Air Force To Replace V-22 With Flying Cars, Suppressed Technology On Electrogravitics — Project Winterhaven About To Be Disclosed?

By Aaron Kesel

According to Defense One, the Air Force is looking at replacing its legendary V-22 Osprey under a program named Agility Prime, an effort to harness the commercial world’s work on flying cars. However, the Air Force has for years been experimenting with anti-gravitational technology under the nose of the public as this article will detail.

Defense One reported that the Agility Prime program was discussed at the Air Force Association’s Air, Space & Cyber conference on Tuesday as “a low-hanging opportunity” to “look into where commercial innovation is going in flying cars.”

Thomas Townsend Brown The Father Of Anti-Gravity

The U.S. Air Force seems ready to disclose once top secret technology that shaped its Northrop B-2 bomber, although this could be new technology still keeping the B-2’s coveted electrogravitics secret. Many are unaware of the information that will be provided in this article. Much of this highly classified data has been left buried in history and only resurrected now thanks to a former deceased source of this writer.

A few years ago, while working on a story with a whistleblower on his death bed, a source who expanded on detailed facts of past American secret covert space projects separate from NASA, run out of the Department Of Defense, stated the U.S. Air Force previously had “electrogravitics technology.” The source went on to tell this writer about a military project that this author never knew existed called “Project Winterhaven” that was proposed in the 1930s and a leak decades later in the media in 1992 that was provided to an aviation magazine by engineers and scientists provided below.

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In the magazine article excerpt from Aviation Weekly and Space Technology above, the scientists and engineers involved in black projects confessed the B-2 electrostatically charges its wings and exhaust system (electrogravitics) and recommended using the technology in civil application use, i.e. flying cars. The information had come from a small group of former black project research scientists and engineers suggesting that the B-2 utilizes anti-gravity technology.

As a result of using electrostatic electricity to charge its wings and exhaust, the craft decreases its weight allowing it to fly at supersonic speeds, according to the whistleblower who will remain anonymous to protect his family from retaliation by the tentacles of the military industrial complex’s Octopus (deep state.)

That same source explained that Thomas Townsend Brown was the scientist the Air Force worked with for the tech later used in the B-2, Lockheed-Martin’s space shuttle and TR3B Aurora Project (Lockheed Pulsar.)

If you are a big enough cyber sleuth you can even find an extremely old rare barely watched video of Thomas Townsend Brown’s electrogravity vacuum experiments testing the effect at Bahnson Labs from 1958 to 1960. The video which displays a technical breakthrough in early history has a mere 91,493 views at the time of this writing. The footage was backed up before publishing this article and is in the hands of this writer and several people just in case someone seeks to bury the truth.


Project Winterhaven seems almost forgotten buried deep within the trenches of the Internet. The operation is almost impossible to find information on; this is due to the testing happening in the 1920s-60s and the nature of the research according to the source.

However, there are some documents this writer was able to find on the subject. One now deleted PDF entitled: ““OUTSIDE THE BOX” SPACE AND TERRESTRIAL TRANSPORTATION AND ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE 21ST CENTURY” written by Theodore C. Loder, III Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space University of New Hampshire, on the Sirius Disclosure website details Townsend Brown’s experiments and briefly mentions Project Winterhaven as well as, how anti-gravity research seemed to disappear by the mid 1950s.

The report by Loder details the history of research into anti-gravity technology:

