The Proximal Origin Of A Cover Up – Part Two

By Maryam Henein

We pick up from Part 1 where the paper’s lead author, Kristian Andersen, changes his mind about the virus origin.

As early as January 29, 2020, Andersen pointed to two distinct aspects of the virus—the receptor binding domain (RBD) and the furin cleavage site.

He even came across a paper where North Carolina University virologist Ralph Baric was playing with spikes from other coronaviruses via batwoman Dr. Zhengli Shi who purportedly inserted furin cleavage sites into SARS.

“Fuck, this is bad,” was University of Sydney virologist Dr. Edward Holmes’ reaction to that paper, and “Oh my God what worse words than that” (Id; Racaniello, supra note 33.) before he called Dr. Jeremy Farrar, former head of the UK Wellcome Trust, on a “burner” phone. By the way, this was first recounted in an “explosive book” called The Virus Vs The People by Farrar himself.

Farrar, meanwhile, described the Baric-Batwoman paper as a “how-to-manual for building the Wuhan coronavirus in a laboratory.”

By January 31 – a week after we saw our first coronavirus lockdown in Wuhan – Andersen warned Dr. Fauci via email. It was revealed that when Andersen expressed a possible lab leak of COVID-19, Fauci stated that if he believed it came from a lab, he should write that and that it would be prudent to contact law enforcement.

“[Andersen] should do this very quickly and if everyone agrees with this concern, they should report it to the appropriate authorities,” Fauci wrote. “I would imagine that in the USA this would be the FBI and in the UK it would be MI5.”

“[Fauci] told you that if this was true, you had to contact the FBI,” Andersen was asked during the hearing.

According to Journalist Sam Husseini, who has also spent extensive time digging into Proximal’s Origin tale, Fauci’s statements were a veiled threat.

“It can be read to mean: Go ahead. Make my day. If you think it came from a lab, you should write that. See what happens to you. See what happens to your career.”

And in fact, Andersen did not contact the FBI or MI5.

“You did not do that, correct?”

What he did do was change his tune in record time. The initial hypothesis (although supposedly “agnostic” and “scientifically informed,”) went from speculation into a supposed peer-reviewed paper in only 45 days from the day of the Feb 1st confidential teleconference.

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