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Get your new “Activist Post Icon” accessories before they’re gone! Pick up a mug, sticker, hat, or fanny pack today!

Activist Post Icon Design

Product Description:

The Activist Post Icon symbolizes peace, freedom, and the internet’s preeminent source for actual news.

These are controversial things, all three of them. Let’s start with peace. Now, most people are willing to declare their affinity for peace when their preferred political party isn’t actively calling for war. But isn’t it funny how peace becomes “so last week” when a few op-ed articles pop up and the wrong foreign government is supposed to have some sort of superweapon? We, on the other hand, are unequivocally for peace, no matter how dramatically it may advance foreign policy or benefit weapons contractors.

Freedom also has fair-weather friends, who are all for it until someone starts doing something which they don’t approve of. In the wrong hands freedom is quickly perverted into permission to do what the majority allows. But like peace, we believe freedom is unconditional. And to be sure, there are plenty of abhorrent things you might do with your freedom, such as failing to like and share our posts on social media. So long as you don’t print out those posts and shove them up our noses, we insist that you do as you please.

And finally we have Activist Post itself – our humble news site, where facts don’t become falsehoods the second they become too stark to appear next to an advertisement for supplemental life insurance. We trust you’ve already read our stories and approve of what we do. Or maybe you’ve gotten to this page by accident, in which case you must honor serendipity by buying something.

Grab your Activist Post Icon favorite accessory from The Activist Post collection on Libertas Bella: mug, sticker, fanny pack, hat.

Libertas Bella ships worldwide and accepts all your favorite forms of payment, including crypto. A portion of every sale benefits Activist Post.

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