A Natural Alternative To Puberty Blockers That May Make Your Kids Taller Than You

By John C.A. Manley

In an interview with Sarnia News Today, Diversity Ed founder Crystal Fach said protesters advocating for parental consent regarding the use of puberty blockers are “taking away kids’ right to exist as who they are.”

This is baffling double-speak, since the very point of puberty blockers is to prevent the child from experiencing a natural, healthy and essential part of their development as a human being. At the same time, there is a little truth behind what this trans activist is proposing, particularly when she says, “…the only thing that we’re doing is giving trans kids the ability to have a pause.”

While giving kids dangerous and untested puberty blocking chemicals should probably be as illegal as paedophilia, we can’t ignore the fact that children, especially in Western nations, are hitting puberty earlier than is natural.

An article in the journal Nature states: “Trends for northern Europe show an average age of menarche [first menstruation] of 16 years in the early 1850s; by the early twentieth century, it had dropped below 15; now it is 12-and-a-half.”

Early onset of puberty is possibly just as dangerous as puberty-blocking drugs.

A lead article in the journal Nutrition Review states, “Early onset of puberty is considered an intermediary factor on the life-course path to a number of diseases in adulthood, including hormone-related cancers, a higher risk of all-cause mortality, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.”

In other words, early pubic hair increases the child’s risk of getting fat and developing type-2 diabetes (know any fat kids?), developing cancer (one of the leading causes of death among teenagers) and having a heart attack (presumably when they are older, unless they’ve had their mRNA booster). And, it’s fair to assume, having a period at eight could also cause a degree of gender dysphoria.

So what causes early onset of puberty?

“The most consistent link between diet and premature puberty has been animal protein consumption,” states Dr. Micheal Gregor, author of How Not to Die, in his presentation, Protein, Puberty and Pollutants. “For example, every gram of daily animal protein intake — that’s the weight of a paperclip — has been associated with about a 17% increase in the risk of girls starting their periods earlier than age 12.”

Put another way, studies are finding that if a girl consumes 40g of animal protein a day, their chances of hitting puberty before age 12 goes up 680%.

“Why this link between animal protein and premature puberty?” asks Dr. Gregor. “Well, we know meat increases the levels of the growth hormone IGF-1, and that alone is associated with early-onset puberty. But, maybe animal protein is just a proxy for the endocrine-disrupting chemicals that build up the food chain in animal products.”

Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story

So the next question is: Is meat and dairy in itself responsible for early puberty, or is it due to chemicals that the animals ingest and inhale? For example, a study in the journal Environmental Research found that early periods are associated with higher levels of flame retardant chemicals in girls’ bloodstreams. Both chicken and fish have been shown to contain these chemicals. And, of course, children often sleep on flame retardant mattresses, in poorly ventilated rooms, wearing flame retardant pyjamas (and maybe even a flame retardant face mask).

So while drugs are obviously an unwise route to prevent early onset of puberty, would not a healthier diet and a less toxic environment be something both sides could agree on?

My son is now 16. He’s still not shaving. Since he was nine has been on a strict diet absent of any meat, dairy or eggs. Prior to that he followed a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. He is now taller than me. One of the factors which convinced me that a plant-based diet (I rather dislike the word “vegan”) was truly “safe and effective” was seeing that children who had been raised on plant-based diets were taller than their parents. This appears to be a result of the child not being rushed into puberty too early, allowing more time to grow.

In contrast, I grew up eating eggs and butter for breakfast, luncheon meat and mayo at noon, and fish and chips for dinner. Plus, I was a big milk drinker. I had to start shaving at age 12.

As Dr. McDougall, author of The Starch Solution, points out in his talk on Precocious Puberty, “Let me give you some of the statistics. Little girls and boys are supposed to mature when they are 16, 17 or 18 years of age. That’s the time to start thinking about having babies, not before then. But because of the rich Western diet — the dairy, the meat, the high-protein, high-oil foods — what happens is we encourage the production of sex hormones. As a consequence, our children are maturing earlier.”

Those of us opposing the sexualization of children have been focusing on countering indoctrination from the school system and media. Maybe we should also be giving attention to the food we are feeding our kids?

“It’s a disaster for the family, for the [child] and for our society to have children mature and start thinking about sexual thoughts five [or] ten years before they are intended to,” continued Dr. McDougall. “We can change all that… by nourishing our children properly. A child who lives on a starch-based diet, with a minimal amount of animal foods and extra oils in their diet — will mature when it’s time to mature…. You have disruption going on in your home? It’s not too late, you can change it now. Change the kid’s diets.”

John C. A. Manley is the author of the full-length novel, Much Ado About Corona: Dystopian Love Story. He is currently working on the sequel, Brave New Normal. John lives in Stratford, Ontario, with his son Jonah, and the ever-present spirit of his late wife, Nicole. You can subscribe to his email newsletter, read his full bio or find out more about his novel.

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