Behind Your Back Yet In Front Of Your Eyes — Blinding Technologies For Vision Burnout

By Floris Freshman

Who ordered this? Surely, no one sane. So are we going to allow murderous patented bioweapon gizmos to do us all in?

Is defense spending a tax dollar donation? In 2017 the USA Prez announced 52% of the fiscal budget will go to military. It sure did.

Cooking the eyes into hard-boiled eggs? Is your neighbors’ or your local schools’ WIFI frying or scrambling? Just over-easy?

Please sign:

Human eyes visible rainbow spectrum.

Easy to get Electrocuted

My father was a prisoner in Nazi Extermination Camps. He was liberated in Dachau, Germany. When a prisoner tried to escape, the victim would be electrocuted by the electric fence. Anyone who touched them would also be electrocuted and die. Until the power was shut off. So wireless has the same attributes: water in our bodies are the electrical conductor. In Arizona’s Lake Pleasant, there were 2 brothers who died of it, subsequently 10 more in 2022 and so far 4 more as of July 2023. I call ESD = possible electric shock drowning. Someone set up a petition to shut down this manmade lake. Incredible profits from dock fees, boat rentals, etc., on a lake made with an underwire of steel rods, now with smart meters, WIFI, cell towers, satellites, Starlink, RF bulbs, LED and HID lamps, and an antiquated hydroelectric facility on the lake.

Dr. Mercola interview with Dr. Alexander Wunsch

Link to transcript of dr. Mercola interview with Dr. Wunsch:

Link to Dr. Wunsch vimeo on artificial light:

More educational vimeos of Wunsch:  Potential Dangers of Light 2019  Artificial Light Chronobiology LED Hazards 2018  Sunlight Health Update 2021

Metal Halide Lamps contain Mercury [Hg}

Also see:

Flicker rate from Dr. Alexander Wunsch vimeo slide

Map of 35 laser-telescope installations worldwide a/o 2023

Link to South Pole DOM’s installation with beamforming laser to create earthquakes targeted New Zealand twice:

Chile’s humongous laser-telescope weapon:

New Mexico air force base for beaming down enemy satellites:


Hawaii Mauna Kea:

Solar Simulator

Skylaser series highlights: notice the influx of laser-telescopes trying to blind us all.

Super Lasers using 4 battery digital camera:

Two-battery vidcam laser super show:

5G duckbill/laser lamps/phosphor coating/dielectric antenna/450-volt capacitor weapon

14 pelicans died at the Phoenix Zoo Nov. 2022 on the day 5G was turned on, as well the Holiday LED lighting display also, plus no paper maps just digital on the snack counter and map displays. The article said neurological spasms but had them tested for the fake bird flu to keep radiating all the poor animals there. Dolphinaris Scottsdale closed down after 6 dolphins got pneumonia from the chlorinated water and died.

This is one model of an HID (High Intensity Discharge) Metal Halide lamp which contains mercury. Funny how HID headlights had been recalled for excessive brightness, disability and discomfort glare, yet I see vehicles on the road still having them.


  • Warm-up period: Metal halide lamps require several minutes to reach full light output after being switched on. They also need a cool-down period before they can be restarted. This makes them unsuitable for applications that require frequent switching or instant brightness.
  • High initial cost: Metal halide lamps are more expensive than incandescent and fluorescent lamps in terms of initial purchase price. They also require special fixtures and ballasts to operate safely and efficiently, which adds to the cost.
  • High operating temperature: Metal halide lamps operate at a high temperature of about 1000 K inside the arc tube. This can cause heat damage to the lamp components and surrounding materials if not properly ventilated or cooled.
  • Ultraviolet radiation: Metal halide lamps produce ultraviolet radiation that can be harmful to humans, animals, plants, and materials if not filtered out by the glass bulb or a separate shield. Ultraviolet radiation can also cause color fading and degradation of some materials over time.
  • Flickering: Metal halide lamps can flicker due to fluctuations in voltage, current, or frequency. Flickering can affect the quality and stability of the light output and cause eye strain or headaches for some people.
  • Halcor Metal Halide Lamp
  • Metal Halide lamps designed for permanent incurable burning of eyes and skin
  • Box says not to use near people. Contains mercury [Hg] and aluminium. Mercury melts aluminium. Mercury emits ultraviolet radiation.

LED report

LED [light-emitting diodes = laser split in two – di-ode]

Even if colored still emits blue-rich ultraviolet xrays. Made with Gallium Arsenide

Gallium [Ga] – corrosive chemical burns skin and eyes

Arsenic [As] – metal that can be poisonous depending upon usage.


What is the problem with gallium?