“In the mid 1920’s Townsend Brown discovered that electric charge and gravitational mass are coupled. He found that when a capacitor is charged to a high voltage, it has a tendency to move toward its positive pole. His findings, which became known as the BiefeldBrown effect, were opposed by conventional minded physicists of his time. The Pearl Harbor Demonstration. Around 1953, Brown conducted a demonstration for military top brass. He flew a pair of 3-foot diameter discs around a 50-foot course tethered to a central pole. Energized with 150,000 volts and emitting ions from their leading edge, they attained speeds of several hundred miles per hour. The subject was thereafter classified. Project Winterhaven. Brown submitted a proposal to the Pentagon for the development of a Mach 3 disc shaped electrogravitic fighter craft. Drawings of its basic design are shown in one of his patents. They are essentially large-scale versions of his tethered test discs. Review of Issues From the 1950s Once Brown’s findings became well known, some scientists began to openly speak about the flying technology of UFOs, which had been observed extensively since the 1940s. None other than Professor Hermann Oberth, considered by some to be one of the fathers of the space age, who later worked in the US with Wernher von Braun, the Army Ballistic Missile Agency and NASA, stated the following in 1954:3 “It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system.” Perhaps of more interest to our present discussion on propulsion, he then stated that: “They are flying by the means of artificial fields of gravity… They produce high-tension electric charges in order to push the air out of their paths, so it does not start glowing, and strong magnetic fields to influence the ionized air at higher altitudes. First, this would explain their luminosity… Secondly, it would explain the noiselessness of UFO flight…” We now know that he was fundamentally correct in his assessment. In 1956, a British research company, Aviation Studies (International) Ltd. published a classified report on Electrogravitics Systems examining various aspects of gravity control. They summarized the pioneering work of Townsend Brown and then described the use of electrogravitic thrust as follows: “The essence of electrogravitics thrust is the use of a very strong positive charge on one side of the vehicle and a negative on the other. The core of the motor is a condenser and the ability of the condenser to hold its charge (the K-number) is the yardstick of performance. With air as 1, current dielectrical materials can yield 6 and use of barium aluminate can raise this considerably, barium titanium oxide (a baked ceramic) can offer 6,000 and there is a promise of 30,000, which would be sufficient for supersonic speed.”

In 1953, it is said that Brown conducted a massive amount of experiments for the U.S. government, sharing all of his secrets and data he accumulated since he first began in 1921.

Brown was able to fly a pair of metal discs around a 50-foot obstacle course, tethered to a massive central pole fueled by 150K volts. These 3-ft diameter discs reached speeds of more than 300 miles per hour. This set of experiments became known as “The Pearl Harbor Demonstration.”

Soon after Brown’s Pearl Harbor Demonstrations, Brown proposed a Mach 3 disc-shape for electrogravitic fighter spacecraft. These experiments became known as Project Winterhaven.

In 1956, a British research company, called Aviation Studies Int’l Ltd published a classified report on electrogravitics that came to the following conclusion: “Electrostatic energy sufficient to produce a Mach 3 fighter is possible with megavolt energies and a k of over 10,000.”

What Is Electrogravitics?

Electrogravitics is commonly associated with the work of Professor Nipher in 1918 which preceded the 1921 experiments and eventual patents by Thomas Townsend Brown (1905-1985), as well as the 1952 Navy’s Special Inquiry into the “Electro-Gravity Device of Townsend Brown”, the 1956 Aviation Studies Ltd. Reports on “Electrogravitics Systems” and “The Gravitics Situation.”

Brown first began experimenting with X-ray vacuum tubes in 1921. For his experiments, Brown would use a Coolidge tube, one of the first practical tubes used in thermionic emission, the emission of electrons from heated sources. A coiled wire (tungsten filament) was then used as the tube cathode (an electrode that emits electric current), which produces incandescence or light.

Brown then found that his Coolidge tube’s mass appeared to decrease when its electrode was facing up, and it tended to increase when it was facing down. Because of this Brown concluded that he had influenced gravity with the electrode.

What Brown had observed has generally been attributed to electrohydrodynamics, the movement of charged particles that transfers their momentum to surrounding neutral particles in air, also called “ionic drift” or “ionic wind.

Brown published, “How I Control Gravitation” in Science and Invention Magazine, where he reported that the eventuality of his tech would create exponential propulsion for the “ocean liners of the future.”

Further Evidence Emerges In the 1990s Of Electrogravitics

That’s not the only evidence this reporter was linked to, it turns out retired Air Force Colonel Donald Ware claimed a 3-star general revealed “the Lockheed-Martin space shuttle and B-2 (stealth bomber) both have electro-gravitic systems on board” and that “this explains why 21 Northrop B-2s cost a billion dollars each.” Ware further added that “after conventional take-off, the B-2 can switch to antigravity mode, and fly around the world without refueling,” according to “Electrogravitics II: Validating Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology” a book By Thomas Valone.

The book further details other testimonial accounts, and while watching (Good Day NY) on FOX Channel 5, March 26, 1999 there was a segment called “Crisis in Kosovo.” The guest, Cliff Bragdon, claimed to be a military and defense expert. Bragdon stated the Stealth B-2 Bomber “uses anti-gravity technology,” A. Cavallari wrote.

