Shocking Free “COVID Revealed” Docuseries

By Neenah Payne

See the trailer and register for the free COVID Revealed docuseries which began airing on November 30. Each of the nine episodes airs at 6 PM PT/9 PM ET for 24 hours. Since BitChute has each episode after it airs, you can see any you missed there. There is also still time to order the Silver or Gold package for the docuseries. This article summarizes some of the most amazing interviews in the first five episodes.

Patrick Gentempo, CEO of Revealed Films, hosts the show. He created this docuseries because people who get all their information from the corporate media don’t know the facts about COVID, and thus can’t make informed decisions. You know something is seriously wrong when many well-credentialed doctors and scientists are censored and threatened for expressing a different opinion.

This docuseries makes the COVID agenda understandable in a comprehensive, shocking, and inspiring way. It is information you are not likely to see anywhere else and is critical to understanding what’s really going on. It shows the connection between the growing tyranny and our failing economic system. However, the docuseries also shows how to heal our broken relationship with Nature that has turned humanity into a voracious cancer. This docuseries provides very big-picture analysis and solutions to a range of critical issues. Ultimately, it provides a very powerfully hopeful and inspiring message.

Nine Episodes of “COVID Revealed” Docuseries

Each episode includes several mind-blowing interviews. Patient interviews with people injured by the COVID shots tell the story the corporate media is hiding.

Stay home, stay safe… for two weeks. Then we’ll return to normal. That was almost two years ago. What changed? MORE mandates and restrictions. What has not been exposed is the unblemished truth. Instead, there’s greater censorship and suppression than any issue in history. The slide in education for school-aged children is devastating. The explosion in mental health issues is historic. The loss of jobs, businesses, savings, and wealth was greater than the Great Depression. TRILLIONS were spent to prop it all up. Was it all worth the extreme actions? Hindsight gives us some clues, and it’s not pretty.

Watch and learn the truth. The most thorough group of medical experts, scientists, researchers, and advocates have been gathered in one place for one purpose: To Tell The Unfettered Truth. And we hope it spreads like wildfire. With ever exploding censorship, COVID REVEALED exists to daringly bring to light the facts and needed debate concerning COVID-19 as well as the policies and edicts that surround it. We are taking a stand on transparency as we bring to light interviews that help force a greater conversation for a practical and scientific way forward.”

COVID Policies Hide An Economic War

Dr. Jack Kruse, CEO of Kruse Longevity Center of Florida, explains in COVID Revealed: Episode 3 explains that the COVID “health” policies can best be understood as a cover for an economic war.

Dr. Kruse discusses the connection between Nixon’s trip with Kissinger to “open China” which allowed for the transfer of our technology to China under Clinton and the shift to globalization. Dr. Kruse points out that Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1973 which led to legal counterfeiting of our currency — dollars backed by nothing. Now, the US government is printing trillions of dollars to further debase the currency. Dr. Kruse says we are facing the use of medical tyranny to destroy the economy and the abject collapse of our government. Dr. Kruse says the goal is socialism, an authoritarian, totalitarian reality.

Dr. Kruse explains, “COVID is a compliance test for an economic reset“. People who are willing to wear masks, social distance, lock down and get the shots are showing they will accept loss of economic sovereignty with the rollout of a Central Bank Digital Currency.  Dr. Kruse reminds us that Goebbels said at Nuremberg, “If you can’t question science, it’s propaganda”. Yet, now the government and Big Tech are silencing doctors who disagree with the official COVID narrative.

Dr. Kruse warns that the destruction of knowledge now is similar to the burning of the Library of Alexandria which plunged Europe into 500 years of the Dark Ages. Dr. Kruse moved to El Salvador the day after the interview because it is the only country that has made Bitcoin legal tender.

