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People will be crying; they will be scratching their heads in disbelief, shaking and trembling, but nothing will stop the blistering carnage of the next economic meltdown.

The greatest bubble in history is unfunded liabilities, and the biggest financial bubble is treasury bonds.

America is so overrated, and anyone who has ever visited it and seen firsthand that what Hollywood sells is not reality, knows this very well.

I think highly of America’s enterprises, its leading corporations, but the masses – probably more than half of the country – are oblivious to their own predicament and lack of preparation in advance of a slowdown.

10 years – that’s how long this expansion has been happening; how much does the average person have saved up? NOT MUCH, I can tell you that.


Global stocks have an INHERENT 40% downside potential right now.

Billionaires are not warning and cautioning for nothing; they’re worried about this unprecedented time of monetary stimulus.

I am amazed by the amount of debt that is needed to generate growth; the planet wants to DELEVERAGE, to become normal again, to get back to equilibrium, but central banks are attempting to push back against the natural flow of life.

In the process, they’ve inflated a balloon that has benefited the already-rich.


We had one year of real-world economics in 2018 and what happened? 93% of assets were DOWN for the year.

You cannot sleep at the helm, knowing all of this.

Take inventory now:

  1. Is your career path one that can grow MUCH faster than the general curve of the country you’re residing in? If the answer is NO, then you’re in deep trouble.
  2. Do you have the equivalent of 2 years of expenses, saved up and liquid? If not, a meltdown will introduce hardship to your life.
  3. Are you reading, growing, investing in cash flow and networking? These are four critical activities to be embarking on in the 21st century.

We are in the THINKING century, not the doing one.

America is a land of corporate wealth, at the expense of wages. The S&P 500 has beaten all other methods for 34 years in a row.

The reason is that high-level executives have thrown the middle class to the wolves, thus increasing profit margins by outsourcing.

The problem is that the masses are ignorant of the risks and they’ll be on the streets soon! absolutely loves the articles, contributed by

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