Elisabeth Hoekstra’s Remarkable Story

By Neenah Payne

Elisabeth Hoekstra, is a successful entrepreneur of Korean descent from Detroit, Michigan. She is an inspiration to many today despite experiencing a traumatic childhood. Hoekstra is an accomplished author, a model/actress appearing in many mainstream magazines, TV shows, and movies, a CWPC certified working pastry chef, and a household name in the Michigan real estate industry.

Hoekstra is a writer, producer, and actress who is best known for being the director of Operations 4BiddenKnowledge with her husband Billy Carson and the founder of Bio-Hack Your Best Life. She has gained popularity after releasing some podcasts which have been streamed in Apple Music, Spotify, and other digital platforms. Hoekstra was awarded a certificate from Harvard in 2022 after returning to formal studies of cell biology mitochondria.

Elisabeth Hoekstra Transforms Lives With Bio-hacking

The beginning of a journey doesn’t always determine the destination. The story of Elisabeth Hoekstra, an accomplished entrepreneur, a bestselling author, and a trauma survivor is proof. She is a role model to youth who want to turn around their life holistically without undergoing any medical program. Elisabeth Hoekstra is an expert in holistic remedies, biohacking, and different modalities that can help people pivot lives positively and start living sober.

The story of Elisabeth Hoekstra started during her childhood when she was in school. She was adopted, and sexually abused as a young child, which led her to a life of trauma. To escape her mental issues, Elisabeth started seeking pleasure in drugs and alcohol as a means of escape and soon became addicted to them. Her early school life was a blur as she floated through school easily being naturally smart, but by the time she graduated, the drugs really took hold. Even with her secret addictions, she became a successful model and actress in Hollywood.

Elisabeth had appeared in movies, popular TV shows, music videos, and mainstream magazines. However, there was a dark side of her she never turned off. This was a secret life in the streets “hustling” to support her expensive tastes. However, her luck ran out and her illegal dealings on the street ended up in a lawsuit. She has spent an extended period in jail and eventually realized the value of true life. Determined to turn her life around, she returned to school and focused more on being sober after becoming a mother.

From a “party girl”, addicted to drugs and alcohol dealing with trauma, and living a life of crime, Elisabeth is now an accomplished entrepreneur with a list of achievements in her career. She went to school at Davenport University for Business Marketing and Management. After joining Schoolcraft College for culinary arts she received her baking and pastry certificate and soon after become a Certified Working Pastry Chef (CWPC), she assisted in opening an award-winning restaurant as a pastry chef. Apart from her academic accomplishments, Elisabeth is also a licensed real estate agent who broke state records securing the most offices within the shortest period of time.

Elisabeth became the president of a mental health and wellness center quickly using the connections she made during her acting and modeling career helping to build the company in creative ways. Thanks to her efforts to bring awareness about the unhygienic water condition in Detroit schools, many schools in that region have now installed water purification systems. She is a certified expert in cell biology, and mitochondria, from the prestigious Harvard University. Currently, Elisabeth is a bestselling author and a podcaster. She is the host of a hit podcast titled Bio-Hack Your Best Life that she hosts with the famous author Billy Carson. She also heads the company, 4biddenknowledge Inc., as the Director of Operations.

Her list of accomplishments proves that Elisabeth has not only turned her life around but has gained focus on achieving her goals. The most inspiring point in her story is that Elisabeth never went to rehab or underwent a program to become sober. She fixed her issues on her own through holistic remedies, biohacking, and modalities. Now, she is on a mission to help others find the same inspiration in life through biohacking and different modalities.

Just like a person born in poverty can become financially free with hard work and dedication in life, a person in trauma can be healed and can find happiness again. Elisabeth Hoekstra’s goal in life is to write more inspiring books in the coming years to reach people in different corners of the world. She wants them to know that no one is broken beyond repair, and her story exemplifies it.

