Four Ways to Spell ‘Disaster’

By Peter Tocci

An illustration below depicts the various, related, conveniently ignored “glitches” informing one of the ways to spell disaster: E.L.E.C.T.R.I.C. V.E.H.I.C.L.E.S. – though not all glitches, including kinetic energy in dense, heavy objects in motion (batteries), intensifying collisions – never mind bursting into flame.

Three other glitched-out features of the clean-green-future psyop share the madness with EVs. Any one has the potential to destroy the earth — in the name of saving it.

W.I.N.D. P.O.W.E.R || S.O.L.A.R. P.O.W.E.R.

B.A.T.T.E.R.Y-D.R.I.V.E.N S.O.C.I.E.T.Y.

Take your pick.

Motivated by the Papa-Bear psyop, CO2/climate, the illustration shows deal-breaking factors inherent in EV industry — ignored/downplayed in that narrative, but of equally great or greater concern, though different. In other words, swapping one type of eco/suicidal excess for another, with a big splash of propaganda to grease it.

I won’t bore with the pro/con debate around the carbon/climate hypothesis, but will point out that while carbon (copy) proponents assert, “All available science says…” our (“captured“) FCC and its evil twin the FDA (note smiling figure withs phone against head) reverse the tactic, “…to date, there is no consistent or credible scientific evidence of health problems…” between phones/WiFi and illness, when there are tens of thousands of peer-reviewed papers. And there’s an unseemly conflict twist.

Also downplayed in the narrative is that there are certain massive oxygen-to-CO2 conversion operations in which ‘technociety’ specializes (one especially) that plainly get a pass – more below.

No revelation, the Climate/FCC/FDA approach is called perception management. Here’s mostly all about it, going back to the Founding: Psywar, one of today’s most important documentaries.

Propaganda has become the primary means whereby the wealthy communicate with the rest of society. – Psywar

So it is for alt-energy today, excellent for industries profit, nightmare for planet and society. No matter though, because when the whole thing fails, they can say, “Well, we tried…” Just before the lights go out. For balance, here’s the World Bank PR page on the narrative, Climate-Smart Mining. Bzzzwords?

No secret, qualified counterpoint voices are denigrated as misinformers and denied that voice in the mainstream. System believers don’t think it can be done at such scale — too many have to be ‘in on it.’ Untrue. The control ‘mechanism’ is simple in this case. The few giant corporations that own/control the media need only control managing editors (and put all careers on the line). Ice cream.

For example, what if the MSM investigated and revealed that/why the Kings of OilCo – Rockefeller Brothers Foundation – created their own potential nemesis: the IPCC. Wherein “all available science” is carefully ‘selected’ — for the MSM, which always parrots the story from ‘official sources’.

If you want some nuts and bolts on how the control Drama is played, try this book:

Author Webb is a remarkably resourceful, meticulous and insightful researcher. When I say Drama, however, it means ‘another level’ exists – beyond the game she so expertly dissects. Most visible players, like these, aren’t autonomous, but serve/are controlled by script writers/orchestrators in the ‘wings’.

Example: Book description includes …consequences resulting from the nearly century old relationship between both US and Israeli intelligence and the organized criminal network known as the National Crime Syndicate.

True enough. But is it a “relationship” as commonly conceived, where at least two entities connect and conspire? Or are the three noted entities, like so many key aspects of technociety, the pre-connected creations and interactive operating arms of said orchestrators?

Separateness in appearance only? Different masks on the same face? Yes, it’s how Power operates in the system it created for the purpose. ‘Non-autonomy’ applies to national leaders, governments and international bodies. It sounds fantastical – until one begins to see how far back in time it goes and how deep goes the rabbit hole.

