Is the U.S. Ignoring Its Own Research That Proves Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Exposure Causes Biological Harm?

By B.N. Frank

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is not a health or environmental protection agency even though their role is to protect Americans by regulating the Telecom Industry.  To say they’ve been doing a bad job for many years now is putting it lightly.  It’s only become worse with the promotion and forced widespread installation of 5G technology which the Telecom Industry won’t even say is safe.

Thanks to Camilla Rees of for compiling a list of half a century of research that proves there are biological health effects from exposure to all sources of RadioFrequency (RF) Radiation.

It is a fallacy that the only risk from electromagnetic fields are the thermal effects.

The FCC exposure guidelines today are non-protective of existing cell phone and wireless exposures. They do not take into consideration the large body of science documenting non-thermal effects, including the U.S. government’s own science, nor the reality that the biological effects of our many kinds of exposures these days are additive and cumulative. And, the guidelines are certainly also non-protective from the coming higher frequency and higher pulsation (i.e. more biologically disruptive) millimeter exposures planned for antennas using 5G, that the industry plans to densely place throughout our neighborhoods, on every few utility poles, unless the American people stand up for their right to health.

The U.S. government has terribly failed the American people by not acting on the very serious risks its own science has long revealed. And we are at a disgraceful place where industry’s plans for further antenna densification may put our very species at risk.

Activist Post regularly reports about this topic.  Please see our archives for more details.

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