Watch As Man Disobeys Cop After Cop Falsely Claims His Ashtray Is “Paraphernalia” — And Wins

By Jack Burns

Barkhamsted, CT — Last week, Alex Case got thirsty and went to the local corner store for a drink. It was 2 a.m. and he and his buddy hopped in Case’s car and headed down to the local convenience store. Little did Case know how costly a trip to get a soda would be.

Cue the revenue generators from Winchester, CT dressed as peace officers. In an exclusive interview, Case told TFTP he was pulled over because he was driving a new BMW with hot red paint. Officers, however, said it was because Case’ car was missing its front license plate and they saw his friend smoking a cigarette in the car. The cops then began asking the age-old drug questions prying for information to get Case to incriminate himself and allow the police to have probable cause to search his vehicle. Case told us:

I was out late, went to a gas station to get a drink and I saw a cop post up in the lot next to me, as soon as I pulled out he pulled behind me and lit me up, as soon as he came to my window I asked what I did, he said I didn’t have a front license plate, which I didn’t. He then pressed me about me having drugs in the car because he saw an ashtray when my friend had a cig in his hand.

That’s right folks! Apparently, now you can’t smoke in your car in a free country while using an ashtray without being suspected of being a drug user. Case pushed back when cops tried to get him to get out of the vehicle. He did what TFTP has instructed all of its readers to do: record any and all police contact.

Case described the situation, insisting he was not going to get out of the car and was determined to hold the officers accountable for their actions. He told us:

He tried to pull me out of my car and give him the ashtray which I refused because he had no reason to. He didn’t start to back off pressing me about the drugs until I started recording him refusing to give me his badge number multiple times as well as his name. Another cop came to the passenger window and knew the other cop was in the wrong.

Surprisingly, Case was successful in getting the cops to allow him to remain in his vehicle. Countless times, as TFTP has reported, disobeying cops can and will result in motorists having their windows broken, their bodies extricated from their vehicle through the broken windows, and receiving a beatdown, as cops seldom like their authority challenged.

Not to be outdone, however, the cops did write Case a citation for the missing tag and tacked on a few more charges for having window tint violations. They could have written warning tickets but there’s no revenue in writing warning tickets.

Yes, that’s right America. You can be pulled over by men in guns dressed in black, be questioned about your drug use practices, have men attempt to pull you out of your vehicle, and be extorted for cash all because of a missing front license plate and dark window tint.

Case swears he will fight the charges in court. The whole scenario leads us to question, if it’s really about driver safety, shouldn’t the cops with extremely dark windows remove their tint as well? Case does not know whether or not he’ll ultimately end up paying a hefty fine or be allowed to have the charges dropped. Case promises to keep us posted and we will let you know when his case is resolved.

Below is that video.

Article source: The Free Thought Project

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine.

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