Chronic Kids, Constant Hope: Help and Encouragement for Parents of Children with Chronic Conditions

Amazon Description

“As the grandmother of a child born with spina bifida, I especially appreciated the authors’ honest and, at times, heartbreaking stories about God’s calling for their lives. That they have discovered joy, found patience, and received grace at unexpected moments while parenting their chronic kids provides valuable support for our own journeys.” ~Debra Evans, family wellness expert and author.

“Finally, a rare combination of practical information interwoven with the agonizing spiritual questions we’re afraid to ask aloud! The authors have reached into their own souls and come out with a unique perspective that transforms what could be constant suffering into continual joy.” ~Dandi Mackall, author, speaker, and mother of a “chronic kid”

With the heart and understanding of moms who are living it themselves, Elizabeth Hoekstra and Mary Bradford offer encouragement and help for fellow parents of “chronic kids.” If you were blessed with such a child, you are not alone. An estimated one-third of U.S. families have children with conditions ranging from asthma to cystic fibrosis—conditions that may not be imminently life-threatening, but are nevertheless life-altering for the entire family.

Hoekstra and Bradford address specific issues such as dealing with emotions, what to do when friends say insensitive things, praying effectively, finding good medical care, and navigating the insurance maze. Through their honesty, the experiences of other parents, and your own chronic kid, you will discover how to recognize and absorb God’s grace and hope as you live out His plan for your lives.

The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness

Amazon Description

According to the dictionary, the definition of recipe is a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required. This is precisely why I absolutely love the work that Elisabeth Hoekstra put into this book. Elisabeth has literally given us an amazing recipe for obtaining an elevated consciousness. All of the ingredients that one would need to elevate themselves from their current state of being are thoughtfully laid out in this book.

We can travel into the past to conduct some existential detective work in order to understand how our experiences have shaped our reactions in the present. The founding father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, stated that our mind is like an iceberg – only a small part of it is above the waterline, while the rest drifts in the murky depths of our unconscious. Only when we pull our darkest fears and desires into the light of the conscious mind, where we can examine them calmly and analytically, will they begin to lose their monstrosity and much of their influence. What we do not know consciously – the repressed – is the true “other” to genuine self-knowledge.

Elisabeth Hoekstra skillfully takes us on a journey to rediscover who we really are. It is through this epiphany of self-knowledge that we can truly begin to understand our true nature and do the shadow work needed to climb out of the abyss. This book will inspire you to bio-hack your best life. “The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness” is a motivational self-help book/memoir written by Elisabeth Hoekstra. Hoekstra draws from her own life and uses personal anecdotes to convey lessons on various aspects of the human condition to help people lead happy and fulfilling lives. The book reveals Elisabeth’s story in interview format with the second half providing alternative remedies to help reach higher levels of consciousness. A must read!” -Daniel G. Amen, M.D. – Psychiatrist and 12x New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder of Amen Clinics.

The Mother Earth Effect: Connect To The Earth and Heal

Amazon Description

“Beneath your feet lies an amazing gift from Nature with the potential to quickly restore your health, balance, and quality of life. This gift is the very Earth we live on. Earth is naturally equipped with a surprisingly built-in healing power that may be the most effective medicine available. Earthing, also known as grounding, is a major discovery showing that contact with this natural energy stabilizes the way the body works at the deepest level, draining it of inflammation, pain, and stress, and generating greater well-being.

Over many years after a seemingly innocuous shift in the design of shoes from leather to plastics and rubber, Electron-deficit disorders developed. Electron-deficit disorders refer to a wide variety of conditions that have quietly come to interfere with our wellness. Modern research has documented disastrous shifts in our biology and health caused by a lack of contact with the surface of the Earth. Our modern lifestyles have separated us from nature’s best antioxidants and from important biological rhythms.

