Some Thoughts on Movements…

By Derrick Broze

Reflecting on 14 years of participating in movements.


It’s interesting to me to see different aspects of the “Truth/Freedom” movement get caught up in so many niche debates and discussions. It reminds me of my time focusing my energy within the “Liberty” movement.

There would be these debates “within the movement” about this celebritarian activist, or this niche aspect of the philosophy, or this stupid thing someone said on Twitter, and then the debates would rage for weeks on podcasts, blogs, social media, etc. Sometimes it would be an interesting intellectual exercise, but for the most part I realized that the people looking in from the outside are like, “WTF are these people talking about? Who are they? What is this internet drama?”

I feel this is a problem of most movements, especially political. They are insulated and often social media reinforces this because we follow pages and people who have similar views, thus creating an echo chamber. We then believe EVERYONE is focused on this topic or EVERYONE has any idea what the hell we are talking about.

I see this happening with the “health freedom” movement, too, just as I saw it with the 9/11 Truth movement. People are so caught up in their tiny differences that they spend their time fighting each other and not trying to reach the masses. Instead, the masses see a bunch of nuts people arguing over semantics, or tiny details and are driven away.

My goal since the day I woke up in mid-2009 has been to reach as many people as possible, encouraging critical thinking, and questioning narratives. Now, obviously, in pursuit of knowledge there will be debates and discussions to come to finer conclusions and understanding. I am not saying we shouldn’t have these talks (still, someone will claim I am saying that!).

How to Opt-Out of the Technocratic State: 2nd Edition

by Derrick Broze

What I am saying is that my goals are not to get bogged down in the minutiae of these discussions, but instead to help those who are just starting to question in order to further their journey towards truth. Also, my work has always been focused on localization and decentralization, meaning how we can decentralize the power of the State and focus on solutions for our local communities.

I see this as a huge blind spot in many online activists. They have no connection to their local community in person. They only exist on the internet and make no effort to promote solutions or educate their own community. This is a huge problem and blind spot.

My point: Spend less time arguing on the internet and focus your energy on empowering those closest to you. If we each do this, we will indeed create a better, more free, and educated world.

For me, this includes educating people about the coming Technocratic State, Transhumanism, Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, and more importantly, helping people understand the #ExitAndBuild philosophy that I see as the true answer.

That is my focus and goal. My goal and focus is NOT to argue over tiny details or get lost in subculture, niche movements. I am aiming to reach the masses.

Thank you.

Derrick is the founder of TCRN.

Source: The Conscious Resistance Network

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