Coronavirus: An Analysis In Relation To Technocracy

By Patrick Wood

People around the world are in near-panic over the potential pandemic emanating from the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. Face masks and bottles of hand sanitizers have been flying off the shelves and trips involving air travel are plummeting.

Not surprisingly, there is a mountain of disinformation with attendant conspiracy theories racing around the Internet, all of which only exacerbate the fear and muddle what facts we know for certain.

ZeroHedge Banned from Twitter

The widely-read ZeroHedge news site was completely banned by Twitter over the weekend for “violating community policies”. The ban was apparently due to the release of a certain scientist’s email and phone number, both of which are publicly and freely available elsewhere. The scientist in question, Dr. Peng Zhou, is a prominent researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and leads the Bat Virus Infection and Immunization Group. Coincidentally, his lab is only 20 miles from the epicenter of the outbreak.

The frenzied questions concerning motive of the outbreak are largely pointless at this time. It happened. It is what it is. Real answers might surface someday but not because governments anywhere are known for their honesty and intellectual integrity, especially China, the United States  and Canada.

In light of this, I would direct readers of Technocracy News & Trends to think about the role played by Technocracy and its Technocrat operators.

China is a Technocracy

China is a full-blown Technocracy that has elevated science and engineering to god-like status. They are noted for their mastery of technology promoting Scientific Dictatorship, where every citizen is tracked, monitored and socially engineered to the satisfaction of the controllers. Furthermore, their economic system is completely engineered by Technocrats.

I have repeatedly noted and warned of the carelessness of Technocrats in the object of their studies. Data security in Smart Cities is always an afterthought. Massive computer systems are routinely hacked, exposing personal data of hundreds of millions of people. Amazon’s Ring Cameras are increasingly hacked to terrorize unsuspecting children and their parents. Boeing’s 737 Max was grounded because of amateurish software developers who failed to adequately test their creations. You get the idea.

When Technocrat engineers build complex laboratories able to handle the world’s worst killing agents like Ebola, SARS, Anthrax and even the Spanish Flu, there can be no room for error. When these labs are then staffed with human scientists who decide to experiment with genetic engineering to see what they can come up with, there can be no room for error. The obvious problem with this is that errors always creep in because error-prone Technocrats simply don’t think things through to the very end and they end up creating things they cannot control.

In my opinion, this new coronavirus outbreak bleakly underscores the built-in structural failures of Technocracy in general and Technocrat achievements in particular. In deference to the original father of Technocracy, French philosopher Henri de Saint-Simon (1760-1825), science is not a god and there is no priesthood of scientists and engineers.

The Global Supply Chain Is As Risk

China itself has absolutely no reason to purposely release a killer virus that would choke its economy and besmirch its already-tenuous scientific reputation. The gigantic and precision-oriented global supply chain that it helped to create, including all of China’s Belt and Road initiatives, is at risk of serious disruption if not complete collapse. It would be truly insane for China to intentionally jeopardize 45 years of progress.

However, no one can rule out the possibility of an act of eco-terror by a group or even a single person. There are plenty of death-crazed zealots in the world who would count it a great victory to kill thousands and terrorize billions.

The global elitists who created the economic paradigm of Sustainable Development through the United Nations, have been preparing for an economic reset (death) of Capitalism and Free Enterprise. In 2015, the head of climate change at the UN, Christiana Figueres, clearly stated:

This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution.

Since then, governments, global corporations, central banks and UN-linked NGOs have all jumped on the Sustainable Development band wagon. Anyone who has read my latest book, Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order, knows that Sustainable Development is functionally equivalent to Technocracy that was originally created in the 1920s and ’30s.

No matter what happens from this point forward, the economic impact of the Wuhan coronavirus will be an order of magnitude greater than the health impact. This implies at least temporary shortages of products that are dependent on the global supply chain to work correctly; unfortunately, that is most products that are necessary for modern living. Further, the already-fragile global financial system could seize up, resulting in another financial meltdown.

In the meantime, expect bizarre social behavior that will further exacerbate the situation.

Article source: Technocracy.News

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