Fortunately, these shifts are easily remedied with the practice of Earthing. This discovery represents a health and healing breakthrough and has been creating a big buzz in the health world since the release of the Earthing study and book. Earthing is accessible to everyone and is as simple as walking or sitting barefoot outdoors on the ground or lying on the ground with skin contact on the earth. At any moment you have pain, go out and try it. Your connection to Earth will knock down and knock out inflammation in your body. That’s an effect with massive benefits. Inflammation is considered a primary cause or aggravator of chronic and aging-related disorders.

These disorders include:

  • cardiovascular diseases
  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • autoimmune disorders
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Autism

Within this book, you will find amazing stories of women who have overcome debilitating conditions by using this method of healing. Maybe it will even provide you and your loved ones with the same benefits!

Bio-Hack Your Best Life

Elisabeth Hoekstra (Author)

Have you ever wondered how to feel mentally and physically optimal, but never had the steps to take to get there? Join Elisabeth and Billy as they lay out methods backed by research and science to become your most optimal self. Elisabeth has experienced over 60 different holistic modalities, making her an expert on hacking her own mental and physical health.

Billy aka 4biddenknowledge had a rough start living underneath the ghetto — to now running multiple, million dollar companies. This self-made millionaire has the keys to successfully maneuver this matrix. Bio-hack your best life will provide ways to manifest and become the co-creator of your best life by creating more self-awareness, and addressing the stress and trauma that western culture has learned to ignore.


The successful entrepreneur is an inspiration to many lives today

Elisabeth Hoekstra

Transformation is not an overnight occurrence. It is an intentional journey intended to impact an individual or an organization at some point positively. In life, you might encounter horrifying ordeals that can adversely affect your emotions and personality. This can prompt you to involve yourself in unhealthy activities as you try to ease your pain and cope with life. But that is not the end of life. There is still hope, and you can face the world head-on, start a transformational journey, and become a source of influence and inspiration to the world around you.

Elisabeth Hoekstra, a successful entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan, is an inspiration to many lives today despite experiencing a traumatic childhood that negatively affected her life. She experienced horrifying ordeals during her early years, causing severe trauma that propelled her into drugs, alcohol, and partying at a very young age. At the same time, Elisabeth was a passionate and talented actress/model who had gained popularity in Hollywood and was featured in music videos, movies, TV shows, and magazines.

Although Elisabeth was making it big on the screens, her life had a dark side. She was involved in illegal activities on the streets to support her lifestyle, which led to her arrest and imprisonment. “My imprisonment was my life’s turning point. After my release, I resolved to go back to school and live a transformed life. Also, the birth of my son marked a significant turning point,” shares Elisabeth.

Today, Elisabeth is an accomplished author on a mission to inspire as many lives as possible through her transformational story. She has also achieved so much in life to become a force to reckon with in society. She is a model/actress appearing in many mainstream magazines, TV shows, and movies, a CWPC certified working pastry chef, and a household name in the Michigan real estate industry. “Some schools in Detroit are enjoying water filtration systems that were installed recently. This was a huge initiative I took on in 2018 to spread awareness about the unfair conditions in the Detroit school systems.” adds Elisabeth. She also owns a hit podcast, Bio-Hack Your Best Life, which she hosts with the self-made millionaire, Billy Carson.

Elisabeth’s biggest challenge was overcoming her unresolved trauma. She also had to deal with an addiction to drugs and alcohol and going to jail for an extended period. Through holistic remedies and different modalities, Elisabeth recovered by fixing the issues with her power and began to live a transformed life. “A traumatic start does not have to be a life sentence. You can get over anything and live your best life manifesting whatever abundance you want daily once you deal with your unresolved trauma within your mind, body, and energy,” Elisabeth explains.

Elisabeth hopes to speak to many people through her transformational story and inspire change within others. She also plans to help grow and expand 4biddenknowledge Inc. past Amazon and Netflix and cement her name in the writing space by publishing more best-selling books in the coming years. Lastly, she looks forward to creating a fundamental change in the world to usher in a golden era free of war, abuse, and other terrifying events that can cause trauma.

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Billy Carson and Elisabeth Hoekstra

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