EMF/RF/ 5G: Major, Commander, and the “Secret” Service That Keeps Secrets

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International, in honor of Spirit the Jaguar. Images courtesy Floris Freshman

On July 26, in their “weekly guide to the latest on FOIA, transparency and accountability battles, threats and wins” MuckRock reported, “ Commander troubles: President Joe Biden’s German shepherd Commander bit seven people in a four-month period after former first dog Major was ousted from the White House over similar aggressive behavior, according to internal Secret Service communications obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and reviewed by The New York Post.

A NY Post article is here.

Many theories have emerged about the dogs and their undesirable behaviors.

Some have followed political party lines.

I Have a Few Theories

They do not involve aliens or UFOs or assassinations or questions about pandemics.

I don’t think that the dogs were “sent away to the farm” for awhile in an attempt to hide an embarrassing pregnancy.

Yes, it’s clear to me, Major and Commander were peddling cocaine in the White House, and the Secret Service is covering.

No, actually I have another theory.

Downward Dog

Many years ago, I asked a student if we could use a picture of her dog doing the yoga pose “downward dog” for a promotion.

We had a very sweet, engaging postcard with actual photographs of a yoga teacher, a toddler, and a golden retriever each doing the pose.

Later, the dog owner came to me and said that is was ironic that we had used the photo of her dog, because she had recently learned that her golden retriever was quite ill, with skyrocketing levels of inflammatory markers.

Centuries ago, the ancients recognized both the Meridian electromagnetic pathways of the body that are choreographed by the sun, and the Radiant Circuits, also known as Strange Flows.

They performed “down dog” in order to activate, energize, and balance some of those pathways, in this case, including the Heart Meridian.

Dogs and cats are also comprised of electromagnetic fields which sustain their energy body, for example, the Gall Bladder Meridian shown here, from the book “Four Paws Five Directions” by Cheryl Schwartz.

Four Paws Five Directions – Cheryl Schwartz (drcherylschwartz.com)

In recent history, especially in the last 150 years of mass consumerism, most of modern society has lost the maps, and has become increasingly illiterate in the Laws of Energy.

And unlike previous ages, when wisdom was accumulated by directly observing and interacting with Nature, individuals are increasingly distracted by devices, and not learning, and not learning how to learn through observation, interaction, relationship, or cultivation of the intuitional body.

To Assume Makes an Ass Out of You and Me?

As a result of energetic illiteracy, we see ridiculous and dangerous assumptions driving the technological revolution, for example the implication that the skin is the boundary between the internal and external environment, and 5G “only penetrates the skin” – therefore “5G is safe” – all based in inanimate tissue modeling.

Or, for example, the implication that because bananas emit radiation, that it’s ok to place an industrial-scale tower laden with antennas in a residential neighborhood, as discussed in greater detail here.

Dogs Know Better

Dogs realize that the human consciousness field does not start at the skin, as they sniff the air around their human companions.

Bees also know better.

In his book “Bees,” Rudolf Steiner explains, “The bees feel, if I may use this expression, a person’s effluvia, exhalations, vapors, or perspiration. They know what makes up a specific human being.”(See Bees, Lectures by Rudolf Steiner, 1923, Translations copyright 1998. Anthroposophic Press, Great Barrington, MA, page 60.)

The measurable field that surrounds the body, and not the skin, is the first line of defense against external influences.

Rather than looking (only) at shallow penetration of the skin on a model as an assurance of 5G safety, research could and should be conducted to determine if the action of the intelligent, energetic, protective field that surrounds living beings is being compromised by artificial man-made exposures. Further, is the skin’s function itself being adversely impacted by artificial frequencies and lighting, for example, melatonin or Vit. D production?

Because if that energetic field in a human or another living being is being altered unnaturally, what or who is now remotely controlling, altering, and hijacking the harmonious balance that should be choreographed by the Earth’s Cosmic Current?

For example… the exquisite way that the Liver is doing so much interior detoxification to support health and well-being between the hours of 1 and 3 am, then yielding to the Lungs at 3 am, unless of course the individual is being unnaturally activated by microwave hearing and/or data transmissions disturbing the necessary, natural sleep cycle, as occurred when smart meters were installed on homes across the country.

Which has been widely reported.

Which brings me back to the question of the President’s dogs.

There are a number of things that we could be doing to determine how to sustain a healthy environment, and one of those things is to look at the RF/EMF exposures pummeling the dogs, bees, all flora and fauna, and the human species itself. And the Presidential pooches.

Thus far, studies such as the Morris Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study have not considered, monitored, or evaluated the possibility that radio frequency exposures may be contributing to increasing canine cancer rates, despite the findings of the National Toxicology Study.

The NIEHS National Toxicology Program Study on Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer: 2018 Update/Resources – Environmental Health Trust (ehtrust.org)

Dogs in the White House

The heavily-protected White house itself is filled with security and communications infrastructure.

