Simon Saved! One Man’s Relentless Legal & PR Efforts Finally Frees His Dog Sent To “Death Row” By The Government

By Joe Wright

Readers might remember that I reported back in January on a story in Guilford, CT where Simon, a mixed-breed dog, was taken from his owner after biting a teen who had trespassed into the property where Simon was housed.  Animal Control immediately seized Simon, locked him up for 18 months and was scheduled to euthanize him. I reported about local activists who had mobilized in an effort to save the dog who only had been defending his property. While I did sympathize with the bitten teen for injuries sustained, I agreed with Simon’s owner that, “Had that armed intruder had a gun, Simon would have been a hero.”

I was happy to receive the following update to this story from Ryan McCormick from Outer Limits Radio who has been handling public relations for this case. In my view, justice has been properly served by saving Simon’s life and preserving the property rights of homeowners.

Thank you to the activists everywhere who helped apply pressure to the government of Guilford to do the right thing.

A Guilford, Connecticut dog (Simon) who has been in animal control
lockup for nearly two years and was set to be euthanized has been
released. This comes after prolonged legal and public relations efforts
which saw frequent protests outside local government offices.

Dr. David Young, who adopted Simon in 2011, said Simon was seized by
Guilford Animal Control after biting a boy (who was trespassing in his
backyard) in 2017. Simon was set to be euthanized however, Young refused
to accept the grim fate.

“Simon is a huge part of my family and he is the embodiment of
unconditional love. I promised Simon from day one that I would never
stop fighting for him.” Said Dr. David Young. “Knowing that Simon is
finally free is an incredible feeling.”

Young hired both a lawyer and New York based public relations firm,
Goldman McCormick. The firm wasted no time in getting Simon’s story to
the local community and national media. Young frequently appeared on
television and radio programs pleading Simon’s case. There were
protests, fundraisers, rallies, prayer circles, and even a large
billboard (which cost thousands of dollars) erected on interstate 95 in
East Haven saying: “Help Save Simon & Your Beloved Dogs From Guilford

“Each week the pro-Simon protests grew larger in size and pretty soon I
was getting support letters from people across the country. As public
outcry about Simon’s plight grew and pressure on local officials
continued to mount, we sensed that it would only be a matter of time
before Simon was free. We were right.” Said Young.

Young said his attorney and the town’s attorney came to an agreement
that would allow Simon to be released if he was sent out of state.
Simon’s new home is on a farm Michigan and David says he’ll be visiting

“Simon and I are as inseparable as peanut butter and jelly. I don’t
think either of us can imagine life without the other. This was a hard
fought battle and it was worth every penny.” Said Young.

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