Hawaiian Punch: Football Field Sized Drone Will Beam 5G Down at Hawaiian Islands — Urgent Action Needed

By B.N. Frank

The telecom industry has provided NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe and plenty of research has proven it isn’t (see 1, 2).  Doctors, elected officials, environmentalists, security experts, the U.S. Navy, utility companies and more have been trying to stop 5G deployment for a variety of compelling reasons.  Few people are subscribing to it where it’s already been installed and users are complaining that 5G is making their phones and modems overheat.  Regardless, telecom companies and proponents continue to promote and install it wherever they can – above ground and below.

Thanks to Debra Greene, PhD for sending this alert out to her email list:

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi horror movie.

5G transmitting from a football field sized drone flying around the Hawaiian islands beaming toxic 5G wireless radiation into the ocean, into marine life, into valleys, into homes, into our bodies, into off-grid hard to reach areas of our varied terrain.

drone bigger than any jumbo jet or military aircraft in existence flying at 65,000 to 85,000 feet.

If I hadn’t read it with my own eyes in the Maui News (7-11-19), I would not believe this is happening.

But it’s real. And it’s a real threat that we must stop. Now.  

Please submit your testimony to this email address by Monday, July 15!

The Lanai Planning Commission meeting is Wednesday and email testimony must be received 48 hours in advance.

Here are some points to include. Mix them up. Pick choose and add your own words

– Make sure your subject line says: No 5G Drone for Lanai (often only subject lines are read).

– 200 acres of agriculture land on Lanai should not be used for this high tech drone experiment. It has nothing to do with agriculture.

– The Lanai drone is bigger than any jumbo jet or military aircraft in existence. Drones of this size are highly experimental. This massive drone could malfunction and literally fall from the sky and kill people and kill whales.

– The developers are not acting in good faith. There has been no public input, yet the developers have already built a structure on the proposed land! This shows troubling disrespect for the Lanai community.

– 5G uses millimeter wave frequencies which have military applications. They are known to be harmful to all biological life. It will contaminate our marine sanctuaries with toxic wireless radiation. This drone project was not asked for by the community and does not serve the community.

– Wireless radiation is a well documented health hazard. We do not consent to being experimented on with this massive 5G drone. We do not want to be guinea pigs. This is a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

– There is overwhelming scientific evidence, including 10,000 studies and three large recent studies, showing that wireless radiation is a biohazard. It has been clearly linked in a large NIH study with heart and brain tumors.

– 5G from the sky will vastly increase our exposure to wireless radiation, shown in studies to penetrate the skin and cause damage to cells, organs and the nervous system. It has been shown to especially harm children, and also wildlife, including plants and bees.

– The FCC guidelines are out-of-date and do not account for the latest research. 5G has been banned overseas in Brussels and Geneva over health concerns. Hundreds of scientists, doctors and environmentalists are calling for an urgent ban on 5G. To impose it on us without safety testing is wrong. We have not been consulted on 5G and do not give our consent to it.

Here’s the email address again: planning@mauicounty.gov.

Can also call the Maui County Planning Dept to give verbal testimony808-270-7735

Please do it now! 

Deadline Monday (7-15) as the Lanai Planning Commission meeting is Wednesday and email testimony must be received 48 hours in advance.

Contact your friends on Lanai ask them to attend the Wed. meeting and testify (5pm at Lanai Senior Center).

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