* Gallium is a CORROSIVE CHEMICAL and contact can severely irritate and burn the skin and eyes with possible eye damage. * Breathing Gallium can irritate the nose and throat causing coughing and wheezing. * Gallium may damage the liver and kidneys.

Arsenic: Science News

Those light-emitting diodes marketed as safe, environmentally preferable alternatives to traditional light bulbs actually contain lead, arsenic and a dozen other potentially hazardous substances, according to new research.

Smart Meter report: proof that smart meters cause heart damage.

Smart-metering devices digital taze using your power to run on, making it an appliance with no building codes or permits, violating building, fire, pool safety,  electrical and vibration codes  that city council heads deem it in their wallets to change freely the wording of the codes to fit into smart city takeovers. Smartmeters are an unlawful murder weapon ‘deployment’ with huge kickbacks.

See SGIG Grants:

Me: 2010-2014

The FCC website states the “Focus” meters run at 900 Kilohertz [KHz] up to 1 Gigahertz [GHz= 1 billion times per second], yet standard wiring is 60-240 Hertz. So the wiring will deteriorate, the pulsing and constant seismic vibration will loosen pipeline fitting, dry out mortar, crack foundations, blow out appliances and cook and kill all biological life. These sport a 10-station 2-way radio-emitting audible noise (Eric Anderson Sound Engineer, 2015, Phoenix), microphoning you (the FCC site says they have a microphone which violates privacy rights), like the Smart TVs and other screens designed to burn the frontal cortex of the brain. When I’m near one I can feel my forehead burning. These units also videotape you and takes photos of you.

The 3D virtual reality eye movies also blind slowly, cooking eyeballs into hard-boiled eggs.

1979 Lidar Report for Battlefield

DARPA ordered [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency]

The self-driving aka autonomous vehicles are military weapons funded by taxpayers invading towns and causing death, chronic traffic jams, blinding pedestrians and drivers from laser spinners up top, legal that they don’t stay in any one position for over ¼ second, the base contains the magnetron to sterilize occupants, and mix with CO emissions to cook drivers more.

Prelim: the DARPA Challenge:

One pedestrian death 3-18-18

Elaine Marie Herzberg – why did the LED headlights and streetlights cause disruptive glare?


LIDAR [laser/radar/sonar/video] = “Excellent weapon of War”…Survey of Ophthalmology Nov/Dec 2000 Vol. I, issue iii

Velodyne Corp.: “…spend $300 on top laser will damage the retina…$1,000. For top laser damages the cornea…” a corp. owned by 2 German guys.

What I saw next to a GM white car May 2017 – or couldn’t see. Here I speak in court 60 days before the demise of Elaine Herzberg, and 4 days before I called the chamber of commerce and 2 galleries that these vehicles were enemy weapons and are very dangerous.

Here’s what 5G sounds like. Notice the vertical laser shows 20 times as it spins in a 2 minute video. Notice as this hybrid self-driving NURO by PRIUS pulls away you can see the radiation from the magnetron with the gas waving on either side, twirling around my area for three years since Elaine Marie was killed by the Uber Lidar. Here’s the shocking video of Elaine’s demise:

For the NURO BY PRIUS – And –


A NEW LOW: LIDAR Bathymetry on Marine Life:

LIDAR Bathymetry – give this time to load:




Laser scanners [flat or handheld]             Solar Flares                Chemtrails                HAARP

Skylaser          WIFI [wireless fields]             Smart TV’s              5G/6G      Cell towers [Masts]

Smart zmeters – various high-pitched noise ,mirroring sick organ frequencies to make healthy organs think they’re sick.

ESD [electric shock drowning]

Please sign:

SONAR – blindness thru sound

DEWs – drones some camouflaged with mirrors shooting beams, satellites, Starlink, Spacex

Lethal injections and nasal swabs, vexxine patents for fraudulent computer graphics animations and fake plandemics, medical coercion and fraud

Fake Medicine poisons/drugs pseudo-pharmaceuticals

Drone fireworks 100 – 200 drones’ remote-control programming

Less noise and gun smoke than traditional fireworks lots of radio frequencies

WIFI antennas placed under stadium seats

Magnets in baseballs, skis, golf balls, attracted to metal tooth braces and other metals.

Judge Wilkins also stated “not evidence based.”

Sacks of potatoes used by Boeing 2012 test for human safety levels on planes. It seems the safety level was determined by interference with emergency communications.

Plastic head with fluid in it to represent live human brain tissue called “SAR” [specific absorption rate] and there’s no evidence there were batteries inside the cell to its “ear.”

The torso cost $1 million and tests fluid on another “dummy.”

Thank you for your time reading this article and to all the contributors and proofers.

Floris R. Freshman, Author

Additional references:

IEEE Xplore

Energy Sage

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