Fox News’ Number One Host Let Go. US Going to War?

Op-Ed by Philip C. Restino, Jr.

Tucker Carlson was taken off the air for what some of us believe is part of the current administration getting ready to take the US to war. We’ve seen this move before.

Carlson is the only antiwar newsman on mainstream news and he also has a top-rated show, just the same as Phil Donahue was when he got taken down before the US made war on Iraq in 2003. At the same time the “left” and the corporate- and foundation-funded “public” media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, et al.) has been supporting and pushing the American people to support the US-funded, US-armed and supplied, and US-directed war in Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson reported last week what was revealed from the leaked Pentagon papers that many of us have known for years … US troops have been on the ground and actively engaged in the fighting in Ukraine. Similar to US “advisors” (troops with guns) on the ground in Vietnam before Johnson pulled off the Gulf of Tonkin false-flag in August 1964 as an excuse for the US to go to war in Vietnam.

Why isn’t the so-called “antiwar” left defending the young USAF airman Jack Teixeira like they defended the young Army soldier Bradley Manning when he leaked video of US war crimes? Oh, that’s right, the current warmongering administration is democrat you see, and above all, Orangeman bad, so it’s OK … let’s lie for and support a new US war. I learned a lot about the subterfuge, the lies, the misdirection, both the government and political influence, and the influence from “funding” (follow the money, who’s behind the money in these foundations?) within these organizations in my 11 years as the Central Florida chapter leader of the national “left-only-need-apply” antiwar organization, Veterans For Peace.

A lot of criminality on the part of the current administration is starting to be revealed in the hearings run by the republicans, the economy is tanking, inflation is growing exponentially, people are waking up to so many things … time for the current administration (it doesn’t matter if democrat or republican, they all do it) to get the US into a war and silence all the critics and truth tellers (Carlson, like Donahue before him).

I’m curious as to what they’re going to pull in terms of a false-flag to justify taking this country to war. Dear God, whatever you do, please keep these “crazies in charge” away from the nuclear launch codes!

Phil Restino
Co-Founder and Chapter Coordinator (2005 – 2016)
Col. Bob Bowman Memorial Chapter (disbanded Jan 2016)
Central Florida Veterans For Peace (VFP Chapter 136)

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