Verizon’s 5G Can’t Cover Entire NFL Stadium, but Installed It In 13 Of Them Anyway

By B.N. Frank

Telecom executives don’t have any evidence that 5G is safe AND American Academy of Pediatrics and other health experts warn that exposure to ALL sources of wireless radiation – including 5G –  is more harmful to kids than adults.  So if you’ve already purchased tickets for your kids or grandkids to attend games with you, symptoms from exposure may be irritating to say the least.  The only silver lining seems to be that apparently 5G isn’t good enough to cover entire stadiums anyway.

From Ars Technica:

Verizon yesterday announced that its 5G service is available in 13 NFL stadiums but said the network is only able to cover “parts” of the seating areas. Verizon 5G signals will also be sparse or non-existent when fans walk through concourses and other areas in and around each stadium.

The rollout of 5G is more complicated than the rollout of 4G was because 5G relies heavily on millimeter-wave signals that don’t travel far and are easily blocked by walls and other obstacles. While Verizon is trying to build excitement around 5G, its announcement for availability in NFL stadiums carried several caveats.

“Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband service will be available in areas of the [13] stadiums,” Verizon said. “Service will be concentrated in parts of the seating areas but could be available in other locations in and around the stadium as well.”

Notice the phrase “could be available” in that last sentence. Verizon isn’t promising any 5G coverage outside the seating areas, and the seating-area coverage will only be available in some sections.

Verizon also said it plans to “expand to more stadiums during this season” and “increas[e] coverage in the 13 stadiums that currently have 5G.” But Verizon did not tell us if it expects to reach full-stadium coverage in any of the NFL facilities, and it didn’t answer our question about whether the in-stadium limits are due to the use of millimeter-wave frequencies or some other factor.

This is the same problem, on a smaller scale, that Verizon’s network experienced in early 5G launch cities. You had to be near a 5G antenna to get a signal, and reviewers had trouble staying connected to the 5G service.


The reality of 5G has so far fallen short of the hype stoked by carriers and Federal Communications Commission officials, who have claimed 5G is so revolutionary that the usual rules and regulations shouldn’t apply to its rollout.

Another warning about 5G:  operating it makes phones, modems and infrastructure overheat.  That doesn’t sound safe either, does it?

5G is already operating in some communities and adults, kids, and pets have been suffering because of it (see 1, 2, 3).

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