EHS Film “Remembering Nearfield” is Finalist: Cannes World Film Festival

Compiled by Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International

”A multi-award-winning international film catalysing global awareness of electromagnetically induced harm and disability.”

“Remembering Nearfield” is a testament to the importance of giving voice to the voiceless. Despite the protagonist’s disheartening predicament, the film manages to evoke a sense of hope – a hope for understanding, acceptance, and the eventual alleviation of the societal stigma associated with such conditions. – FilmNet,  Read the review here.

2023 Cannes Film Festival: “Remember the Future” “We [ ] aim to be catalysts for a change of perspective, a shift in consciousness leading to a paradigm shift that is essential for a true rebirth in a better world

The prestigious Cannes Film Festival is currently offering an in depth exploration of human rights issues in its year-long “World Film Festival – Remember the Future.”

The festival notes, “Part of our mission is to highlight Films and Documentaries (Short & Feature)  from Filmmakers covering the following themes:

Cannes World Film Festival – Remember the Future | Official Site | Côte d’Azur See more finalists at link:

The purpose of our Festival is to bring together the greatest number of artists worldwide through the 140+ categories proposed and to promote the emergence of a new wave of talent deserving of greater visibility and recognition.

In its inception, we have chosen a format giving artists the opportunity to express themselves every month. An annual event will crown the works that have most impressed the Festival and its Jury.

Of course, beyond having a humanistic vocation, our Festival also wishes to convey messages of hope, humor, lightness, poetry, and above all love, in order to help soften the effects of this pandemic of fear.

We also aim to be catalysts for a change of perspective, a shift in consciousness leading to a paradigm shift that is essential for a true rebirth in a better world, which we are all co-creating together, here and now.”

Remembering Nearfield: Award Winning Film

Remembering Nearfield is an international animated film about a disability called electrohypersensitivity (EHS). It is an AWARD WINNER at the 40th season of World Film Carnival – Singapore (WFCS), and AWARD WINNER the Ganges International Film Festival 2023, AWARD WINNER at the Gangtok International Film Festival 2023, AWARD WINNER at the Black Swan International Film Festival 2023, AWARD WINNER at the Veneto International Film Festival 2023 in all categories for the Best Animated Short Film (Italy), AWARD WINNER at the Madonie (Sicily) Film Festival for Best Human Rights Film, AWARD OF RECOGNITION WINNER at the Accolade International Film Competition 2023 (for Disability Issues, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, and Animation), and AWARD WINNER at the Brussels Capital Film Festival 2023. Most recently it was an AWARD WINNER at the Better Earth International Film Festival. It is a finalist in the Lisbon Film Rendezvous festival 2023, and was nominated in the Rome Prisma Film Awards 2023 for Best Animated Short Film. It has also been selected by the Istanbul Golden Bridge Short Film Festival, the Golden Short Film Festival in Italy, also the Animanima International Animation Film Festival 2023 and Seize The Film Festival (both in Serbia), and was a semi-finalist in the Stockholm City Film Festival. It was nominated for Best Screenplay at the Screen Power Film Festival in London in 2023. In July 2023 Remembering Nearfield is a Finalist in the Cannes World Film Festival.” – Source

About Remembering Nearfield

Remembering Nearfield is a moving and educational testimony of electrohypersensitivity (EHS). EHS can affect a person’s freedom, rights, and mobility to a crippling degree. It is a disability induced by exposures to man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Dirty electricity/ELF electricity in the home and pulse modulated wireless technologies create EMF radiation, often very close to us (near-field EMF radiation) which is absorbed into our bodies and can trigger symptoms in sensitive individuals. EHS is inflamed by these environmental exposures and is a debilitating condition that is barely acknowledged by society. The film’s testimony highlights the problems of living with EHS when our living environment is saturated in a boundless man-made EMF fog that increases year upon year.

“We need to transcend unhelpful taboos relating to EMF harm and disability to see electrohypersensitivity (EHS) for what it is – a real problem affecting real people in the real world.” – Sean A. Carney, Film Producer.

Remembering Nearfield is now translated into many languages. Hopefully the film will start an important global conversation about EHS to help ensure that recognition, disability rights and societal participation are secured for people with EHS.


A wife and entrepreneur devoted to her family and business tragically loses everything as her health mysteriously declines. Why is she now left alone and unable to function in society? She finds out the answer through a series of events and a final, uncomfortable diagnosis. How was she crippled by a taboo disability that has surprisingly been reported for over 100 years? The weight of the stigma attached to the disability is shocking, as is the increasing reporting of the condition in the population. In this frank and revealing animated film we come to understand the human rights issues, the deep anxieties, the sense of vulnerability and search for remedy in the face of such steep adversity. We come face to face with a woman who is like everybody else, because she had thought it was “crazy” to be ill in this way and could never have happened to her. We are all taking our chances with our health, just like she did and this urgent story needs to be told, because there is little help or acceptance for those struggling to live with this inconvenient disability. Sadly, we have invited the problem and must stake steps to tame the destructive influence on our health.