Principle: Villainy isn’t done by governments, agencies and visible players; it’s done through them. How Power Created, Shaped, Manipulates and Controls Techno-Human Society: A Synthesis – Part 1 of 4: The Power Hierarchy. From the article:

From Trilaterals Over Washington, Antony Sutton, p.17 (1978, original August Corporation edition):

A widespread myth in American society is that the president has completely independent power, that he is not beholden to some power base. Indeed, the president has power, but presidential power can in fact be applied only within carefully framed guidelines, and this has been the case at least since the days of President Grant.

“At least” is true, but begging the question a bit. It’s been the case, one way or another, since the Founding:

Colonies do not cease to be colonies because they are independent. – Benjamin Disraeli

Illustration credit:

Carbon Emissions/Windpower. As noted, EVs imply wind and solar support systems. Many major industries underly windpower, but central is one as precious as oil to our “First-World” way of life: Steel.

Processing: Like Mad Elon’s and others’ reckless satellite programs, making steel means massive conversion of oxygen to CO2 and intense coal/coke consumption. And in the case of satellites, conversion works in both directions – up, and down again. Not all the way down, though – yet. More later.

Oxygen consumption per ton of steel, about 110 cubic meters.

Not sure why aluminum’s listed twice; and to be honest, I can’t find the PDF on the NMA site. But the NMA logo is on it (can be stolen, yes), and it’s cited on the World Bank page — which says …over 3 billion tons of minerals and metals will be needed to deploy wind, solar and geothermal power, as well as energy storage, required for achieving a below 2°C future (!).

Anyway, the point is made: Monumental stupidity. Sold as necessary. But even if the Carbon/Climate narrative held water, it wouldn’t be viable.

This article: 1688 Tons of material to build just 1 windmill (2 MW, “windmill,” bad choice of words) contains two video links, each showing time-lapse construction of a single tower (big ones). Mindblowing. The far-reaching implications escape many swooning cheerleaders 🙂 Please don’t fall to watch.

In reckless progress is a “crisis”-justified shift – alternative energy “solutions” (including toxic solar) with increasingly severe consequences for environmental viability, peace, health, and human rights/social justice.

But steel can’t hold a wet candle to the oxygen conversion by rocket launches around the globe, requiring untold amounts of liquid oxygen. It’s taken from the air and liquified in a cryogenic air separation plant. An energy-efficient process, to be sure…

A gallon of “LOX” is about 3.3 cubic meters of oxygen gas (not air).

Finding current data on Space-X rocket fuel capacity/consumption is challenging; but per launch in 2011, the Space-X first stage used 64,890 gallons of liquid oxygen and 38,570 gallons of RP-1 fuel (kerosene). Second stage used 7,400 US gal. of liquid oxygen and 4,500 RP-1. All becoming CO2. I haven’t seen a peep from the Carbon/Climate Crowd, but if anyone has, please cite in Comments.

Digression: Mad Elon’s rockets take off from Space Launch Complex 40 of Cape Canaveral Space Force Base. Space Force?

Yes, our new Air Force Space Command. Officially the 6th military branch — and insult to the global sentiment of a few decades ago to reserve space for peaceful endeavor. Go here and search for “full spectrum dominance” (but first you might want to ask yourself what Space Force has to do with COVID 19 and Reproductive Health 🙂 See also. And see also.

A bit concerning is that the Air Force is also sticking a surveillance nose into civilian business. And hopefully this item will cause a slight chill in the spine: The Shadowy CIA Data Firms Behind the Creation of Digital Vaccine Passport IDs. These two entities also operate for the orchestrators.

As below, so above, techno-humanity’s most notable talent – waste creation – now filling space with junk. Of the large amount produced – from launches themselves and obsolete and dysfunctional satellites – most must de-orbit to burn up in the atmosphere – an increasing necessity.  And the plan forever, apparently.

“Burn up” in this case means not only consuming oxygen and creating more CO2, but leaving quite toxic combustion trails. This will include the ozone layer. Any “greenhouse” contribution as well? Any peep from the Carbon/Climate Crowd?

Regarding wind turbines, there also seems to be a potentially disastrous geophysics issue, of ‘stealing’ kinetic energy Earth uses to move air masses globally. “They” never mention it.

