Law Firm Investigates Smartphone RF Levels Exceeding Federal Safety Limits and Coverup By Telecoms

By B.N. Frank

The Chicago Tribune conducted an investigation of various smartphone models and found that many exceed federal RF safety limits.  Thanks to law firm Fegan Scott for starting their own investigation.

From BusinessWire:

“If we found that produce sold in grocery stores contained twice the levels of pesticides as the law allows, we would be up in arms, demanding the products be pulled from the shelf – this is no different,” said Beth Fegan, managing partner of Fegan Scott. “In this case, we know the cell phone radiation is dangerous, but the terrifying part is that we don’t know how dangerous, especially to kids’ brain development.”

Last year, a similar investigation in France also determined that many mobile phones exceeded federal safety limits.  “PhoneGate” led to scientists demanding the recall of millions of phones (see 1, 2).

U.S. safety limits for cell phones were established in 1996.  They don’t apply to today’s cell phones or other wireless devices. They also don’t apply to the way most people are exposed to wireless radiation emitting sources either.  In fact, these limits have offered no real protection to any of us for many years now – especially children – who are more vulnerable to harm caused by exposure.  Animals are affected by exposure too.

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Independent, industry, military and government research has confirmed exposure to cell phone radiation is biologically harmful (see 1, 2, 3).  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) refuses to update safety limits, even regarding 5G technology, which the Telecom Industry won’t even say is safe.  Hopefully, Fegan Scott’s investigation will include the FCC’s role in all of this too.

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