A true story, animated over a recorded EHS testimony. The animated character expressing the testimony was designed by Sean A. Carney. Multilingual subtitles can be activated.

 Visit the film’s website here. Press kit here.

Lethargy, anxiety, headaches, and sensations of prickling or burning of the skin and a range of other symptoms are experienced regularly by people with electrohypersensitivity, attributed to environmental man-made EMF radiation (eg. ELF, microwaves, and radiofrequency radiation (RFR). According to Cindy Sage writing in Reviews on Environmental Health, “Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and radiofrequency radiation (RFR) can have the devastating biological effects of disrupting homeostasis and desynchronizing normal biological rhythms that maintain health.”

Watch the film here:

“Physicians are increasingly confronted with health problems from unidentified causes. Studies, empirical observations, and patient reports clearly indicate interactions between EMF exposure and health problems.” – Belyaev et al, Reviews on Environmental Health, 2016.

A Challenging Film

Remembering Nearfield is a film challenging you to pay attention to something wider society relates to a taboo about discussing technology and possible harm. Ignoring the problems of electromagnetic exposure on health stultifies progress in advancing the respect of individual human rights in general, but more immediately assists in reducing the rights of people coping with electrohypersensitivity (EHS). Through education that can change; this film seeks to catalyse the global conversation we should be having about electromagnetically induced harm and disability. We need to talk about EHS.”

Producer Sean Carney “Sean A. Carney is a father of two, has an MA from Kingston University, and is a filmmaker, animator, and digital publishing and production expert. While at The Lancet medical journal for six years he had responsibilities in the graphic communication of healthcare campaigns, and creating design, illustrations and animations that helped explain important technical scientific data and peer reviewed science to the public. He is also an internationally exhibited/published professional photographer with industry experience as a technical operator and advisor on multiple photographic digitisation projects spanning the Museum of London, the British Library and Imperial War Museum Photograph Archive in central London. He’s a qualified photographic retoucher and Adobe Certified expert in multiple Creative Cloud applications.

Sean regularly speaks about his work and EMF safety issues and was recently interviewed by the Children’s Health Defense to discuss his film and EHS. HIs articles about technology and widely read  letter to the UK government regarding 5G and other work encourage public awareness, debate and participation in resolving issues concerning public health and environmental man-made electromagnetic exposures. He believes exposure to man-made EMFs is a controversy because it’s by-passing informed consent, biological safety protocols, and this will continue to be scientifically and legally challenged for a better outcome for society and is especially necessary for the protection and status of the electrohypersensitive; he believes precautionary measures and protections are vital for our health as a limit to further EMF-related health impacts on the vulnerable and the EMF-disabled in society. He is a signatory of the UK and International Consensus Statement regarding health effects of non-ionising radiation (EMFs) written on behalf of both Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation (PHIRE) and British Society of Ecological Medicine (BSEM).”

Narrator Corrielle Van Vuuren Remembering Nearfield’s narrator Corrielle Van Vuuren lives in Europe in a densely populated country strongly focused on wireless connectivity and the electrification of society which has influenced her highly restrictive living conditions due to her EHS. She’s aware that about 5% of the population in countries around the world are reporting their health complaints from mobile telecommunications radiofrequency emissions (a source of EMF radiation). She hopes that governments and politicians will seriously consider the negative social and health effects of artificial EMFs that affect the global population. Unfortunately it is a problem getting people to listen.

We can enjoy our technology without it becoming a source of anxiety or danger to others. Corrielle believes that it is time for everyone to exercise precaution, use wired connections if possible, and press officials for meaningful commitments to guarantee further urgent EMF research, and to advocate EMF reduction in our daily lives. We desperately need better exposure guidelines that aren’t out of date and protect us not just from thermal EMF events, but negative non-thermal and biological EMF events as they are well documented in peer reviewed science.

Musician, Kate Kheel Kate Kheel composed the title music and supplied additional narration. Kate is a musician and long-time advocate for safer internet and telecommunications technology. She is an active member of Safe Tech International, a coalition calling for a more balanced integration of technology into our world. She is an advocate for wired as opposed to wireless technology and is on the Board of Advisors for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. Mindful of a relationship between technology and military expansionism, her outreach has extended to include how technology on Earth, in the skies, and throughout the oceans, is not only a threat to peace, health, wildlife, privacy, security and the environment, but additionally assures the lethality of war.

Evolving from her advocacy and passion for music is her envisioning of a new civilization — one that will be a blessing to all living beings and to Mother Earth.

Source: Safe Tech International

Top image credit Cannes World Film Festival – Remember the Future | Official Site | Côte d’Azur See more finalists at link:

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