But one can imagine “green” eyes bulging, mouths watering over a windfall (pun intended) for the rapacious mining industry traditionally wreaking havoc on surroundings anywhere projects exist. Rape of Earth = First World staple. The polite term, of course, ‘natural resources.’ The ‘right’ to destroy what we didn’t create.

Electro-obsession means expanding the full-blown process of persistently destroying the earth, now supposedly to save it. An Orwellian oxymoron on steroids. Sad/inspiring tale (6:39)

Copper is one of the more environmentally devastating minerals to (open pit) mine. Here’s the horrendous story of the now dead copper pit mine in Butte, Montana.

From Center for Biological Diversity:

Sacred to Western Apache and other Indigenous people, the beautiful lands of Oak Flat, Arizona are also home to species like ocelots and endangered Arizona hedgehog cacti. But this precious place is at imminent risk of being traded away and destroyed by an open-pit copper mine.

Struggle continues:

The International Energy Agency said in July 2022 that even just-announced “climate pledges” (!) could require an additional 50 lithium, 60 nickel, and 17 cobalt mines before 2030. Sanity? Could a mine be coming to your ‘neighborhood’?

Becoming targets, then, are any special places on earth containing the prize. Serbia, for example.

Digression: Serbia was a target of another kind as well.

Also, many may not realize, the orchestrated-via-Clinton Kosovo “war” paved the way for Afghanistan heroin into Europe. “News” will tell you it’s the Taliban, but it went on for the entire 20-year occupation. For overview, see The Politics of Heroin – CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade, Alfred W. McCoy. For the ‘Agency-special-op’ crack-cocaine epidemic, see Dark Alliance, Gary Webb (cost him his life). Laundered drug cash is vital to covert ops like terrorism, such as Iran Contra and to bolster/manipulate US financial system. “Everyone” in DC knows big ‘legit’ banks do it. No one peeps.

This alt-energy eco/suicidal debacle for profit is also driven by the self-involved, myopic demand from “precious metals” mania and ‘porfolioism.’ Another major, age-old, Elite psyop suiting their global money/banking/credit/debt/taxes enslavement system. And along come the crypto boys with the magic solution, imagining, and selling the idea, they can outsmart the orchestrators behind the players who birthed the Internet.

Human Rights. Lower left in the illustration. A bit of history of a major origin of First-World ‘standard of living’ being predicated on such abuse may serve.

No accident of economics, the Third World was ’set aside’ and deliberately repressed to enable ruthless assault for hard resources. Society’s manipulators knew/know that if the entire world were developed extravagantly like the First, the planet would be toast. So an exploitative socio-economic polarity was created internationally (and at home). Anyone who doubts this may have homework to do.

While the First World indulges its normalized extravagance, environment and people in its Third-World support system pay the price. Ruthless exploitation began with the Colonial Period, but was kicked into high gear in the 19th century by Africa rapist Cecil Rhodes & Co (Rothschild financed). Followed by Rhodes-founded, Oppenheimer-managed, diamond-criminal DeBeers. And much more. Well-researched stories of the brutal assault on Africa in full bloom today, making the developed world possible, are here; but the site isn’t loading at this writing, perhaps due to author illness (please read updates and help if you can), or some technical issue. Here’s one exemplary article. And his website.

The plan at the time was to make England dominant globally in a top-down societal structure, with big business the prime mover. Power had other ideas, however, and the City of London financial center was created to become a base of operations and front for the global Power Elite – aka, “the script writers/orchestrators in the ‘wings’.”

Below, photo source of the Human Rights illustration. Kids enslaved for profit and our Nature-killing wireless gadgets and rolling toys:

Pertaining to a recent train wreck, here in the good ol’ United Snakes, vinyl chloride is manufactured in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color in Louisiana, Texas and Kentucky. No secret, either, and true of other toxic industries, including petro. Third World at home.

