Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Day of Reckoning

By Neenah Payne

This Form Can Save Your Life When Hospitalized! discusses the growing lawsuits for people harmed by the use of remdesivir in hospitals. Dr. Anthony Fauci mandated remdesivir as the standard of care for hospitalized COVID patients although it had been withdrawn from an Ebola trial for killing so many people. Remdesivir reportedly kills about 40% of the hospitalized patients who receive it.

Lawsuits Pile Up Alleging Remdesivir Killed COVID Patients:

Despite research showing remdesivir is ineffective against COVID-19 and can cause high rates of organ failure, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the experimental antiviral drug for use against COVID-19 — and it’s still being used.

Story at a glance:

  • The antiviral drug remdesivir, brand name Veklury, is approved for use against COVID-19 despite research showing it lacks effectiveness and can cause high rates of organ failure.
  • John Beaudoin is calling for a criminal investigation into remdesivir, citing data that it may have killed 100,000 people in the U.S.
  • Beaudoin received all the death certificates in Massachusetts from 2015 to 2022, finding 1,840 excess deaths from acute renal failure from Jan. 1, 2021, to Nov. 30, 2022, which he believes may be due to remdesivir.
  • A study published in The Lancet found “no clinical benefit” from the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients.
  • The U.S. government pays hospitals a 20% upcharge on the entire hospital bill when remdesivir is used.

Fauci: Something Clearly Went Wrong

Del Bigtree is the host of The Highwire which airs online Thursdays from 2-4 ET. On April 27 this year, the show discussed The New York Times Magazine article Dr. Fauci Looks Back” ‘Something Clearly Went Wrong’. Even Fauci is now admitting there were very serious problems with the disastrous COVID policies he forced on the nation.

Yet, the corporate media had fawned over Fauci and hailed him as a virtual saint. Anyone who questioned his policies was attacked as dangerous and silenced by the corporate media and Big Tech.

It was an era of real tyranny in which our First Amendment rights were violated. Fauci proclaimed that any criticism of him were an attack on science and attempted to silence all critics — the opposite of the scientific approach of open inquiry. Now he is himself a critic of his own policies!


In an extensive New York Times interview, Anthony Fauci admitted that it’s ‘unacceptable’ that the richest nation in the world had the most deaths per-capita from COVID-19.


Fauci blamed “misinformation and disinformation” for “really hurting so many things, including people’s trust in science,” yet on his watch, laws were passed that empowered government agencies to strip doctors of their medical licenses for questioning the wisdom of vaccines.

These efforts left a profound lasting impact on medicine and the patient-doctor relationship. Suddenly physicians were forced to choose between offering their best advice or losing their ability to practice medicine. Anthony Fauci’s legacy is one of narcissism and power.

The glorification of his massive ego trumped any scientific or medical data. His policies were giveaways to the pharmaceutical industry, which helped burnish his image and crush dissent. He saw his opportunity for the spotlight and seized it. Now, rather than admit mistakes, Fauci is intent on revising history.  Unfortunately for his legacy, we’re all living with the consequences of his hubris, and they are impossible to overlook.


Dr. Pierre Kory Discusses Fauci’s COVID Catastrophe

Pierre Kory, M.D., MPA is the president and chief medical officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. He opened a tele-health clinic at www.drpierrekory.com with a specialized focus on the treatment of both post-vaccination injury and long-haul covid syndromes. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM DR. PIERRE KORY,

Dr. Kory’s book The War on Ivermectin can be pre-ordered on Amazon and will be available on June 6.

Amazon Description

Big Pharma and health agencies cry “Don’t take ivermectin!” A media storm follows. Why then, does the science say the opposite? Ivermectin is a dirty word in the media. The drug has been derided and declared useless. Doctors have earnestly recorded pleas asking those afflicted with COVID-19 not to take the drug. But why?

The War on Ivermectin is the personal and professional narrative of Dr. Pierre Kory, the cofounder of an expert group of physicians, and his plight to alert the world of his group’s identification of ivermectin as a highly effective, lifesaving, widely-available generic medicine with an obvious ability to end the global pandemic.

In this book, Dr. Kory details all the personal attacks, professional setbacks, and concerted, corrupt, and highly-effective actions which influenced the world’s major health agencies and medical journals to dismiss and deny its efficacy.  Dr. Kory also relates firsthand the catastrophic impacts of mass media censorship and relentless mass media propaganda that he witnessed against ivermectin and his organization’s ability to help save lives.

Despite these barriers, Dr. Kory and his colleagues’ efforts led to what is now twenty-three countries containing 25 percent of the world’s population to have partially or fully adopted ivermectin into their COVID-19 treatment guidelines. Although numerous studies and epidemiologic data have shown that many millions of lives were saved globally with the systematic use of ivermectin, many more millions perished as the result of what he eventually discovered to be the deep, long-standing, pervasive, and corruptive power of the pharmaceutical industry in its decades-long wars on generic medicines.