If the dogs are hearing anything like what I (and others) hear turning off and on over the course of day and night, – a multi-layered very high-pitched hum creating a thermo-elastic wave of pressure in my head, preventing healthy rest and sleep, – I don’t blame them for biting – because it is irritating, aggravating, frustrating, and it involuntarily activates the Fight or Flight or Freeze response when brain waves are altered by an artificial external force.

Have the dog’s inflammatory marker’s been measured?

Have dogs been measured for stress responses with and without EMF/RF exposures?

Incredulously, there are similarities between domestic abuse and the conditions being imposed on consumers for access to the essential service of electricity, in the case of smart meters. The demand to accept a surveilling wireless smart meter has been accompanied by minimization and blame, ridicule, domination, threats, and punitive fees. This is bullying, and abuse.

As pet owners look for the assurance of a signal on their cell phone to track their pets, or watch the animals remotely via Wi-Fi enabled video stream, are they sentencing them to illness and early death?

Where is the science that supports safety assumptions? Is it anything like the incredible naivety and misplaced blind trust that has enabled industry-sourced SAM-enabled dummy human safety ‘tests’? (See WeAreNotSAM)


Yes, We Have Been Keeping Plastic Heads Safe Since 1996

“Humanity is Suffering a Great Separation Sickness”

I have another theory about Commander and Major as well.

In the full-length documentary film “The Animal Communicator – Anna Breytenbach (Full documentary), in addition to other examples of Anna’s extraordinary work, the story is told about the rescue of a remarkable black jaguar.

He did not like the name imposed on him by his initial human captors, and was renamed “Spirit” by the respectful humans eventually entrusted with his care.

(“Spirit” crossed over as the 2023 summer solstice neared, marking the balance between darkness and light, as reported below.

Animal Communicator Update on Spirit

19th June 2023: Spirit left his body peacefully today, assisted by kind curators and vets who accurately determined that his cancer was uncomfortable and untreatable. He lived to an amazing 21 years of age – almost unprecedented for a leopard.)

Instead of building better bombs, what if we were learning how to access the intelligence and presence demonstrated by Anna and others like her?

The White House Dog’s Names Serve as Military Propaganda

Reflecting the war-mongering ways of both Democratic and Republican administrations, the White House dogs’ names serve as military propaganda. But it’s not working so well anymore.

In March of 2021, Military Times reported that ‘Trust in the military is dropping significantly, new survey suggests.”

On July 31, 2023, News Nation reported, Americans’ confidence in US military continues to decline: Gallup.

Politico reported, “Americans’ confidence in the U.S. military lowest in 2 decades, poll finds.”

“Public confidence in the U.S. military continues to decline, reaching its lowest point in over two decades, according to a new poll.

Only 60 percent of Americans expressed “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in the military in a recent Gallup poll conducted from June 1 to 22. That’s down from 64 percent who said the same last year.

Over the past 48 years, Republicans have consistently shown the highest levels of confidence in the military. But in just the past three years, Republican confidence plunged from 91 percent to 68 percent. Independents — who historically held moderate levels of confidence — now have the lowest trust, with public confidence dropping by 13 percentage points to 55 percent. Though confidence among Democrats rose after President Joe Biden took office, that gain has dissipated over the past year.

The results mark the lowest level since 1997 and the steepest decline in the past five years — mirroring a crisis of trust in several other public institutions.”Politico

“US Aims to be “Master of Space”

As the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space has cautioned, “US aims to be “Master of Space,” Militarizing and Profiteering in the Sky.”

“The Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space is involved in a legal action against the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to pressure them to create rules/guidelines for the launching of satellites in space. Lower Earth orbit (LEO) is becoming dangerously crowded and NASA scientists are concerned about growing space debris and likely cascading collisions in orbit (Kessler Syndrome). The US is moving quickly to grab as many of the remaining orbital parking spaces as possible in order to deny Russia, China, India and other nations from deploying satellites in LEO.

The Space Force today contends that it will ‘control and dominate space’ and use space tech to win wars on the Earth below.”

Read the report here:  https://space4peace.org/legal-action-against-fcc/

In addition, “A rocket launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX last week from California may have punched a hole in the Earth’s ionosphere, a new analysis suggests. The assessment points out that the Falcon 9 rocket launched on 19 July from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, likely punched a hole in the ionosphere – a layer around Earth consisting of the fourth state of matter plasma, with a sea of electrically charged particles floating at about 80-650km (50-400 miles) above the surface. – Source

Like countless citizens worldwide, maybe Commander and Major are sick of exploitation of the solar system’s resources, (now propelled by the demand for tech, including wireless) and sick of war.

Postscript: to Spirit the Jaguar, we honor your power and grace which endured above and beyond human violence and hubris. Thank you for your Infinite Light.

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