchasing bottled water. However, be aware that some bottled water has been found to be fluoridated as well. Also, there are the concerns surrounding exposure to toxic chemicals like BPA and others which can leach into the water from the plastic bottles.

Toxic Chemicals

This should be obvious to most people but, once again, it is unfortunately not common knowledge that Americans are swimming in a soup of chemicals which can impact neurodevelopment, disrupt the endocrine system, and reduce fertility. The U.S. Geological Survey acknowledged that at least 45% of the nation’s tap water is estimated to have one or more types of the chemicals known as per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances, or PFAS, also known as forever chemicals.

This is, unfortunately, just the latest in a string of similar admissions relating to water quality which have come to light in recent years. When it comes to the water supply, you also have residue of psychotropic drugs, lead, and the aforementioned fluoride.

Water’s not our only concern, either. Forever chemicals are found in everyday household products and, according to a study by Mount Sinai researchers, can reduce fertility in women by as much as 40 percent. In a paper published in Science of the Total Environment, the researchers reported that higher blood concentrations of PFAS were associated with a significant reduction in the likelihood of pregnancy and live birth among women in Singapore who were trying to conceive.

For years I’ve been warning about the impact of pesticides on honey bees and humans. In 2015 I wrote about a whistleblower within the US Department of Agriculture who tried to warn the public to no avail. There’s also the highly publicized lawsuits against Monsanto over their cancer causing toxin glyphosate — which just so happens to be the key ingredient in Round Up, the world’s most used pesticide. Glyphosate has been linked to early pregnancies as well.

What Can You Do About It?

As with the case of water fluoridation, the best practice is to avoid the toxins whenever possible. Start by filtering your water to remove fluoride and other toxins in municipal water supplies. From there try to avoid EVERYTHING in the home cleaning chemical soup aisle at the grocery store. Depending on where you live, there are usually options for fragrance and chemical free alternatives to all the products you are used to using in your home. This includes deodorant, lotions, and face washes which can also contain toxins which will be directly absorbed by your skin and pores. There are also many videos which teach people how to make these products using essential oils and natural ingredients.

Even dryer sheets are likely problematic. A 2011 study found that dryer vents contained products involved in the washing and drying process, including dryer sheets. While this study did not look at the impact on human health directly, it has caused health conscious folks to ditch dryer sheets out of an abundance of caution. The Environmental Working Group advises avoiding the dryer sheets and softeners altogether.

Other options for avoiding various hazardous chemicals include vacuuming more often and regularly washing your hands (with fragrance free soap) to remove chemical residues. However, to avoid pesticide exposure, we need to talk about our food.

Processed, Non-Organic Foods

As noted above, so-called conventionally grown food is covered with toxic chemicals as part of a misguided effort to fight pests. These various pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, etc., have been linked to cancers and developmental issues. Most non-organic produce in the U.S. is sprayed with these chemicals, especially the foods grown from genetically modified seeds which are designed to withstand a high dose of cancer causing Round Up. This combination of GMO foods, doused in toxic chemicals, and grown in soil which has lost much of its nutrition over generations of mono cropping is a recipe for disaster for public health.

What Can You Do About It?

In a time or rising inflation, it’s easier said than done, but the answer is to buy organic whenever possible. This doesn’t mean you have to depend on your local big box grocery chain. Visit local farmers’ markets, develop relationships with the farmers, and learn what organic crops are available to you. Another option is to get involved in a local community garden or urban farm where you can volunteer and take home some of your own organic crops. There’s no better feeling than planting a seed, tending to it as it sprouts, and develops into a beautiful living crop which you can harvest and share with your family.

If you are not in a position to buy 100% organic all the time I encourage you to use the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen guide which outlines the produce which is consistently found to have the highest levels pesticides. Additionally, avoiding processed foods will help you avoid pesticides and fluoride because most processed foods are using fluoridated water in their processing. If you are inclined to buy a packaged product strive to buy organic when you can afford it!

Bluetooth and Electromagnetic Radiation

Lately when I am at the gym I notice many people wearing Bluetooth headphones, as well as carrying their smart phone, and in some cases, wearing a smart watch. Every one of these devices is emitting various levels of wireless radiation on different parts of the body and could be causing long-term damage.