Further corroboration comes from Dr. Steven Greer who wrote about the testimony of a doctor known only as Dr. B, in his book Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History. In the book, filled with testimonies of former government officials, Dr. B tells the other end of the tale of the Aviation Magazine leak stating that he knew one of the writers, Mark McCandish.

Dr. B states in his testimony to Greer that he was contracted to build a better solution to cut down on wind resistance of jet liners. The mysterious Dr. B adds that he came up with a schematic for the design but it was never used, with the excuse that the project was “too complicated.” However, little did Dr. B know at the time he had just designed a mirror of the classified electrogravitics technology used in the front edge of the B-2 bomber developed at Skunkworks. A fact which was made known to Dr. B by McCandish.

Bob Oechsler, an ex-NASA mission specialist also publicly made a similar claim about the wings and exhaust of the B-2 being electrostatically charged in the 1990s.

This writer’s own source further stated all of this was public evidence of the technology that was used in the B-2 bomber and later the infamous flying triangle “TR3B” disclosed by former contractor with the Department of Defense engineer Edgar Fouche in the 1990s. Although, there is much more to the TR3B craft then just utilizing a technology that leaves a craft some what weightless. While its said that the TR3B is a conspiracy theory, the craft actually exists and is known inside as the Aurora Project (Lockheed Pulsar.)

Fouche alleged the aerial vehicle an advanced version of the SR-71 had been developed in secret by the N.S.A. and U.S. Air Force and had been flying since at least the 1980s.

Is Edgar Fouche credible? Yes, there are dozens of documents of his awards he is indeed who he claims to be a technician who worked within DARC (Defense Advanced Research Center) who was stationed at Nellis Air Force base and Groom Air Force base.

“I was stationed at Nellis from 76-79. In the summer of 79 I worked at Groom AB and DARC (Defense Advanced Research Center). This is right before assignment to Kadena AFB, Okinawa Japan,” Fouche said in his now-deleted rant on YouTube.

Fouche claimed that the TR3B Aurora Project, or what’s known inside as the Lockheed Pulsar, was used to house the SR-74. So the contention that the Air Force is just now getting ready to “replace the V-22 Osprey” is a bit ridiculous.

The  Aurora comprises the SR-75 capable of speeds above Mach 5, and acts as a  mother ship for the SR-74 that can travel at speeds of Mach 18 or more  into space to deliver satellites,” Fouche said.

Further, in 2010 the U.S. military first announced that it was interested in a flying car called the “Transformer, or TX.” This was part of the American research and development money, worth £41 million and led by American defense and aerospace firm AAI, which has gone to US firm Terrafugia which is developing the world’s first flying production car, Telegraph reported.

So what has been happening with that deal the last nine years?

The last bits of evidence of U.S. military interest in anti-gravity technology is another short film clip showing a joint project of U.S. and Canadian military code-named the Avrocar, a hovering saucer and a “super sonic” saucer. A video was later released of footage from the 1960s displaying the saucer’s ability to hover a short distance above the ground using propellers allegedly.  The Avrocar was developed by the U.S. Air Force and Avro Canada.

This wasn’t the only saucer project that the U.S. Air Force would be involved on working on. Declassified plans for another project around the same time in the 1950s shows another saucer that looks exactly like your typical UFO craft, except this one was deemed “supersonic.”

It was the same company Avro Canada in tandem with the U.S. Air Force which was tasked with developing this project.

The supersonic flying saucer would propel itself by rotating an outer disk at very high speed, taking  advantage of the Coanda effect. However, allegedly the project was cancelled. But this writer finds that to be implausible given the number of military space projects that were cancelled throughout the 50s to the 90s.

According to the same source, this technology was the military testing Thomas Townsend’s experiments decades later trying to perfect the technology. It’s further worth noting that these later saucer experiments in the U.S. followed on the heels of saucer experiments in Nazi Germany like the Schriever-Habermohl and Haunebu (saucer). This may be due to Operation Paperclip, as this writer’s source stated in the other article entitled: “The Origins And 50 Years Of Evidence Of A Secret Space Program.”

Yes, this science and technology is 100% real, and it seems the Air Force is ready to disclose the hidden technology — at least in part — by using it more publicly in flying cars. In the words of my former deceased source, “Thomas Townsend Brown is the Nikola Tesla of anti-gravity research and one of the most ingenious forgotten minds from history.”

You can read the proposal for Project Winterhaven in the provided PDF (here) that is near impossible to find online, now uploaded forever to Activist Post.

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