Now there’s a standard of living. Junior-high field trip on cobalt mining.

Inconvenient truth again. If not for environmental ruin, human rights atrocities, slave labor, illness, lives in utter misery, and even long-term genocide, First-World standard of living wouldn’t be anywhere near as extravagant (apart from ‘Third’ poles at home). That is, if hard resources, energy and advanced technology were shared equitably in the world. But then, the planet would be dead – even sooner than current policy will bring.

Advanced Technology: Does Society’s Obsession Reflect a Form of Collective Mental Illness?

How much attention is paid in the daily lives of First-Worlders to the environmental and human-rights travesty their lives depend on? It seems collective daily behavior continues as if its consequences elsewhere don’t exist or simply don’t matter? Unless it comes to front doors or disturbs comfort zones?

First gets the ‘shiny’ parts, Third gets the stinky end of the stick, providing fodder for our fetus and kid-poisoning, war-generating “Great Society” eyes wide shut.

I haven’t checked lately, but do recall that not too long ago, maybe 30 years, the US, at 2% of global population, was consuming 40% of global energy. The food hog at the international dinner table? By what right?

This no-secret transpires under the nose of Congress and the MSM, although we see the occasional story: Here it is better not to be born’: Cobalt mining for Big Tech is driving child labor, deaths in the Congo

Anyway, we’ve got our own challenges, right? Like bad weather, fires, train wrecks, how to create STEM jobs in the global market place, and how to beat the system with crypto currency. And of course, phony wars to run.

**Notice, please, the text to the right of Human Rights. It tells a very, very inconvenient truth, even if based on the carbon narrative.

Climate crisis? Easily ‘solved’. Stop believing in a contrivance 🙂 A mythos constructed to 1) explain phenomena otherwise caused, including military tests and attempts to control the weather as a weapon A Detailed Look at Part of the ‘Web’ Gives Insight Into Climate Chaos — and Much More; 2) justification for massive expansion of profit mechanisms predicated on earth liquidation; 3) facilitate acceptance of a global system of societal and individual control sold as “solution”: The WEF’s (wireless) transhumanist Fourth Industrial Revolution – in the name of “sustainable development.”

It’s “Bad Climate Science And Bad Politics,” says once internationally renowned climate scientist Judith Curry.

But we want our toxic tech – eco/suicidal wireless phones and gadgets – period! Giving Life the Electric Chair — The Plain Physics & Biophysics of Phone & WiFi Radiation Power wants “carbon neutral” EVs running on wind and solar boondoggles. Even though it’s all killing Nature and us too.

An energy-intensive, TOXnological way of life, whose ‘demands’ must be be met at all costs, can’t be questioned or held up against sanity, righteousness and/or common sense.

Because, after all, the Earth-eating GodConomy demands unquestioning obedience. And terrible human sacrifice. Selectively speaking.

Peter Tocci is a retired massage therapist/wellness consultant and conspiracy ‘factualist’ with an abiding interest in exploring ‘managed’ and hidden history, nefarious covert agendas, and mainstream/mainstream-alternative news-media dereliction, distortion and suppression. He has written for Health Freedom News, Trends Journal, and New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine. He wrote for, and was for a time, assistant editor of, Health Consciousness Magazine, Roy B Kupsinel, MD editor and publisher.

He has edited/prepared manuscripts of four books for submission to publishers: His father, Nilo Tocci’s self-published (1,000 copies) 1979 account of the life and times of first and second-generation Italian immigrants from the 1920s – 1979, Italian Life Lincoln Terrace Style – Ninety-six families, 432 people, as one great one, living on one street in Leominster, MA; Kevin Trudeau’s 1995 Mega Memory; Mike Scott’s Equine Massage/Muscle Therapy (1997, original spiral bound version); Robert O. Young’s 2001 Sick and Tired? (co-authored, actually).

© 2023, Peter G Tocci. All Rights Reserved.

Top image: EY

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