We Are At A Fork In The Road Now

Dr. David Martin says in his first interview in Episode 5 that there are two worldviews about humanity:

  1. Digital View of Humanity: A view informed by the industrial evolution which has turned into an AI and cyber view of the world which sees humanity as a series of predictable, reductionist, almost computer-simulate-able experiences. The goal is to get consensus behavior and acquiescence because that’s a view which says the best humanity is domesticated. This takes us down the road to monotony and replacement by a digital reality. This is not humanity. It is an industrial model of a control system. Dr. Martin says, “To get the public to accept this digital reality, it’s necessary to make cognitive dissonance so complete that people stop trusting their own brains.” See The rising biomedical security state is determined to use Covid to reduce every human being to a QR code.
  2. Transcendent View of Humanity: Another worldview says the essence of humanity is an amazing interplay where the spark of consciousness that tunes us into the frequency called “humanity” gives us the ability to see life as an ever-unfolding mastery of learning from that which has come before us, adding our own experience, intellect, and creativity, and passing along something that is in many instances transcendent. By the very act of living, we are innovating a more rich experience.

Dr. Martin says we are now living the Fork in the Road.

Dr. Martin explains that the COVID-19 “health” policies are a marketing campaign to instill fear and compliance. He points out that Peter Daszak, President of EcoHealth Alliance, said at the National Academy of Sciences in 2015, “We need to create universal acceptance of a universal pan-influenza pan-Coronavirus vaccine. We need the media to create the hype and we need to use the hype to our advantage because investors will follow where they see profit at the end of the process.” Daszak’s statement was published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2016.

Senator Rand Paul has accused Fauci of having illegally channeled funds to the Wuhan lab through EcoHealth Alliance (video) to weaponize a virus as part of “gain of function” research. It is now generally believed the virus escaped the lab (accidentally or intentionally) and China allowed it to circulate around the world — or the world was made to believe that it had. Dr. Martin says this was a willful act of bioterrorism and is sociopathic behavior.

Dr. Martin was featured in the Plandemic Indoctornation (video) film that went viral last year.

Remdesivir IS Killing COVID Patients in Hospitals

In Episode 4, Dr. Bryan Ardis says when his father-in-law went to the hospital with pneumonia, he was killed through the use of Vancomycin (an antibiotic which is not effective in treating a viral infection) which caused kidney failure. Dr. Ardis became interested in COVID treatments when he learned that hospitals were reporting unprecedented acute kidney failure among COVID patients in 3-5 days after treatment was started.

Doctors in New York where the COVID outbreak was most severe said they had never seen a respiratory virus cause acute kidney failure. Since this paralleled his father-in-law’s experience, Dr. Ardis wanted to know what the treatment protocol was for COVID patients. He assumed they were given Vancomycin. However, he found that the hospitals were using an even worse drug with COVID patients!

In May 2020, Dr. Ardis went to the CDC website to find the protocol for the treatment of COVID patients in hospitals. It said the CDC had adopted the NIH’s mandate and linked to the website of the National Institutes of Health where Fauci declared the protocol for COVID-19. It said all COVID patients in hospitals will be treated with Remdesivir which is an experimental anti-viral drug which was not FDA-approved (and costs $3,200 per patient).

Fauci said on the NIH site that two studies showed Remdesivir was safe and effective against the ebola virus and is therefore warranted in the use against COVID. Fauci cites a second study in March 2020 which was done by Gilead Sciences, the maker and patent owner of Remdesivir. Fauci said Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) — an FDA-approved drug which costs about $30 — cannot be used for COVID patients in hospitals because it is proven to cause heart failure.

Dr. Ardis explains that the New England Journal of Medicine’s summary of the use of Remdesivir in the ebola trials which is linked to on the NIH site shows that four experimental drugs were given to ebola patients in Africa in 2018-2019 — one of which was Remdesivir. The studies cited by Fauci on the NIH site as proof of Remdesivir’s safety for use in COVID patients show that the Safety Board pulled Remdesivir from the ebola trials after six months because 54% of the ebola patients who were given Remdesivir died within 28 days!

So, Fauci chose Remdesivir as the only drug to be given COVID patients in hospitals although it had been found to be the most deadly of the four drugs in the ebola trial!  Since Remdesivir was not an FDA-approved drug, Fauci requested an Emergency Use Authorization to use Remdesivir for COVID patients. Fauci chose Remdesivir as the ONLY drug to treat COVID patients in hospitals based on its “success” in treating ebola.