They can’t make money on ivermectin like they can on so many other drugs and vaccines, so why would they promote it? Due to Big Pharma’s consistent lies and gaslighting about this incredibly effective drug, the war on ivermectin has led to one of the greatest human death tolls in history.

Senator Ron Johnson’s Amazing COVID Hearings  shows that when Dr. Kory testified before Congress in November 2021, he BEGGED the FDA to look into Ivermectin which he described as a “miracle cure” for COVID. It had won the Nobel Prize in Medicine and later helped save India from COVID. San Salvador gave all COVID patients Ivermectin for free.

However, the US refused to consider ivermectin or the other early treatments for COVID because the COVID shots could not receive Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) if any treatments were available. Without EUAs, the shots would have to be tested for years and could not have been rolled out in 2021.

Dr. Kory published the Substack below on 5/3/23.

Another Op-Ed Attack At Fauci’s Never-Ending Victory Tour

“Published another Op-Ed going after Fauci on FoxNews.com, one of the most visited news sites on the internet. When will he get the memo and just crawl away into obscurity? Narcissism is a bitch.

“What a dystopian nightmare watching “America’s Doctor” try to continue his Covid victory tour. It is both shocking and unsurprising that he would do this despite leaving a generation of children with lower IQ scores, a U.S Life expectancy which dropped three years in the span of two, hundreds of thousands of deaths from the vaccines amongst working-age Americans (threatening the life insurance industry), millions of vaccine injured, skyrocketing disability rates, an explosion of cancers, and suddenly plummeting birth rates is just too much for me to take.

So, I went after him. Again. Maybe he will get the memo this time, particularly in light of the frosty receptions he has received of late from normally kid-gloved, obsequious interviewers. Enjoy (I included the Foxnews.com audio version below if interested).


Dr. Anthony Fauci left government in December, but his media tour is going strong, albeit with a different tone and tenor. The fawning adulation and questions about his exercise regimes and bobbleheads have been replaced by skepticism and outright doubt from outlets who never dared question the all-knowing man once dubbed “America’s doctor” by The New Yorker.

Fauci recently appeared on CNN to complain about, “a personification of me as a person who essentially closed everything down.” He was responding to a lengthy sit down with the New York Times where he declared, “Show me a school that I shut down and show me a factory that I shut down. Never. I never did. I gave a public-health recommendation that echoed the C.D.C.’s recommendation, and people made a decision based on that.”

For all his faults, Fauci is no fool. One does not spend 54 years ensconced in the federal government without learning how to play politics. Three years removed from the worst of the COVID pandemic, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases knows the policy decisions guided by his medical recommendations are looking worse by the day.  Herein lies his problem. When his ideas were in vogue, Fauci had no problem claiming responsibility. Now that the ugly consequences are coming due, he is eager to wash his hands.



In the face of plummeting math and reading scores between 2020 and 2022, Fauci is especially quick to deny his role in the school shutdowns. Last fall, Fauci raised eyebrows for denying that school lockdowns, “forever irreparably damaged anyone.”  Yet, as late as September 2020, Fauci recommended that schools only open back up once the virus is “under control.” Earlier in the year, he had chastised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, warning that premature re-opening “likely” lead to widespread student infection.

Today, even left-leaning sources concede that, “kids are safe. They always have been.”

Then came the vaccines. From the outset, Fauci’s entire COVID mitigation strategy was based on an experimental vaccine rushed to market under the branding “warp speed.” There had never been an mRNA-approved vaccine before, and now it was being pushed non-stop from the White House podium with the full support of the pharmaceutical industry.  It was always highly illogical to deploy a static vaccine toward a mutagenic and constantly changing coronavirus. Then came the checks the vaccines couldn’t write. Fauci told us they would stop transmission. He implored us to “follow the science.”


Today, the science is clear: the COVID vaccine does not prevent transmission or contagion of the virus. Yet even now, Fauci continues to lament that “only 68 percent of the country is vaccinated” and says “we do really poorly” compared to the rest of the world. European countries like Switzerland, normally held up by American academics as worthy of emulation, are advising their citizens against the vaccine. There’s a reason that known vaccine expert Robert Kennedy Jr. is already earning the support of nearly one in five Democrat voters.

In my private practice, I have treated more than 500 patients suffering injuries from the vaccine. I have seen the unintended — but brutal — harm they’ve often caused up close and personal. Yet, to raise any of these issues is to risk one’s livelihood. That is Fauci’s greatest stain on our country. Fauci fostered an environment where doctors who deviated from the preferred party line were persecuted and even criminalized for offering a different point of view. Silencing free expression and thought is the antithesis of America, and dangerous for science, innovation, and medicine.

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

Top image: Wikipedia.org

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