Consumers’ Electricity Use Now Being Rationed via “Smart” Meters

By B.N. Frank

Opposition to utility “smart” meters (electric, gas, and water) has been ongoing worldwide since utilities started deploying them over ten years ago.  Proponents insist that they are essential for “energy efficiency” despite reports and studies that have proven otherwise (see 1, 2).  Utility companies encourage and/or force consumers to accept these dangerous devices in order to collect their usage data 24/7 to sell and/or share with 3rd parties as well as remotely control energy use like what’s happening in Queensland.  From Survive the News:

Not a smart move: Australia’s Queensland state is now rationing electricity using smart meters

By Survive the News

(Natural News)

The state of Queensland in Australia is rationing electricity by means of smart meters, putting it closer to a dystopian future of everything being rationed.

According to the Queensland state government, smart meters “record electricity consumption typically in 5 or 30 minute intervals.” The recorded data is then sent to electricity companies using “energy industry wireless communications” to determine how much energy a certain household uses.

The state government touted the purported benefits of these smart readers, including “accurate and up-to-date information on usage patterns through electricity retailer online platforms and mobile apps” and “faster services” such as billing inquiries or account transfers.

“Changes to electricity metering came into effect throughout the National Electricity Market on Dec. 1, 2017,” it said. Save for a few off-grid areas in regional Queensland, majority of the northeastern state was included in the shift to smart meters.

The Queensland government also mentioned possible options to decline having a smart meter installed – alongside the remote communications that send energy consumption data.

However, this did not quite sit well with Sen. Pauline Hanson, who leads the One Nation party in the federal senate. She has also represented Queensland as a senator in Canberra.

According to Hanson, Australia’s world-leading energy reserves should have created a legacy of abundant, cheap power for Australian homes and businesses – without the need for smart meters and energy rationing. She warned, however, that the state government was heading toward a based third world system with electricity rationing. (Related: ENERGY COLLAPSE: Australian government asks residents to turn off lights to avert power blackouts.)

The federal senator said under the scheme, only the wealthiest households would have 24-hour access to electricity. She also added that power supplies could be denied to households to either penalize them or to reduce their carbon emissions.

Hanson found an ally in the person of Pastor Dean Dwyer, the president of Eiser Street Baptist Church in Toowoomba. He warned in a Nov. 20 piece published in Harbingers Daily: “Australia is firmly on the path toward a dystopian future – with households having their access to electricity taken out of their hands and monitored, controlled and restricted by governments.”

Big Government can weaponize energy rationing against Aussies

Dwyer warned that “the wide roll of remotely-controlled energy meters … gives retailers and governments the ability to closely monitor and completely control energy usage. It’s only a matter of time before energy retailers start using these remote meters to switch off power to ration dwindling domestic supplies, introduce ‘economy’ tariffs which restrict energy use to limited hours every day and introduce pre-paid energy plans similar to those rolled out in developing African countries with limited electricity supplies.”

“With governments in complete control of your electricity connection, what would stop them from punitively switching you off if you couldn’t pay a traffic fine on time? What would stop them from imposing individual or household-restricted carbon budgets and turning you off when you’ve emitted your annual allotment? What would stop them from making more generous electricity tariffs contingent on buying an expensive electric vehicle or using public transport?”

According to the pastor, thousands of low-income households in regional areas throughout the Land Down Under are using “pre-paid ‘power cards’ or ‘economy’ tariffs in which the retailer provides power for only a few hours each day.” This rationing is implemented by means of the smart meters, which can be turned on or off without visiting the premises they are installed in.

“It won’t stop at remote meters on houses either,” Dwyer added. “They’ll also go into all our big appliances. They’re already in air conditioners, with governments and retailers able to switch them off [on] a whim.”

“We all saw the extraordinary powers and control Australian governments were able to exert during the pandemic and how reluctant they were to relinquish them, with some of those draconian powers now permanently enshrined in law. It’s not too difficult to imagine them declaring a national energy emergency – which they themselves largely created in the first place – and imposing this dystopian nightmare of coercion and control over Australian energy consumers.”

Watch this video that explains how smart meters are surveilling households.

This video is from the High Hopes channel on

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Sources include:

Problems associated with “smart” meters include cybersecurity risks, explosions, fires (see 1, 2, 3, 4), harmful radiation emissions, higher bills, installation mishaps, mechanical issues, and short-life spans.  Documented issues have led to lawsuits (see 1, 2) and inspired a documentary film.

Activist Post reports regularly about “smart” meters and other privacy-invasive and unsafe technologies.  For more information, visit our archives and the following websites:

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