The US was the only country that used Remdesivir for COVID patients and the US had the highest death rate for COVID. Dr. Ardis says most hospitalized COVID patients died from acute kidney failure caused by Remdesivir which Fauci mandated as the ONLY drug hospitals can use for COVID patients.

NOTE: Several members of the NIH review board that approved the use of Remdesivir for COVID patients in hospitals have stock in Gilead Sciences which makes Remdesivir. Fauci advised against early inexpensive outpatient treatment with HCQ, Ivermectin, Busdesonide, and intravenous vitamin C which could have saved hundreds of thousands of American COVID patients.

Watch: In New Interview, Dr. Zelenko Says: HCQ Deniers Are “Guilty of Mass Murder” (now deleted) is an interview by Del Bigtree of The Highwire. The site says:

“As the Covid-19 treatment Hydroxychloroquine continues to be portrayed by MSM as an unsuccessful, dangerous drug, Vladimir Zelenko, MD has been saving his patients’ lives with his ‘Zelenko Protocol’ since March. In his first interview since his HCQ study was officially released, Del goes in depth with Zelenko about how he developed his protocol, the attack against the drug, and how his letter to the President might have changed history.”

Demands For Immediate End of COVID Shots

How To Heal Our Relationship With Nature

Dr. Zach Bush is a triple board-certified MD. He explains in Episode 4 that disease management is the largest economic driver of the economy. So the War on Terror was replaced by the war on viruses in which the “scientific” arguments are shaped by the economic agenda — not by health. We have a massive global depression — the biggest poverty event in history. The 1% cannot extract any more wealth from the 99% through mortgages, taxes, etc. So, the Fed is just printing money at record levels.

Dr. Bush explains that we are at the end of a 50,000-year arc now. He points out that in talking with the aboriginal peoples around the world, you can get their perspective on 40,000 years of history. The non-indigenous world is extractive, destructive, and unsustainable. So, extreme measures are being used now to stabilize this system. Dr. Bush says the move is toward centralized banking in preparation for the coming failure of the US dollar.

Dr. Bush says we are guaranteeing our extinction with the belief that humanity is separate from nature. It was the scarcity/fear mentality when we separated ourselves from nature that has necessitated a justification for more and more opposition to nature. The response to the “pandemic” is an expression of our desperate and futile attempt to control Nature. The response to COVID is re-enforcing the fear — making us believe we have to kill everything around us to be safe. There has never been in our lifetimes such an extreme effort to control the narrative through widespread censorship of scientific debate. However, that is making the narrative fail because enough people know what freedom and truth feel like.

Dr. Bush says we can go through a miraculous healing if we re-integrate into Nature. This recent pandemic has shown a change of mindset in a very large proportion of humanity. Dr. Bush says a Renaissance (re-birth) is almost inevitable. He explains that we can dream a new reality in which civilization re-integrates with Nature. He says maximum biodiversity is the key to the organic garden.

Dr. Bush points out that the indigenous Achuar people of Ecuador have been dreaming this moment for 40,000 years and have predicted it down to the decade in which it will happen starting in 2012 moving into 2022. The Achuar say humanity will start a new epoch of 50,000 years if we break the masculine cycles of control, greed, and wealth accumulation and shift toward the feminine concepts of nurturing and collaboration. Then, we will create a paradise.

We will return to the Garden of Eden and will eat freely from the Tree of Knowledge. The world’s indigenous peoples are showing us the way back home now if we will only listen. Dr. Bush says to let go of fear and celebrate the fact that you are alive and here now on purpose.

See How Reconciliation With Native America Can Save Us.

Health Freedom For Humanity

COVID Mass Psychosis: Causes and Solutions explains that The Power of the Powerless, Vaclav Havel, a political dissident who became the president of Czechoslovakia discussed the importance of creating parallel structures — any business, organization, technology, movement or creative pursuit that fits within a totalitarian society while being morally outside of it. Once enough parallel structures are created, a parallel culture is born that functions as a sanctuary of sanity.

Alec Zeck, Executive Director of Health Freedom For Humanity, Is creating a “parallel structure”.

The COVID Revealed docuseries is available at a discount while the series is still airing.

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post and Natural Blaze

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