However, this is yet another topic that the average person has been taught is crazy to question. How could cellphones, WiFi, and Bluetooth be harmful when the technology is so widespread? Surely, the government agencies are protecting us.

Obviously, we know this is not the truth. Since 2018, I have been researching the industry behind the cellular tech we use everyday, often known as Big Wireless. My research has resulted in a full length documentary, The 5G Trojan Horse, and a mini-documentary focused on Big Wireless.

During my research I came across the name of Dr. Martin Pall, a Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. Pall is a published and widely cited scientist on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, an expert in how wireless radiation impacts the electrical systems in our bodies.

He has published 7 studies showing sensitivity to electromagnetic fields exists in what is known as the voltage sensor, in each cell of the body. A study by Pall published in the journal of Environmental Health found this sensitivity in human cells in response to WiFi exposure. He calls this effect an important threat to human health. He has also called attention to bluetooth.

Despite the breadth of his work, Dr. Pall has largely been pushed to the fringes of society. To be fair, his work has been criticized by other scientists who have accused him of bias and cherry picking studies to support his claims. In 2018, I asked Dr. Martin Pall why his research has been ignored or pushed out of the mainstream conversation.

“We quit funding, we quit funding the studies of this sort back between 1986 and 1999. We’ve done almost nothing since then,” Pall told me. “So basically the US government’s been pushing these technologies, at the same time doing absolutely nothing, well almost absolutely nothing, to protect us.”

The debate around the safety of cellphones and other devices that emit EMFs grew even more heated in early November 2018 when the National Toxicology Program released data concluding there is clear evidence radio-frequency radiation can cause brain and heart tumors in male lab rats. The $30 million study took more than ten years to complete as researchers examined the effects of prolonged exposure to high levels of RFR, specifically the type of radiation emitted via 2G and 3G cellular networks which have been in used for decades.

What Can You Do About It?

Let’s start with what’s in your control. You can unplug your WiFi at night to help your sleep. You can rewire your whole house — from mouse, to keyboard, to internet routers — so you avoid WiFi altogether. You can also buy protective shields or faraday cages which block the EMR, but these also block your cellphone signal. Personally, I think not being “plugged in” or “tuned in” all the time is not such a bad thing. Maybe you choose to put your phone in a protective case for certain hours a day and then catch up on your messages once you pull the device out.

However, once we step out of our own homes we are also being exposed to EMR from cell towers, small cell sites, WiFi routers, smart devices (vehicles, phones, appliances, etc), and an increasing amount of sensors as we move into the “Internet of Things.” While there are companies promoting clothes lined with silver which claim to reduce exposure, at the moment we are already being inundated with potentially harmful radiation. Focus on what you can do and do your best not to stress about what is outside of your control.

Fear Porn and Self-Doubt

The final way your health is under attack is a bit more subtle. This attack comes in the form of constant over-stimulation via social media and the internet in general, stress inducing broadcasts from the corporate media, and the never-ending barrage of consumerism, vanity, and immorality promoted by the popular culture. While these attacks might not be as obvious as the chemicals in our food and water, they are just as toxic. In fact, because these attacks are more of the spiritual and emotional variety they often go overlooked and completely ignored.

We are facing an epidemic of loneliness that is being weaponized by wannabe tyrants. Particularly among young people there is a despair about the future they are told is already doomed. The COVID-19 lockdowns accelerated this loneliness and a rise in alcohol, drug abuse, and suicide rates. Overall, the state of the world has caused many people to “give up” on the idea that we can actually have a world of relative peace, health, and prosperity.

What Can You Do About It?

Live your best life. Start with the steps above and remove as many toxins from your life as possible. Remove toxic people from your life as well, if the relationship is not mutually beneficial. Spend time journaling and writing out your goals and dreams. Spend time unplugged, away from the phone and computers. Ride bikes. Go on walks. Play games with younger siblings, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

As simple as these steps are, choosing to change our habits, our diets, our lifestyle, and, most importantly, our mindset, can and will positively impact our lives so we can better handle the difficult and often overwhelming world we share.

Source: The Last American Vagabond

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